Have You Ever Loved Me? (A Riansh Fanfiction) Ep.17

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Recap – Police came at RS Mansion to arrest Ridhima while Vansh revealed how smartly he signed the marriage certificate by Ridhima.

Episode starts here…..

As soon as Vansh revealed the truth to Ridhima she felt broken and betrayed. She don’t know what to say, what to do, just standing numb.

Suyash – “Inspector you very well know who I’m, so better don’t” he spoke in his powerful aura

Inspector- “Sir it’s better to not remind us about your position because then you’ll be in trouble as all these guests will be the proofs for your doings” he said indicating towards all the guests.

Inspector – “Arrest her” he spoke indicating a lady constable to arrest.

Ridhima – “Fine I’m ready, but before that I just want to talk a bit to my father privately”

Police inspector nodded but he assigned a lady constable too to go with them so that Ridhima doesn’t do smartness and she went with her father to a room.

Suyash – “Ridhima tell me clearly and truly, Is Vansh Raisinghania your past, your husband?

Ridhima – “I know dad just listen to me first”

Suyash – “Just answer me Yes or No” he spoke a bit loudly and listening him Ridhima flinched because he never shout on her like this.

Ridhima – “Yes dad” she spoke with her head down

Suyash – “Why you didn’t told me earlier bearing upon all the things alone. Being a father it’s my responsibility to know every bit about my daughter’s life” he spoke harshly

Ridhima – “Dad it’s just that I don’t wanna move on with Vansh again and that’s why I agreed to marry Vyom but IΒ  really don’t know that he’ll make me sign that marriage certificate without my consent”

Suyash – “What do you mean by not knowing?”

Soon Ridhima told everything thing how vansh made her fool and she signed those papers.

Suyash – “I won’t leave that bastard, he dare to trouble you before too and now too.” He spoke angrily but Ridhima made him calm down as it could’ve affect hid health too.

While inspector knocked the door in which they were talking and assigned the lady constable to handcuff Ridhima and take her to police station while without argument went on.

Vansh was watching Ridhima goingΒ  with the police he felt as if someone is stabbing his heart seeing her handcuffed and crying. While Suyash made his best calling the DSP and other police heads to make her daughter release from such stupidity whereas Vyom and his family went to their home angrily as they felt that their reputation is been Lowed.

After sometime Ridhima reached the police station and the police constable helped her to move into the jail. Suyash hurriedly came to the police station with a lawyer and the lawyer and police inspector had a conversation how to make Ridhima release in this case.

Lawyer came to Suyash who was sitting on a seat watching her daughter crying silently.

Lawyer – “Mr.Raijdhir there’s only one way that Ridhima ma’am can get release throught this and that’s Mr. Vansh himself should back off from the case.”

Suyash – “But that can’t happen, and why would he do that?”

Vansh arrived to police station and went to Suyash and said….

Vansh – “I would do that if Ridhima will come to VR Mansion with me being a wife. As she has signed those paper. Right Mrs.Raisinghania” as he spoke mrs.raisinghania seeing Ridhima, she instantly turned her face towards the other side which made him smile sheeply.

Suyash – “And why would she go with a betrayer like you, you know Vansh I’ve never thought that you would stoop so low, already she suffered a lot because of you in the past and now you are hell bent on destroying her future” he spoke angrily while Vansh was still standing in his aura facing her ladylove.

Suyash spoke to lawyer…..

Suyash – “I don’t think that you’ll be able to handle this case, better I would ask for a better lawyer, you can go, good for nothing”

And he left the police station to make a call for another lawyer.

After sometime when he made a call and returned back to Ridhima he saw……

Episode ends…

Sorry for writing it a bit short but want to create a suspense in your mind 😜

Precap – I don’t want to reveal guess it yourself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

What do you think that what Suyash saw?

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