A New Start (NAUC, Epi 6)

hyy hello frndss m back with another chapter

(continued from last update…….)
viru & kabir get into a car & start their journey…..? but suddenly another car cuts their way ………. and stops infront of their the driver just avoids the collision which would hav taken place oh damn it who the……. & a lady weiredly derssed ?gets out of the car she might be looking different and alll an beautiful angel in her openion but to all other people in this world her style is weired…. her dress looks like a horrible fashion designing disaster……. kabir is annoyed seeing that lady & viru is just expressionless?? ……any guessess who is she???? well she is mrs.gayatri chauhan a money minded woman usually not acting as her age & viru & kair’s bhua (aunt) she thinks herself to be the most beautiful lady & she is beautiful but her weired fashion scence is like a glare to other’s eyes i mean her fashion sence is awfull she never wears the dress which suits her age but as for her craze of looking younger she wears the dresses she should have worn when she was younger…..anyways movin back to our story….. we see gayatri coming to viru’s & cabir’s car & she stops by some distance to it and knocks at the car window & with her hand signalls to lower the window glass……….the deriver lowers the glass from viru’s side & lowring her sunglassess gayatri says oh my my my dear nephews were are u going at this instant of time???? this instant of time??? kabir say as if he is about to fight with her but gather’s patience & say bua g wat’s wrong in this time…??? everything os fine & weare…. she cuts him off & says bua g :O oh my my how many times i hav to tell u don’t call me bua g specially in public places like this what will impression will youngsters get….??? call me gaya inside kabir thinks impression huh they will be not be affected as truth is truth no matter how much u try to avoid it buaa g viru tkaes this moment to hold two nerves together firstly revenging a little from kabir & secondly flattering gayatri so that he can just escape her boringg talks….. he says yes yes kabir how could you just insult a beautifull young lady… she hardly looks 40 i i mean 25 who can say she has a 20 year old daughter & two handsome nephews…….. inside kabby & viru are having a laugh……. but he smiles πŸ™‚ & force fully says pk sorry gaya…. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› gayatri says it’s fine & inquires abut their journey & kabir looks worred & irritated……..
on other hand nisha swallows her breakfast & also umesh……and B&J both look on……
******to be continued…????

next time: wat’s gayatri’s purpose of stopping our young & handsome heroes :P??? & wlll mission exam will succeed or umesh will forget about B&J in breakfast taste.??? to know this stay tuned & keep reading……

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Credit to: fan writer

  1. Fan writer it was amazing but could you write more its too short for me I am a big fan of nibir by the way can I know what is your name!

  2. Heyy arent there episodes 3.. 4.. 5.. ?
    I love Kabir alooottt… i cant get the earlier episodes… plz someonr tell where can i find them…

  3. Hello @ annie my name is richa & i write here both as richa & fan writer if v c my previous chapters they are under the name richa or fan writer……. & i usually write/prefer short chapters as long ones are a litle irritating to read for me & a little lack of tym too… But next tym i will try to update a bigger chapter & thanks for feed back
    @srishti was missing ur cmnts & go to menu & fanfiction section there u will find all the updates & missed chapters
    thank u-

  4. Its good and I like the way u express the feelings and behavior of a character.

  5. Fan writer U write so kiddish stories and u don’t write up to the mark just go and read stories by other authers in this site they write aewsome and just look at your wordings not up to the level even a child can write that

  6. Thank u @inu & keep reading
    @ abm i knw my stories r nt upto d mark but m trying to improve thank u fr feedbak & i wil surly try’n improve & i try to keep my stry & wordings simple so that even a layman cn undrstand g wil surely imrove til thn keep patience my frnd & ys i read othr fics also smtyms & they are awsm writrz & i cant equal thm bt i cn still giv my bst here as practise makes u perfect & there is no limit to learning..,

  7. nice story richa ………………………..keep continuing dear πŸ™‚ and where r the other nauc fans
    devu , liya , mona , maanu , varshu , susi , max , saro, ………………etc

  8. Hy krishy thanks a lot yr and abt othrz i tl thm to cm read and cmnt bt they don’t 😑 and make lame excuses regarding it despite some of thm encouraged me to write anywayz lol dr u r d bestest of all atleast u r a true nauc fan dr and othrs u mentiond just brag abt it thats all g just wrote fr thm 1 of thm came to dabh pg & askd me to write sweet givs hr feedbak bt the othr 1 m just 😑 g wastd my tym fr thm 😑 anywayz i wil cntinue for u & some others dr lol nd keep reading nd giving feedbak

  9. Gud prt dr

  10. Soo nys Nd @abhm stop critiszng ,its nt an easy tsk to write a story nd impres every one.first let her write hr story,so encourage the innovatv writers .keep postng richu dr πŸ™‚

  11. Nys part dr,viru πŸ™‚

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