Lucky Everyday Manmarziyan (Chp 2 part 3)

It was a wonderful morning.Radhika and Sam got ready to go to college.they were joined by Neil.Neil teased Sam as always.Radhika smiled seeing them.They arrived at college.They took their seats when the 3idiots announced they were keeping a party as they had birthday today.everyone cheered.Anshika invited everyone and told specially to Radhika,”oh I also have no problem in calling the ugly duckling Radhika,”the whole class laughed except sam and Neil.Sam and Neil told,”Oh how would anyone know difference between a glass and real diamond,a specialist(referring Radhika as Johari(a jeweller))To this Amiya was going to reply when Anshika calmly and mockingly told if Radhika has enough guts tell her to attend the party in not her behenji attire but in western attire.Sam accepted this challenge shocking Radhika where nobody asked her.She refused making Anshika smile victoriously and mocking further when The teacher entered nd everyone took their seats.Radhika hid her face through all nd cried silently where nobody knew except Arjun.He could see her crying.He felt pain.When class got over Radhika asked Neil to drop her home as Sam had to attend extra class.Neil comforted her sis and made a smile come to her face.Radhika reminded him to go for getting ready for party.

After 1 hour
Sam comes with one mini dress and one maxi dress both looking beautiful.She asked Radhika to get ready.Radhika refused to which Sam said that if today she will refuse it will mean defeat to her friend would Radhika like it?After a lot of saying she was convinced.She wore the maxi dress.It was coral coloured with slits at edges.Sam made her ready with right makeup and right accessories.She looked extremely beautiful.radhika tied her hair into a bun complimenting the dress more.They reached the party.Everyone eyes we’re stuck to Radhika,especially Arjun and Rohit.Difference was Arjun saw her with respect and Rohit eyed with wrong intention.He wanted her badly but controlled himself.The 3 idiots came.Anshika looking prettiest among the 3.She looked at Radhika but she thought all was not lost.She said they will have a dance.Select everyone told.Right now everyone wanted to dance with Radhika but her specs to some still looked ugly.Radhika already knew this,she wanted to cry,when suddenly 1 hand was offered.She looked it was Rohit .but he took Anshika .she wanted to cry at this insult.She was a sensitive girl after all.But suddenly it was Arjun who took her hand and started to dance.Radhika didn’t mind it.they started to dance on “Main hoon hero tera”.They danced passionately.soon they were joined by Sam and Neil.Anshika while dancing eyed on arjun after all he never looked at any of the beautiful girl and he was dancing with this girl.She always wanted him to be her bf so she could show off.But he always declined it.

While dancing Arjun says to Radhika,”don’t be always so sensitive people may think u as a thing.”Radhika shocked in span of this many years he is speaking to her.She wanted to jump with joy,he had talked though she did not know why.But then he said ,”tmrrow at 5pm at ur place.”She looked with disgust when Arjun chuckled a bit and said,”not a date,my grade.” Radhika was confused when she understood he was talking about the project else his grades will be lost.She laughed slowly.Arjun felt happy from inside when suddenly he said looking at his phone I have a work plz excuse.she excused.Radhika wondered if he was really mysterious but she looked at the clock it was time to head back.She saw Sam drunk and Neil trying to handle her.Radhika took to her home.She saw Arjun phone with her.She thought to give him tmrrow. Neil Radhika Sam reach home when sam is sleeping.Neil greets nd goes back to his house.Radhika stares at the phone of Arjun.She sees a call coming.she thinks to inform person he left his phone.when she dials the number,before she speaks,”You can’t save Sam from me,after all what you have done to me will be regretted.And tell that girl who saved her She is going to be…..ha ha bye.”Radhika was shocked .But what had Arjun done ,was the call from Saral.She wondered.While thinking she soon fell asleep.

Precap : Arjun at Radhika home.Someone trying to kill Radhika by a gun.

So how was it?give ur valuable comments.And yes a spoiler :Saral and Rohit brother(lol I am telling you this before)and think who is going to be their beloved sister?tell in comments.
Till then Love u all

Credit to: Tanya


  2. Amazing story yaar pls update next part if possible

  3. Hehe….its our nandini di….my guesses yaar….fabulous episode my dr

  4. Tanya very interesting story…..excited for next part……update fast yaar. …

  5. woah…its goin mysterious…
    keep it up..

  6. Waiting for nxt episode tanya

  7. hey tanya it was great dear…nw its mysterious ..nice twist

  8. Great narration dr….awesome episode….

  9. Woooooooooooooooooooow tanya,

    Simply awesome.

    Never thinking to witness such a greatful , Wonderful Story.

    Just Truly Loved it Sooooooooooooooooooo much.

    Girl So many mysteries in your story.

    Tanya Can I say something

    I really Loved the character of Saral.

    You know How much he is going to show his cunning side . The story will get more interesting.

    Why He is just interesting to want sam . Why not radhika also. He will have to done something fishy with rads also.

    So that arjun comes as a saviour.

    And if someone remember Darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr From Sharukh and Juhi And sunny deyol.

    remember guys Make the character of saral as a devil one so that we also can get more interest and

    Already loved your story so much.

    Just wanted to loved more to your story.

    Its totally up to you tanya.

    Loved you so much.
    If you doesn’t like my comment then please tell me no heart feelings.

    I just gave comment next time not any suggestions.

    Loved you so much.

    Song of the day

    Match to your story.

    Check out tanya and my dear girleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.You should always give suggestion,it helps to improve or enhance my story.keep giving suggestion and comment.Love u all.??

  10. Omg whos trying to kill radz?

    1. You will get to know soon.

  11. Cutie story…
    Love your Story Tanaya…

  12. Thank you so much arjun,Devi,Deepa,lulu,seher,Naomi ,Dipika,harani,Nisha,Natasha,Brity.

  13. hey tani, it is excellent dear… this episode reminded me ardhika’s marriage party in show!!!! also their passionate dance wooooow!!!!!
    I think in upcoming episode radhu as well as sam both are in problem…
    keep continue dear, it is fill with excitation. .. anybody wants to kill radhu …( precap) eagerly wane to know who is that guy.
    eagerly waiting for next epi.. update soon
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you Zara.

  14. How can i watch the previous episodes of mmz tht aired on tv online ??
    pls help na

    1. Go to hot star and search will be able to watch.

  15. Day by day interesting hoti ja rahi hai..

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