A Journey of Love(Episode65)

All move from the hotel..Raman and Arjun move to home..Remaining three move to pick Shiva..On the way Mantu,Arnav and Aman tell each and every thing to Shiva.Shiva feel so happy for that..
Shiva:Meghana do good for us and she took good decission.
Arnav:We take care of her..how can we leave her like that..
With in 30mins all reach the home.All went to Anjali room and discuss what happened and how they handle the situation.Anjali sit on bed..Remaing four sit on knees infront of her. Aman stand behind Arjun and look at Anjali.
Anjali look at him and ask her to come and sit with her..Shiva stand at door and look at them.Anjali:How lucky i am?You can do anything for me.. But be cool in all situations.Promise me that you five didnt be arrogant with anyone.
All five promise to her..Aman:Dhi where is my chatter box?
Aman:Haa dhi..Lavanya kasyap..
Anjali:Aman..You na..

Arjun:Took your statement back..That name is suitable only for one person in this world..
Arnav:Who is that person?
Arjun:Choti..Dhadhaji ka Choti..My Radhika..
Mantu:Hello..You dont know about Ammu.She didnt stop once she start..
Arnav:Arey stop it yaar..Wat abot kushi..Atleast you have clarity when they start and when they stop..For me she is always in running mode..
Raman listening those statements and control his laugh..
Anjali:Why are you lughing beta..?
Raman:Dhi..They know what their girls talk about what topic..Think about my situation…
Anjali look at door by open her mouth..
All boys turn their heads and saw their girls stare at them angryly..
Raman:Arey..when did these girls came here..
Shiva turn back and look at them..
Lavanya:Dhi can you come with us..
Aman walk towards her and ask her to ready..That he want to took her for shopping after lunch..
Lavanya:No..I didnt come..I want to go home..
By saying this she leave from that place..Aman:Oh..she is serious on me..
What can i do now..
Arnav and Arjun give an Hi-Fi and said welcome to our group yaar.
Aman nod his head and look for Lavanya..Mean while remaining four stare angry look at them..before going Ishitha call them for lunch..
Anjali followed them..
All were present infront of dining table..The girls didnt talk anything at dining table.They calmly serve food to kids and elders..
Arjun:Radhika..Give that dal bowl..
Radhika:Ramesh put that bowl there.. or serve it to Arjun sir..
Dadhi look at Arjuns face..He look at her with angry face..Anjali and Shiva control their laugh..
Thoshiji:(Slowly asked):What happened Anjali?
Anjali:Your son’s mouth itching..you just ignore and look at them..
Aman:Lavs..can you serve that ghee to me..
Lavanya took that ghee and pour compmplete ghee in Amans plate..
Raman:Arey Aman..Ghee is this much favourite to you..
Aman put pout face and look at all..
Amaya looks at him with serious glare..
Mantu:Actually Chotu and Baunty calls you..you take care of them..I will handle myself..
Arnav:Kushi serve the sweet for me..
Kushi serve sweet to him..He put a piece in his mouth and cough…and ask her why this much sugar kushi..

Kushi:Bcoz it is sweet..
Arnav:Generally everytime you give sugarless sweet for me na…
Kushu:Hahaaa.Actually i forget it Arnavji..I am bussy in chitchating naa..
Ishitha:Raman..you need anything..
Raman:No..I will serve myself..You take care about your things.
Ishitha:Thats good.
But they serve remaining all with love and care.
Boys eat quickly and left from there to office.
Girls went to kitchen to set things properly.
Thoshi:What happened to my girls.. Again what my sons do wrong with them.
Dadhi:Def these fellows do some wrong with my angels..
Anjali narrate the thing happened in her room..
Shiva:Dont worry Auntyji..They both know how to handle each other.
Atlast they pampered them and bring into normal moods..and it is easy also..
All laugh for their situation..
Ishitha:Mummyji..we have some work.. With in 2hrs we will be back..
Thoshiji:Ok puttar..
All girls start in Ishitha car.Ishitha drop them infront of their office..and she left to medical

The trio look at each other and walk into office..After so many days they came to office..All start to wish them..They feel uncomfortable..They said dont wish us and dont call us mam..like that. We are your co-employees only..All are happy for that.They just chat with their collegues and went towards their cabins.
The trio write a leave and permission letters and went into their respective
Sir’s cabins.
The scene in Mantus cabin…
Amaya:May i come sir..
Mantu:Yes come in..
Mantu is bussy in work and he didnt lift his head.He think she is Mira.
Amaya:Sir..my leave letter..
Mantu:Leave..for what?Amaya is not on work.She didnt come to office for another 10days.Lot of work is pending.So..better you concentrate on your work..
Mira:May i come in…
Mantu:Come in.. By saying this he lift his head..He saw Mira just came into his cabin..Amaya stand infront of his table..
Mantu:Tell me mira..Anything important..

Mira:Sir.. This file…
Mantu took that file and ask her to come afterwards..Mira put file on his table and leave his cabin.
Mantu look at Amaya with smile and ask her to sit.
Amaya:Thanks..This is my leave letter..
Mantu getup from his chair and hold Amaya wrist and place her in his chair.He bolt the cabin door and came back to Amaya and sit on knees infront of her.He hold her hands and ask her…
Mantu:Why are you so dull.Is this leave letter is necessary inbetween you and me.
Amaya bend her head and didnt give any reply to him.Mantu lift her head with his finger and look into her eyes.
Mantu:Still you are angry on me..
Amaya nod her head.

Mantu:We just try to kidding you.
How can i said that you are chatter box..I didnt mean it Ammu..Plz be normal..Actually i didnt bear your anger..Plz…
Amaya nod her head and ask about her leave..Mantu:Who ask about your leave processes..Nobody didnt
talk abt that here.Bcoz you are my to be wife.
Amaya:But Rule is rule for all..So plz permit me and grant me leave with loss of bay constraints..Bcoz nobody didnt take chance to talk abt this issue in future..Even our remaining staff satisfied with this decission and they respect you people..By listening this Mantu nod his head and approve the leave letter.
Mantu:Amaya wait for me..We togeather move from here..
Amaya:We came here in Ishu car..It is better to go with her na..
By listening this he msgs Ramam abt Ishu is in medical college..
Raman:How can you know?
Mantu:Amaya..I have an important conference call..I answer it and come back..wait 5mins plz..

Amaya said ok and she get up from his chair and sit in sofa..
Mantu went out from his room and call to Raman.Mantu:Discuss with Raman and said they are here for their leave approval. May be bhabhi also in medical college.You can go and pick her na..
Raman:Thanks for your information.
Mantu enter his cabin and saw that Amaya look into file..
Mantu:Honey(Amaya),Can you wait for me..I complete my work and we togeather goto house..
Amaya nod her head and try to leave the cabin..He hold her hand and ask her stay with me.She look into his eyes and try to sit beside her..But Mantu pulled her and placed her on his lap and adjust him for her convience and put his hand around her waist and hold her palm tight.He is bussy in his work..but he play with her fingers.. Amaya didnt disturb him bcoz she know how this time is important for them..
Raman left a message for the trio and leave to medical college.
In Arnavs cabin..
Kushi:Sir..your green tea..
Arnav:Put it there..
Kushi place the tea on table and stand infront of his table..
He is bussy in drawing a dress design..
He didnt saw Kushi there.
In Arjuns cabin:
Arjun scold Teji for not doing his work properly..Teji stand like a satue and try to answer him.But Arjun didnt give him a chance to Answer..
Arjun turn towards window and look out from glass window..
Arjun:What can we answer to that clients Teji?You know it is prestageous project.
Teji:Arjun sir give a chance for me to speak na..
Arjun:What you want to told me.. You have answer for this situation…?
Atleast you didnt open the code and didnt send any reply to them..How can we expect that project in our account..

Once listen to me..Yesterday only i came back from Hyderabad.That too to attend for dhi marriage.I miss all functions and i only attend for reception..Atleast you didnt bother me..Atleast you didnt tell me you are in relationship with one girl..
Teji:Yah tell me..I know i am orphan.. But i feel you are my frnd,brother and consider you are my world.What you can do for me..And abt project.. Why are you scolding me..Who send the quatation and from which id you send it..I check your general id..There are no updations on that project..
Arjun look at him…
Radhika:May i come in sir..
Arjun:Come in Radhika..
Radhika enter into cabin…
Arjun:Radhika..he is my friend..
Radhika:Hey Teji…After so long time..
Teji:Hello..Who are you mam?I dont know who are you?
Radhika:Teji..I am chashini..Reshikesh.. when we are in arctechtural course you always with me na..Dadhaji.. Ankush bhayya..
Teji:Oh..That Chashini is not like you. She always tell each and every thing to me..She even didnt buy a choclate without informing me..and you select your life partner also..She is special sister and good friend given by god..You dont compare with her..
Radhika:Sorry Teji…

By saying this she hold his hand..Arjun is still in shock..But Teji hardly release his hand from her grip and try to move from that room.
Radhika run behind him and called him Teji,Teji..But due to some water droplets she slip and fell down and she shout with pain.
Before Arjun reached to Radhika.. Teji come to her and lift her in his arms and place her on sofa and ask her… Teji:Chashini..are you okay..How many times i told you?Dont run like that.. He rubbed her foot with his hands and tears flow from his eyes..
Arjun put his hand on Teji’s shoulder.. Teji turn back and said.. Teji:Arjun.. see how careless she is..Two years back this leg was factured and she took 2months bed rest..At that time doctor told you na dont give more stress to that leg..
At that time sweaper enter into that room..bcoz Arjun called him to clean that place..Teji hold his collar and ask him.. Teji:You only clean this room na.. bcoz of your improper work my chashini was hurt..

Arjun is in hell schock..bcoz he fidnt see teji in this much anger.He respect all employees in equal way..
Radhika:Teji..I am ok yaar..Leave him..
It’s my mistake..that i didnt walk properly..
The sweaper clean thee room and left from that room.
Teji:Chashini..R u ok now..
Radhika hold his hand and place hee head on his shoulder and said..
Radhika:I miss you Teji..You know how many times i remember you..but i lost your number..I lost all my happiness and all Teji..Nothing is there in my hands..and nobody are there for me.. Dont be angry on me..plz..
Teji look at her with teary eyes..and ask her.. what happened chashini..
Radhika try to answer him..but Arjun gusture her not to answer..Arjun walk towards Teji and sit beside him..
Arjun:Teji..first of all we are sorry..
Plz forgive us..
Now,Teji remember his anger on them and try to move..Both pull him and ask him forgive us yaar. Both Radhika and Arjun kiss him on his cheeks..Teji melt for that act..
Teji:You both are two eye for me.. When i saw you togeather i feel happy. But i feel sad you both forget me..
Arjun:It is not like tha Teji..
Arjun explain each and everything to Teji..About Radhikas problem..thei first meeting..about his feelings on her..dhi marriage..and today moring issue with Meghana dhi..all he told yo teji..
Radhika:Arjun sir you forget two things..Teji your frend said that i am short and chatterbox..
Teji:How dare you Arjun?you called her like that..
Arjun:Sorry sir..plz forgive me.

Both Radhika and Teji Hi-Fi and laugh for Arjun puppy face..
Arjun:How you both are frnds?
Teji:Arjun..Two years back you send me to do Arctechtural workshop in Reshikesh and you ask me to complete that 1year course and handle that college project in Reshikesh..There Radhika..my chasini..She also join in that course..Actually she is student of that college..And parallely she do this course..Some students try to ragging me she warn them and protect me..

From that sec onwards she was my Chashini..We become great buddies.. and i am close to her family..They treat me as a family member..Ankush bhai treat me equal to Radhika..he is more concern on us..He teats me as younger brother..After that i complete my course and return back to my place..Even though every twice a week i go to Reshikesh..seven months back you send me on project work na.. At that time also i went Reshikesh and meet them and took blessings from Dadhaji,Uncle and Aunty.From there only i move to my work place..I try to contact Chashini but i didnt reach her..I called Ankush bhayya but be didnt tell about Radhika..but every time he tell she is out..or she is with dhadaji..or she slept like that..I got angry on Chashini for not communicating with me.. but i dont even guess that some thing going worng with you Chashini..I am sorry my dear..
Radhika:No probs Teji..You are my frnd..my bro..
Teji:I know that saral is not good.. but he can do things bad for his own dhi..
Arjun we cant leave him..Arjun dont stop me..i kill that fellow..
Arjun:Dont worry we solve it..
Teji:What abt the project?There is no information in our Id..
Radhika:Teji..Actually i handle this project..i create a new Id and send that quatation to them..Here is the data and plans made by me..They send approval by accepting our plans.But they ask and put some querries infront of us..By making small adjustments we want to resend it..
Radhika handle that file to Teji..
Radhika:Arjun sir..My leave and permission letter for 20days..10 days on behalf dhi marriage and 10for Reshikesh trip..

Arjun:No need of that..It is our company..No rules for you..
Radhika:Rule is rule for all.No change of rulez for their personal ones.It is not good for company also..and still i am angry on you..bcoz you called me chatter box..
Teji control his laugh and said you are close Arjun..
Teji:But one thing Arjun..Dont dare to hurt her in any situation..I loose my coolness and i forget abt humanity and all.I dont care anybody..if it is my Chashini..So..dont hurt her..I am moving to my cabin and i will be on this work..And you try to covence her.. and all the best to you buddy..
Arjun turn towards Radhika and Teju walk towards his cabin and find the sweaper who wash his hands..Teji walk towards him and hug him.Teji hold sweaper hand and told sorry to him.
Teji:Sorry..Shyam bhai..If anything happen to my Chashini i didnt control myself..Plz…forgive me..and hug him again..This time the sweaper also hug Teji and said no problem Teji bhai..
Teji give some amount to him and ask to buy choclates to kids..
Radhika and Arjun saw this and feel happy for Teji..If Teji scold any one after wards he give choclates to them.
Radhika:Can you sign my permission/leave letter..then i move towards my work..By saying this she try to move from that place..but she feel light pain in her leg..Arjun sense it and lift her in his arms and place her on sofa and close window curtains and return back to her.

Radhika gustured something and said..
Radhika:Arjun sir..I forgive you..and i have some work..plz excuse me..
By saying this she try to move from that place..But Arjun hold her and place her on sofa and slowly fall on her..and pin her on sofa place half weight on her and plcae a soft kiss on her lips..He know Radhikas week point..
He kiss her on forehead,Next on right and left cheecks and on her nose next on her lips and place his head on her shoulder and place a gentle kiss on her neck and bite her on shoulder..She tight her grip in his plams and give a small sound..Arjun know that sound is not by pain which he bite..He lit her neck with his tongue and rub his face there..
Radhika:Arjun sir..Plz leave me..
Arjun:You forgive me or not..
Radhika:Who told you that i am angry on you..It is fake anger..
Arjun:I also know it..that my Radhu didnt get angry on me..
He adjust himself on sofa and cares her hair..Radhika close her eyes and enjoy his presence..Arjun

asked her to open her eyes..Radhika:No sir..i cant..
Arjun:Why?Radhika:I have no answer..
But..I think this is the last happiest moment.

Arjun seriously and hardly pin her shoulders and look into her eyes and asked her..
Arjun:R u mad?Why are you talking like that?I want to live my entire life with you..but you talk abt last moment of life..
Radhika:(With teary eyes)It hurts me Arjun sir.
Arjun look at her teary eyes and feel her pain..He leave her and went out from that room with fake smile.
Radhika sit there with teary eyes..
The scene shift to Arnavs cabin:
Arnav is bussy in designing the dress design..But he miss something in it. He feels restless..He try to tare that paper..Kushi walk towards him and hold his hand.Arnav looks at her and ask her..
Arnav:When did you came?
Kushi shows cup on his table..Arnav realise that 30mins back he offered by a green tea..He didnt expect that Kushi bring green tea to him.
Arnav:You bring it for me..
Kushi:Yes sir..
Kushi walk towards him and change the color and try to do some small modifications in design.
Arnav look at her and hug her from back and place his chin on her shoulder..She feel his touch but control herself..He adjust her hair to right side and gently kiss her on neck..
Even for this also she control herself..
He gently rub his identity finger from her cheeck to neck and from neck to down..She suddenly turn towards him and hug him..
Kushi:Arnavji plz…
Arnav:Why you control your feelings and show your anger on me..
Kushi:Why you called me chatterbox..
Arnav:Just for kidding yaar..That fellow Aman start this…
Kushi:Leave me i complete it.
Arnav:No..I didnt leave you.Ididnt disturb you..I just hug you..You can do your work..
Kushi:How can i?
Arnav:I dont know all..i hug you like this?you can do your work..

Kushi turn and bussy in design work..But Arnav hug her and place his chin on her shoulder and play with her ear rings..Mantu complete his work and turn Amaya towards him and hug her by placing her on his laps.She round her hands around his neck..He hug her with one hand and by one hand he rub on her lips…kushi complete it with good work and convence him for her leave on basing loss of pay..These two couples have quality time..
Radhika sit in Arjun’s cabin and cried like a little girl..Teji is bussy in his work.Arjun sit in confrence room and try to control his anger.
Raman is in medical campus and enter into pronci room.There he saw Ishitha talking with Princi..He knock on door.. and ask may i come in sir..
Princi getup from chair and welcome him..
Raman:How many times i told to you Uncle..dont treat as a management member..I am equal to your son..
Raman hear some sound from princi rest room..
Raman look at Princi..princi told him Lavanya and Aman are there in that room..Raman look at Ishitha and then princi..princi:I am pity on Aman..From one hour onwards he try to convence her..I dont know how he manage her whole life..
Ishitha:Dont tell like that sir..Who know how deeply he hurts her..We didnt know na..
Princi laugh and said all girls are on same line..
Raman sit beside Ishitha..Princi take his chair..
Ishitha:On basing loss of pay grant me 10days permission for me..
Raman hold Ishithas hand beside table and press and hold tightly..
She try to took her hand back..but he didnt give that chance to her..

Ishitha look at Princi and ask abt permission..Princi look at Raman..
Raman:There is no need for loss of pay..Who questioned us?
Ishitha:Rule is equall to all..there is no differenciation..And it is good for organisation.My decision is final..
Princi approve the letter by loss of pay..
Raman:No sounds from that room..I think Aman succeed in his work..
Princi:May be…
The trio walk towards the room and slightly remove curtain and shocked fir that scene..
Aman hold her legs and pleased her.. Lavanya jump from that place and hug himm..tears flow from her eyes..
Lavanya:Aman..i enjoyed when you pamoered me and pleading me..But dont go to this extent..Your respect is mine..I didnt wish this..You are always
my life..Aman wipe her tears and hug her..
Raman leave the cutain and said Aman is very clever..he know how to convence her..Ishitha:Why you people loose your words and try to convence us..

Princi:If you want to argue leave this place..i slready tired with those people and now you dont start…
Lavanya and Aman come out from that room and look at Ishitha and Raman..
Aman:Uncle..with your permission we want to go out..
Lavanya:Plz papa…
Raman give his car key to Aman and said enjoy your ride meri brother..
Princi nod his head and they both left that room..Raman look at that room. Princi:Sorry Raman you two also move from here..I want to do some work..
Raman:Iishitha do go..I will join with you..No vehicle for me..
Ishitha leave that room and walk towards her car..
Raman tell about Radhika’s problem.. and tell take care of his parents,dadhi..kids are comming with us only..I dont want to take any risk leaving them..According to our plan it is 10day work..I can arrange secerete security..princi listen it and tell tske care Raman.I think now Lavanya also join with you..Bcoz Aman is in this eork means..she dont leave him..
Raman:I will take care uncle..You dont worry abt her..I bring your daughter safe..
Princi:Not daughter Raman.Now i have five daughters…I want all are to be happy..But take care..
Raman leave the room and walk towards Ishitha..
Raman:I drive the car…
Ishitha give keys to him snd sit in passenger seat..
Raman stary driving..Ishitha:We pick Radhu,Ammu and kushi..I only drop them..i told them to wait..
Raman:you dont worry abt them yaar..
They were handled by their partners..
You take care of me..
By saying this he hold her hand and said sorry Ishu..We are elder than remaining yaar..It is not good for us..
Ishitha:You called me chatterbox and said you have no clarity what i talk.. you dont know where i start and where i end?…
Raman:I just kidding you yaar.You know you are my happiness and my shine..
Ishitha:Dont tell lies..I am your chatter box..
Raman:I am not lime Aman..I dont know to do duch things..If you didnt forgive me then i also hold your legs..
By saying this Raman stops the car and look at his foot.
Ishitha:I dont need all those things.. one big hug is enough for me to forgive..I need it..
By listening this Raman hug her tightly and place a warm kiss on her lips..Then on cheecks..then on her neck..next Ishitha put her fingers on his lips..He hug her and said sorry to her..Ishitha also hug him and said no need to sorry..
People watch them from window and laugh by looking at them..
Arjun came to his cabin thinking that Radhika left that place..But he is shocked to see Radhika in same place and in same pose..He ran towards her and hold her shoulders and Called her name..She didnt respond for that.. He hug her tightly and said sorry to her. He cupped her face and kissed her all over her face.She criedout and hug him..and plce her head on his chest..
Radhika:I am sorry Arjun sir..Next time i didnt talk like that..Arju promise..and next time dont leave me like this.That moment is very tough for me to survive in this world.plz be with me sir..
Arjun:Radhu promise..I didnt leave you like this in any situation.But you dont talk abt last breath and last day like that..
Radhika nod her head and hug him. Arjun also hug her..They both stay lime that…Teji saw this and stay out of room more than 20mins..Atlast he knock on door to bring them to their senses..Arjun held her with side hug and said come in to Teji..
Teji:Atleast leave her now..

Arjun:No..You have any problem..
Teji:then hug me also..afteral i am like your younger brother..
Arjun hug him from side and kiss Radhika on her forehead..
Teji put puppy face and Radhika laugh for that and place a brotherly kiss to Teji on his cheeck..By sering this Arjun put puppy face..By looking Arjun expressions both Radhika and Teji kiss him on Arjun cheecks and giggled and ticled him..
Atlast all complete their fights and return back to home at 5:00pm with necessary stuff for Anjali and Shiva suhagraath..
All boys sit on terrace and discuss avout their plan..Teji:Dont worry Aman..I introduce you people to Dilip uncle and Ankush bhai..bcoz..i have good relation with them..so nobody can doubt us..
Aman agree for that..then our entry in that house is easy..
Shiva:Dont worry about doctors..My friend Neil and his wife Sam join us today only..They are good and talanted in their works.Neil is specialist to treat coma patients and he is general and brain surgeon..and sam is gynecologist..They both took care of Anu…
Raman:So all things are set..only execution…
Girls are bussy in decorating firstnight room.They make that room like heaven..They decorate that room with white and levender flowers..The bed is fully decorated with white and Rose petals.On bed they arrange Big red heart with redpetals amd inside red heart they arrange white heart with white petals..The room is lightly arranged by Perfume candles with Red,White and Lavender color petals..
The window curtains are white color..
The room is perfectly decorated by five girls..

Lavanya:I want to do my first night on terrace..With decorating the matrice with only red flowers with help of moonlight..By feeding icecream with Aman hand..Stars blinking..moonlight..natural cool breez…wow that is perfect place…
Ishitha:Wow great thought..
Lavanya:What about you dhi..
Ishitha:My wish is.. if it is my selection i want it in tulip garden..Both red and yellow tulips..Asusual moonlight and cool breez..Me and Raman..Raman with sky blue color cotton shirt..In garxen center place..sourrounding all tulips…
Kushi:Wow..Ishu..Tell this to Raman Bhai..
Ishitha:Stop it kushi..What abt you kushi…
Amaya:From college days onwards kushi’s dream and wish is…she want her first night in her favourite place..
Any hill station..Full of fog..Cool breez..No decoration and no lights..Only moonlight..One morething.. background music…that too salmankhan songs only..
Lavanya:Wow..nice idea yaar..then what about you Ammu..
Kushi:Her favourite place is water falls..Her dream is…Two hills.. a small flow of water..A small boat in water..decorated with red rose petals…asusual moonlight..Blinking stars..but her background music she want is waterfalls sound..
Lavanya:Wow…Radhu tell about your wish…
Ishitha:Tell me naaa..Radhu…
Radhika:Fullmoon day…Beach place..A small bed..with complete white blanket and side curtains…Water waves sound..
Blinking flies..cool breez..with wet bodies..I want Arjun sir in complete white dress..that too in traditional look..Just Arjun sir and Me..
All remaing four said that wow Radhu.. you are so romantic..
Out of the room The five boys look at each other..Teji:Wow..good task for you guys yaar..Arey..Aman…Who told you to confess your feelings so early.. now see…
Arjun:Who know?What’s your future?
Aman:Def a girl like this thoughts only you met in your life..
Teji:No…I dont go for marriage step…
Arnav:Wait and watch…Dont fix lime that..fate is not in our hands..
Raman:Arey yaar.these girls are so romabtic yaar..If they directly ask those conditions means..its horrible for us..
All went down to hall..Neelu and Rani arrange dining table..
Chotu run towards the main door.. bcoz some one ring the bell.
Shiva and Anjali are on terrace..
Shiva hold Anjali and ask what are you thinking?

Anjali:Nothing..I dont know the exact reason..but my heart beats fast..
Shiva laugh for that answer and told her..dont be tensed..Things hsppened according to your wish only..This day is only for sake of elders..You can take your time to adjust and feel free now..
Anjali:Is this tension is bcoz of that only..
Shiva nod his head and gave a side hug to her..Anjali:If elders said that it is for our goodness means..then it is ok for me today..
Shiva didnt look at her..but he tight his grip on her waist..
In hall..
Chotu open the door and saw two persons..
Man:May i come sir..
Chotu:Who are you?
Man:Me..Neil Malhotra..Dr.Neil Malhotra..
Raman hear it and walk towards the door and welcome them..
Both Neil and Sam enter into the house..
Raman intoduce them to all his family members..
The girls close the door and come to hall..Neil look at them..Both Neil and Sam shout…Hey chashini…Bubbly…
Radhika look at them with smily face..
Niel:Hey chashini..What are you doing here?
Sam:When did you came to Mumbai…
Atleast you didnt contact us..
Radhika walk towards them and stand infront of them with teary eyes..
Neil hug her and ask her what happenex dear?
Arjun got angry and fold his fist and control himself..Bcoz Neil hug her Radhika..
Remaing all look at Arjun and smile for his actions.
Teji walk towards them…

Teji:You are Samira Khanna na..
Sam:Hey Teji..what a surprise yaar?
Shiva and Anjali come down and saw Neil and Sam there..
Shiva:When did you come..
Neil:Just now only..
Shiva:You both skip my marriage na..
Sam:Sorry bhai..so many cases..
Neil:Work bussy..
Shiva:You are okay with these 10days..
Neil:No probs..We both give resigation letter in that organisation.
Raman interfere and ask them to sit..
All men sit in hall..Girls went towards kitchen..Sam also follow them.Neil eyes follow Radhika..and then look at Sam..Teji look at Arjun…Arjun look at Neil..
Shiva:Why you resign yaar?
Neil:They didnt accept our 10days leave..You know Sam’s father my Family..we have capability to run a own hospital.But we planned to work for limited hours only..due to that reason only we work in some other places.You ask me to join and help in one case..So we ask leave for 10days.. he

didnt agree for 10days..so..we resign..
Shiva:Sorry yaar..bcoz of us..
Neil:No probs..Teji..why you and Chashini are here..Why Chashini look like that.Something miss in her smile..
Teji look at Arjun..
Shiva:How you know Radhika?
Neil:Bcoz of her only Sam and Me are in Wife and Husband relation..
When we are in pG..We went to Reshikesh with our college mates.There we met her..She is so cool and friendly..Teji and Radhika become good frnds for us..Radhika only make me realise that i have feelings on Sam..With her help only i propose her..
After completion of our 2months training and intern work camp we return back to Mumbai..Regularly we are in contact only..From past 6monts we didnt have any call from her..two or three times we have call from Teji..but he also give same reply to us..
Now suddenly i saw here..
Shiva:I told one problem na..That is she only..and patient is her bhabhi..
Neil:You didnt tell the name na..so i didnt get that the problem is for Chashini..
Ishitha serve snacks to them..
Neil:You said the problem and ask us to join to help..and you said the place Reshikesh..Sam and me are decided to join with you to come to Reshikesh eith you..And we planned to spend time with Chashini..But problem is for her means..We can do anything for her..
Arjun look at her with mixed expressions..Neil look at him..and asked you are perfect to my Chashini.. But dont look at me with that much of anger..She is my bestie and equal to my younger sister..But i love her..She is my Chashini..
Arjun laugh for that and said sorry to him..Arjun:I know it is wrong..but i am very possasive
towards her..

Neil:Nothing wrong in that buddy..
We togeather solve all messy things. We are with you in this battle..
Neil look at Radhika and ask her to come near him..
She came to Neil and look at Arjun..
Neil look at Arjun and took permission to hug her..Arjun simply laugh..Both Neil and Teji hug her..and console her..
Aman hold her and assure her that he is with her..Raman and Arnav gave a side hug to her and and pat her on head..Mantu cup her face..wipe her tears..and said look at us we are all with you..We bring all your hsppkness back to you..Shiva and Anjali walk towards her and hold her hand..and said belive your elder brother..We set all things..Radhika is happy and run towards Arjun snd hug him tightly..
Arjun also hug her..Radhika:Arjun sir.. you bring half of my happiness back to me..Bcoz of you i have big family..Mummyji..papaji..dadhi..Dhi..Shiv bhayya..Raman and Arnav Bhai.. Mantu and Aman bhai..Chotu and Bunty..Rani and Neelu..Teji..Sam and Neil..Madhu aunty and uncle..sashi uncle…I am so happy Arjun..I love you and i want to be with for my entire life..This is my promise to you..All form a group and go with a group hug..
At last they complete their dinner with happy talks..
Finally they sent Shiva and anjali into that room..and all went to their respective places..
Shiva stand at glass window and look out..Anjali stand beside him and ask him what are you thinking sbout Shiva..
Shiva:Nothing Anju..
He put his hands in pocket and took a jewellery ring box and give it to Anjali.
Anjali ask her to put it to her finger..
Shiva:It is my gift for today..
Anjali hug him and said i happy that you are in my life.Shiva lift her in his arms and place her on bed..


Shiva:Anjali..Really you are ok and accepted it..
Anjali:I dont want remember my past.. my life is with you and for you..I am prepared for it..it didnt hut me..
By listening this Shiva kiss her on forehead and said sorry for asking lime that..Anjali:You didnt ask any wrong thing..I know yourr concern and love towards me..I want to move on in my life…so..plz dont be worry abt me..
Shiva feels happy for that..
Shiva adjust himsel beside Anjali on bed and place a gentel kiss on her hand..He slowly turn towards her and Pull Anjali near to him.First he kiss on her forehead..then on cheecks..then on her ear shells..and next on her lips.. when he kiss on her lips she also turn towards him and hug him tight by closing her eyes..she also join with him and they both lock theis lips and continue it passionately…They both leave the lip lock for breath…Again shiva move his lips on her neck and now he is on her by placing light weight on her..He burried his face on her neck and kiss her..He hold her both hands with his hands..For every kiss she tight her grip and Whe stop she free the grip..Shiva enjoy that and slowly asked her..can i start again..Anjali blush for that question..From that place he slowly move down and look at…..She observe it and close her eyes

He slowly pin her saree and remove it from her…She cover her face with her hands..She switch off the lights and try to cover her shyness and turn to another side..Shiva smile for her reactions and untie her blouse thread.. and move his hand on bare back..Anjali turn towards him and hug him tightly..He remove her ear rings.. her chain.. and remaining one by one.. and cover them with soft blanket..They consumnate their night with happy moment..Finally they finsh it with their kiss..She place her head on his chest and slowly went into sleep.Shiva hold her in his arms and slowly went into sleep..
Nextday mrg..5:00AM..
Anjali try to getup from bed and she realise and remember what happens last night.She remove his hand and try to move..But he hold her more close and kiss her on forehead..She getup from bed and went into washroom..After 15min she comeout and look at shiva.But he sleep so peacefully..She bend and try to kiss him.The water droplets from her wet hair fell on his forehead..He open his eyes and look at her..she try to getup from there..Shiva hold her hand and ask her to complete her job..she kiss him on forehead and run from that place..Shiva also getup and fresh..
All reached to hall..Thoshiji and dadhi bless them and give harathi to them.. madhu mix curd and sugar and put it to all..Finally all took blessings from elders and move to airport..
Thoshiji:It is good the kids are with them only..Dadhi:Yes..if they are with them means def they are safe..
Finally are reached to airport..After 5mins meghana also reached there with her parents..Raman and Arjun hug her and introduce her Anjali..and to remaining girls.All give send off to Meghana..Anjali gift a saree and some jewellery to her.First she didnt aaccept it..But all convence her..she feel happy for their effection on her..

Atlast she accept it and went off from there..
After 15mins they went into flight..And in 2hrs they land in Reshikesh airport..
The time is exactly 8:00AM…

Precap:Mission Reshikesh..Suspense and happy moments…

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