Swaragini – Royal Love – Prologue

kahani eye sadiya purani
jise etihas se mitaya gaya
kahani eye beinteha prem aur nafrat ki
prem ki balidan ki
nafrat ki aag ki
kisiki atmasamman ki
kisiki mahatvokansa ki
esi prem jiske liye unhe marna para aur ab laut na bhi hoga……..
apka soyagat hai iss khun se range prem katha me………

A BOY of 10 years is climbing on a hill .he reaches on the peak and give hand to a girl of 8 years.
Boy :ragini see we can see the shiv Mandir from here
Ragini : ohh yes! But where is jiji and lakshraj ? (Only ragini calls laksh as lakshraj)
Sanskar : your jiji is always late and laksh is surely with her.

A boy and girl of 9 years come.( yes…they are swara and laksh)
Swara : Ragini are you ok ?
Sanskar : what will happen to her she is not coward like you (Swara feels bad but doesn’t say anything)
Laksh : Dadabhai did you see shiv Mandir?
Sanskar : yes laksh
Ragini : oh shivji ! We are soo late Mother will scold us.
Sanskar : no this Swara will save us. Won’t you ?

Swara : ok
Laksh now let’s go.
Swara and laksh in a cart and ragini laksh swara in another.
Ragini : rajkumar tomorrow you will go away . We will not be able to play.
Sanskar : yes but there is a option if you marry me then you can stay with me
Ragini : What about jiji I can’t stay without her.
Sanskar : then we will make swara marry laksh
Ragini : no I will marry both of you.

Sanskar : ok but first me .don’t tell this to swara .
Ragini : ok
All of they enters into the royal palace of Durgapur. ( like prem ratan dhan payo)
Annapurna : where were you all we were tensed.
Sanskar : rani ma we were going to come earlier but this Swara made us late.
Ragini tries to protest but sanskar holds her.
Swara fumbles : yes ma it is my mistake please forgive me.
Annapurna : no problems.

Now you all go and eat food.
All eat food and goes sleep.
Swara was going to sleep but suddenly laksh came and said ” swara dadabhai and Ragini are going to shiv Mandir”
Swara and laksh runs outside takes her horse and rides with laksh. She is very much worried about her innocent sister.
At Mandir
Sanskar takes sindur goes towards ragini.
Swara pushes sanskar and goes towards ragini.
Swara : Ragini kuwar ji what were you were doing ?
Ragini : I was marrying sanskar and then lakshraj
Swara : are you mad we are small

Wecant marry now. Come with me.
Sanskar : no we will marry you go I am the prince of mahismati
SwRa : no I swara mageshwari the princess of Durgapur orders you to go.
Ragini starts crying seeing her sister angr.
Sanskar fumes in anger and goes from here. Laksh ragini and swara goes palace.
In morning
Sanskar goes without talking with anyone.
Laksh comes meet swara
Swara : laksh are you angry with me?

Laksh : no swara i know what you did was right. Bye ragini we will meet again.
Laksh goes.
Swara monologue: I am sorry kuwar ji but I can’t let anything happen to ragini
Sanskar :monologues : you will suffer swara because of you Ragini can’t stay with me
Laksh : I will return swaragini
Ragini monologues: I am sorry jiji and lakshraj

Guys this prologue was wanted by rizna. Don’t become confuse the mentality of children of that time was like that.
I will give equal importance to all 4. First episode on 10 July. Ask me if you have any questions

  1. Which are the pairs ?

  2. Thanks Sinin because of me u gave prologue,thank u so much such a nice story.I am waiting for 10 july to watch the first episode.

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    Heheh it was little funny the way Ragini told that she will marry both the guys and yeah it seems so interesting Im waiting for it eagerly 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Me too ….enjoyed reading tat so nice..waiting fr 1st episode

  5. ragini character is good, I will marry u and than laksh, you show her innocence very well

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  7. Can we know who are the pair pls

  8. Aami

    lyk this prologue….. s this swasan raglak or swalak ragsan…. plz mention the pairs dear???n continue soo

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    Nice prolouge.but sanskar nd ragini character have so much confussion.starting jo poem thi it was sooo nice

    1. Sumeeta sanskar is arrogant from childhood. He doesn’t like swara . When he was about to back he wished to take ragini with her to play only. As he had listened from mother about marriage. And ragini likes sanskar as a play met. She said that she will marry both as she also want to play with laksh. Actually she is very innocent.
      Hope your confusion are cleared now

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