A Journey of Love(Episode64)

The scene start in a big five star hotel conference room which is named as “Step Inn”..It is also under RAAM associations only..All six sit in confrence room and wait for some one.Arjun look at watch and look at door..
Aman:Dont worry Arjun..They are on the way..
Arjun nod his head..After waiting of 10mins a womenn come with an elder person..Aman show way to them to the confrence room.They enter into that room and sit in chairs which are alloted to them.
Raman:I think we didnt go for any introduction…Meghanaji..
Meghana nod her head and ask them why you are calling here with my papa..
Mantu:Bcoz..we need to discuss an important issue with u..Before we go for next step we think about you..So.. we need to talk with you..
Arjun:Yah Meghana ji..You are also equal to our sister..We give same value to you what we gave to our Anjali dhi..
Meghana:Anjali..You are brother of Anjali?
Arnav:We are brothers of Anjali..Our dhi has 5brothers..
Meghana look at them and ask them what is the matter?
Raman narrates each and every thing happened before four years and what happened from past one week.Both Meghana and his father listen this and look at each other faces..
Meghana father tell them we didnt know what happened present days.But we are aware something about past. But shyam mother told to us that they cancel the marriage bcoz you people lost your property..But they didnt tell about their love and engagement and remaining things.
Meghana:Really we didnt know about what happened in present days.But my married life is not happy with him. Mistake is mistake when we do it intensionally or unintensuonally..Bcoz of me your sister loss four years of her life..So god punish me withoout kids..Shyam stay with me only for money..He didnt love me..
Mantu:We already told to you..that you are equal to my dhi..
Arnav:Let think that you want to be with him or leave him and lead your life..
Arjun:If you want to be with him..we just warn him and leave him.If your decission is not then he is behind bars.
Raman:It depends on your decission. You take grant that you have five brothers with you.
Aman:Think and take wise decission dhi..
Meghana and his father look at each other…
Arjun hold her hands and wipe her tears..Dhi decisdion is yours.We five respect your decission and support you.Nothing is imp for us. It is only your decission..
Meghana:From past some months onwards i want to try to take one decission.Now it is yime for it.I dont want to be with him.It is final..
Mantu:Think once dhi..
Meghana father:No beta her decission is final..
Meghana:Can you people do one favour for me..
Raman:Ask me dhi..
Mantu:Anything for you dhi..
Aman:Dont request..order it dhi..
Meghana:Dad is also bcome week now a days..he is not able to concenteate on bussiness..You just handle our busdiness and give some monthly amt to us..
Arnav:Today onwards your bussiness is associted with us..We give 2.5percent share to u dhi..
Meghana father:My bussiness is not that much worth..It is a small bussiness.May be it is equal to one percent..
Raman:How can we leave you lime this badi papa?our decission is final..It is for dhi sake..
Mantu:Call our company lawayer and do those formalities..
Arnav:Ask them to prepare divorce papers also..
Aman look at Meghana..She nod her head..
Arjun:Dhi..one more thing..you people didnt stay here.you leave the country..we start a new company in swiss related to our assiciation.You and papa handle that one.Yearly once or thrice we reached you and spend time with you..
Arnav:Dhi promise me dhi..Dont hate your life and love..
Mantu:Give sevond chance for your life and for your heart..
Raman:Yes dhi..Try to move in life..Fir us a ripe fruit is waiting in some form. Be positive..We tell this with our experiences..
Aman:Ha dhi..Love your Life..
Meghana look at them with happy face and tears in her eyes are happy tears.All five hug her.
Aman:Raman..our lawyer..
Arjun:Open that door and bring those bl**y bas***s.
Aman ask their security gaurds bring them from that room.They bring Shyam and his friends..
Meghana lookk at them angryly..

These persons are not good.They threaten me to leave you and married their dhi..how can i that for money.. I Love You Meghu..
She walk towards him and give him tight slap..She look at his friends..
She pointed one of his friend and look at Arjun..
Arjun:This fellow ask me to sleep with him for one night.And he said he give kids for me..
All fist their palms and walk towards them and beat him hardly..
Aman calll to DIG and narrate the Issue and ask his help..Raman request him again..He agree to send the area officers and promise them that he handle the case..
Aman:Hey you people want to be in jail or with your families..
The remaining two answer that they want to be with their families..
Mantu:Then tell me where he hide that vedio..which he is used to threaten our dhi..
They said that it is morphing vedio.It is in his mobile only..It is not original one.Actually nothing is not there.. Really it is morphing..
Arjun:You tell all the crimes what he do and play as approver role..
They both nod their heads..They descibe what crime he do..how shyam can use them in his activities..
The officers listen it and write FIR on shyam and his friends.By using session judge help they put different cases on him by help of their lawyer.. They make things perfectly and close all loop holes which Shyam didnt come out or escape from punishment..
They forcebly took signatures from Shyam on divorce papers and Meghana also do it.Mantu ask their lawyer to file it today itself only..
The police arrest shyam..ACP give assurance to them that he handle it personally.bciz it is DIG order.You people dont worry it.If these are all cases we put on him he is in jail more than 10years..The police left with shyam and his friends..
Aman:ACP sir..Give warning and show them how the punishment is..Leave them after 2days..They have families na..
By listening this ACP nod his head and he move with his staff.
Arjun ask his lawyers about bussiness deal with Meghana industries..
They prepare papers related to mix meghanas bussiness with their association and their shares.
Aman:Dhi..You took some time to move from country..
Meghana:No Aman..If it is possible we leave tomarrow it self only..
Mantu call someone and ask them to arrange tickets for swiss.He said they need three tickets..
Arjun call their GM and his college frnd who handle the office in Swiss snd give details of Meghana..and ask him to arrange a new flat and things in good place with good infrastructure.Buy that flat on Meghana Rajput from our company amount.Take care if them..Bcoz she is our dhi who shift to Swiss and handle our office there with your help.
Arnav:Dhi..All is Well.You start your new life with new hope..
All five request and ask her to promise them that she marry and live her life happily.She also do that promise and saud her dad..dad look at me..God gave five brothers..Now you dont worry about me..They seven go with Selfie and feel happy.
Really the five took meghana as their own sister..
The five smash that vedio and feel happy that it close very easily..
Shiva msg to Raman..that my work is done..I wait here only..If your job completed come and pick me..
Raman give instructions to his lawyers and do things properly.I know you all every time support us with your ideas.This time it is very necessary for me.
Layer Adarsh said dont worry Raman. I can handle these things properly. You people dont worry about it. Adarsh move from there with his associates..
They send Meghana and his father upto their car and all give warm hug to her and took blessings from that elder person.
Mantu receive a msg and said Meghana..Dhi your tickets are confirm..Our agent handover it to you.Tomarrow at 6:00 clock is your flight time..so be in airport at 5:00 only.We also reach there to give send of to you..They sit in car and wave hands to them and move with new hope.
My POV:Yah..may be someone wait for Meghana in swiss.Maybe he is good to her.Bcoz she said to her god gifted brothers that she try to move in life.. She move with him.He is waiting from years onwards..We dont know exactly what happens in future..

I know one thing..If we are good to all god give good future..Things happen bad to us means..it is not only fate..it is some deeds which was done by us.. Either it with our knowledge or without our knowledge..But we hope and think that Meghana has goid future and life.In her life she has good family..
Bye frnds..This shirt episode..I want to close shyam chapter..If you people feel bore means plz excuse..

Precap:Still thinking….

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