THE VAMP DIARY (epi-6) (Swasan Marriage Special)

Right from episode-1 i have got 50+ comments..thanku so much for the support..
love u all a lot..
so its really a long one..
hope u ll enjoy..!

let me clear ur confusion first
guys manik & sanskar r vamp
ragini is dayan(actually i did few research n from few novels i got that in vamp’s world too they have something like sl*t..
n the resulting baby (just if )is said to be dayan..actually all this is an immaginary story..
but nvr worry i do resesrch and then only post )


A girl is tied with rope on her hands and legs..
and bought to a lonely place her mouth is also wrapped up with cloth..
she is none other than swara..

Man1-ufff…shes so hot..kya mal hai hai na..
man2-just shut up..ur mouth..v rr not here by our own..v r said to dump this girl here and move..
just then a black audi car comes to that place..

driver horns..
both the men immediately comes near the car..
the man inside the car talks something to driver..
the driver comes out with two packets in his hands..

drvier-sir..said well work..he gave u this money now u dont know us n v dont know u..u can move..

the 2 men moves from their..
the guy gets down from the car..
and goes near the girl..
he is revealed to be our one and only Sanskar..
he comes to her..and eyes her and says i m sorry but i must hurt u..coz ur presence makes my sis hurt which i cant afford…

u know na how much nasty our shanky is..he agin read her diary..
but to his badluch only nandu mentiond swaras name..

Sanky slowly walks to swara..he bends to bite her(obvio as hes a vamp..he was about to suck her blood..
but the wind blew ..and swaras face which was covered by her hair..
was slightly visible now..
her rosy lips..her eyes…her pretty face made our shanky numb..
his inner soul came and said “what r u doing Mr SM…kill her she is reason for ur sisters sadness..”
another soul says “No i cant kill her..shes innocent wts her mistake to be loved..
han u have other options too..”

sanky slowly picks her and takes her in car..
he frees her hands and legs..
he sees the scars of rope..and feels as if some one stabbed him..
he himself dont know whts happening to him..

M-bhai..wr r u?i m trying since so much swara is missing..
she has special powers..i cant afford my sister b in danger..
bhai plz pic the call..
shit man
(at lst laksh pics the call)
L-hello manik
M-hai bhai..swara is missing..
M-yeah..actually i was feeling restless so i decided to go to her hostel..when i went their i got to know that she had went to walk..
but its been 3 hrs now..still she din turn up back..
L-just cool down..and search once up her frnds.. not a kid..nor i m human that u think me fool..
i did all these..
in each and every direction i have searched bhai..but..
bhai plz do something and save her bahi plzz..
i cant stay with out her..
L-shes my sister also manik..i too care..
u go to twinkle first..
if its done by our rival then twinkles life is also at stake..
so rush their first..and take her to mansion coz only their those people cant reach..
got it..!
M-yes..bhai but swara
L-u dont worry i ll put out all source to find her..
i ll comes back tommo their..
fisrt u protect ur another sister..
M-s ..bhai
L-after reaching make me talk to twinkle..

in temple..
Sanskar is waiting impatiently…so that swara can wake up..
“she is a human..if i would have said her truththen official i would have married her in our fort..but shes a human and i cant afford letting my family in problem..”

just then he sees some moments in swara..
he gets mesmerized seeing her..
who r u..
and y u bought me here..
Look plz lev me…i din do anything plzz..
S-suhhhh…!stay quite i wont do anything to u..not even touch u..but quite..
Swara-oky bhaiya…
San-what?(his jaws fell down listening to word bhaiya..just imagine hahahaha!)
(self talk :iss ladki ko mein appni biwi banana chahata hun aur yeah ladki muzee bhaiya banana chahati hai..urhhh)
San-first stop calling that..coz i ll b ur husband soon..
but no i wont marry u..i have big dreams i dont want to marry plz..lev me..
my bhai and sis may be waiting for me..
for my call they may be taking tension plzzz lev me..plzz..
San-marry me i ll lev u..and dont worry abut ur dreams..u can persiv them even aftr marrying me..
and once this marrige is over i myself vll take u to ur family..
Swra-r u insane Mr Ajnabhi..
i said na i dont want to marry..
cant u understand..
San-when i m talking to u in low tone u too must got it..
Swara-no i wont i ll scream then police ll arrest u..then i ll complaint to manik and bhai..
kachha cabajayengee tumhe..
i m giving u opportunity lev me i wont say them anything..
San-u know wt u are making me crazy!(heheh u know na guys in my ff without taking my name i cant keep quite so here it is)now i ur first girl after my sister infact even she too dont raise her voice infront f me..
but u ..
the first one indeed to quarrel with Sanskar MAheshwari..
Swa-ooo so mr ajnabhi ur name is sanskr very good infact the best..
now i m going bye..
san-u wont say yes,for marriage na..
fine cm i ll lev u to ur hostel
Swa-what really?
wow…cm cm
u r not that bad as i taught..
San-i m very bad u still dont know me..
Swa-hu..cmming na

swsan come to a place…they r still in car..
he shows swra a person comming in bike..hes none other than manik..
San-so u lve him na
San-want to c his death..
San-c their..a truck far away standing..
and c back another one..
both ready to trash him..
sw-what do u want..u want to marry me na fine i m ready plz dont hurt him..
San-hmm..good girl..u r lets go to temlple now..
swar silently weeps…

they reach the temple..n marry
San(self talk)- i dont know how when what and wwhy i did this..i had cm to kill u..but u u have some attraction
i promise thou this marriage is of human but all vows i took here ll be fullfilled by me…i got a soul mate..
i know a human cant be soulmate but i have connected my heart with urs..
i ll fullfill ur all dreams..
swara..n i mean it..

swara was still weeping..
San-llok plzz dont cry
OKY…i know u dont know me but still u married save manik..but any way now u cant change the truth
from now on ur Swara sanskar Maheshwari..
can i ask u smething..
san-u dont have that right..
just listen as u wanted to meet ur family..
u call them n say ur fine..
n toomo u can meet themm.
but keep in mind few things..
(its muted…)
(guys i m showing innocence of swara here..i know no girl ll be such innocent as i m showing but there is some reason for it..)


precap-depends on my beja…



As said in intro sanky and laksh are rivals..
so when laksh gets to abt sawan marrige he gets doutful to sanky..

manik being a vamp has a special power of reading minds..
so he reads swars mind and gets t know the truth..
he vows to take a revenge from SM(sanskar maheshwari)
and with his charm he ll crrok up nandini..

lets c if this hate revenge turns out to be love story..

(this s y i din write manan secnes til now..)


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  1. Nice, I laughed at the part when Swara calls Sanskar vaiya. It was really funny. I’ve a crush on Edward Cullen(twilight) nd also I like Manik. Now both of them can read mind. Great. Thnx for the update.

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    2. Thanks a lot dear
      It really means a lot for me love u !!

  2. Please tell me who are human n who are whos?
    Swara has power it means she is not human..kunj is also not human..please clear

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    1. I cmpltly understand dear
      But I write 2 ff n top on that my DCET exams r also approaching
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      Its name is swragini a new ff
      I have also written an os
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