A Journey of Love(Episode58)

All left the hotel after function. Only our four couples are there in the hall. Girls took all the gifts presented for engagement couple and place them in the cars.They also left the hall and get down from the hall.Girls are waiting near fountain and their heros go to bring their cars.They started in their cars.
Raman:Thanks Ishitha.Thanks a lot.
Ishitha:Thanks for what Raman.Is i am outsider for you..
Raman:No.It is not like that.But..
Ishitha:Then..I am your family Raman. No thanks between us.Raman:Ok meri maa..Dont be emotional..You are mine only.No thanks.ok..
Ishitha:Seriously Raman..If you use sorry,Thanks..etc..I feel that i am outsider to you.That feeling only gives more pain to me.Raman..after dhi marriage imedeatiely you can talk to mummyji about our marriage. Raman:Give some time Ishitha.First we want to solve Radhikas problem. Second wat abt your PG course.It is your dream na..Ishitha:Radhikas problem is ok..But my studies…I can do it after our marriage also.else i just leave my studies.Raman:No no..Now your Pg in pediatrics is my dream. Ishitha:If it is your dream,I try to achieve it.But Raman i am no more strong to stay with out you. Raman:Before our company anniversary we solve all our problems and tied to each other.By saying this Raman hold Ishithas hand and kiss on her hand.Ishitha place her head on his shoulder and told him..Raman..I want share some feelings with you. Raman look at her and ask her to share her feelings.Ishitha:Raman i dont know this is the time to talk about this or not.But the time when i am in love in my past i didnt experience these type of feelings.These feelings are strange and i enjoy it Raman.Raman understand her feelings but he didnt talk anything.He know it is not time to extend the topic.But he stop the car a side and cup her face and look into her eyes and ask her dont think all those things.Forever and ever you are mine only.I promise to you as early as possible we stay togeather.Ishitha nod her head and hug him tightly.
Arnav:Kushi..What are you thinking?
Kushi:Nothing Arnavji..I feel little bit worried.Arnav:Worried..For what? Kushi:My sixth sence is to be warned that something might be happened. Arnavji..What ever happenes you stay me na..Dont be angry on me..If you feel it is my mistake just give one big slap and next be with me.That is enough for me.If you are infront of my eyes it will be fine and happy for me.Arnav:Kushi dont think so much..What ever happenes i will be with you..Kushi:Promise me Arnavji..
Arnav promise her and give assurance to her that he always with her only. Kushi hold his hand with her both hands and kiss him on his hands.Two eye drops fell on his hand.By feeling tears wet on his hand he stop his car with sudden jerk..He cuped her face and ask her to look into his eyes.She opened her eyes and look into his eyes.still tears roll from her eyes. Arnav wipe her tears with his lips from corner of her eyes and whishpered in her ear..Kushi..dont cry. I didnt feel good if you cry..Plz…
Kushi nod her head and hug him tightly.
Amaya:Mantu..I think you want to ask something na..Mantu:How can you know that i want to ask something.. Amaya:Ok..leave it.Common tell me.. What is the matter?Mantu:When did you people plan about these events without our knowledge.Amaya:you like it or not..Mantu:yes..I like it.Ammu..I think you are so tired..After reaching home go to bed and sleep early. Amaya:ok..Can i ask one thing.. Mantu nod his head.Amaya:Why are you so restless today?What happened to you?Mantu:I am feeling something wired Ammu.I dont know the reason. Amaya hold his hand and ask him dont feel tense.Nothing will happened. If in case any thing happenes we all togeather solve our problems.Mantu nod his head.Amaya:Mantu..be normal. I bear any thing for you..But i didnt see you in tension or in any pain.It gives more uncomfortableness for me. Give one pleasent smile for me.If you give me smile then i give valuable gift to you.Mantu hide his worry and give a cute smile to her.she ask her to stop the car.Mantu stop the car and ask her what happened.
Amaya cup his face and kiss on his forehead.Mantu smile again and look at her.Amaya ask him why you are looking like that.Mantu:Now i give a wide smile to you na..So i waiting for another gift from you.Amaya laugh and kiss him on his eyes and hug him.
Arjun and Radhika in one car.Arjun drive tbe car.They didnt talk with one another.Radhika look out side from mirror.Arjun look at her and concentrate on driving.so many times he look at her..But she didnt notice that.Arjun hold her hand.Radhika look at him and smile.And turn herface and look out side from mirror.Arjun got angry and stop his car.she look at him and ask him..Arjun why you stop the car?Arjun:What happened Radhu..
Why you are looking out from car and didnt talk anything with me.
Radhika:Nothing Arjun…you start the car.Arjun hold her hand tight and turn her towards him and look into her eyes with angry and similarly tears are there in his eyes.Radhika saw his eyes and try to wipe his tears.
Arjun:Tell me wat happened. Radhika:Nothing Arjun..I am fine..just tired with work.Arjun tight his grip on her shoulders and deeply look into her eyes.Radhika:Arjun..plz leave me..Its hurting me.plz.Arjun look tears in her eyes and leave her hand.Arjun:Today i realise that still you feel i am khadoos and i didnt care for you na.. Radhika:No no Arjun sir..It is not like that.You are my life..Arjun:Then tell me.Why are you like that.You hide something from me.Radhika:Sir..I saw Ankush bhayya in our hotel lobby. Actually he didnt saw me..I saw saral also with him.I want to hug my brother…But….I think they didnt see me.I want to hide my fear and pain from you.Bcoz,Dhi marriage is there. In this time i dont want to give any pain to you.So…Arjun looked at her and ask her..How can you think that you are not equal to my dhi.Radhika for me you and my dhi are not different.You know how much i love you and how much i concerned abt you. Radhika:I know all Arjun sir..But try to get me.I dont want to see a pain in your eyes.I want to see a smile in your eyes.I dont want to spoil my dhi marriage atmosphere.Arjun:R u confirm that they didnt see you. Radhika:pakka..if bhayya saw me..I know abt his love and his anger….Def he didnt leave me.Arjun:Wait 3days. Then we solve your problem. Radhika:I know sir..First you cheer up and behave normally.. Arjun:Look at her hands where he hold her with tight grip..There he saw his nail marks.. Arjun realise how much he hurt her now.Arjun again hold her hand with soft and said sorry to her.Really i behave like khadoos.Plz forgive me. Radhika:No sir…You are my love. You didnt do anything intensionally right. Then leave it.Arjun kiss her on her hands where he hurt her.Radhika close her eyes..Arjun look at her and cup her face and kiss her on her eyes. Radhika:After dhi marriage you marry me sir.I promise you that i dont think abt my family.Arjun:I promise you Radhika..I bring your family back to you.Infront if them only i marry you..They both hug each other..
All four reached home and our heros enter into their room.Our girls bring gifts from cars and place them in study room.Radhika go and see the kids room.They three slept happyly. Kushi saw Anjali and Ananya slept in one room.She cover blanket to them and come out from the room. Ishitha pour milk in four glasses and give it to Raman and ask them to drink. Amaya ask Ramesh that he give milk to elders or not.Ramesh bhabhi i give milk to all people.By saying this he go to sleep. Thoshiji observe this and feel..how these girls are concern abt all..All my future days are happy days.Mathaji bless my kids with all happiness in their lives..
Our girls reach terrace and start their decoration for haldhi.Radhika bring stuff and design there and explain the theme to them. They start their work.They decorate the terrace with yellow color and whitr color tulips and remaining area by yellow color and white color roses.At the entrance of terrace they use yellow and white color ballons.After that they clean terrace by washing and put a big rangoli in center by applying yellow and white colors.

They get down to center hall and made arrangements according to their plan.Theh moved the sofa sets and made space for sitting to guests.They arrange round sofa coach in center hall for mehandi.The hall is decorated by Red and white color flowers and same color combination of net cloths.They arrange red and white color curtains in hall which are selected by Radhika.They made extraordinary decorations in center hall.They put big rangoli infront if main door with red,yellow and white color combinations.They arrange flowers and mango leaves to main door.They complete their works at 4:30Am.Then they go for sleep.Thoshiji wakeup and see all the decorations made by them in hall.Dadhi open pooja mandir door to do prayer.It is also decorated by flowers.They arrange seperate arrangements for gowri pooja also.They arrange all items which required for pooja. Thoshi and Dadhi look at each other and share a happy simle and do their works.Shata is byssy in kitchen by preparing prasad for pooja.Neelu and Rani are doing tiffins for kids.At time of 6:00Am Our heros get down from their rooms and look that hall was decorated.They search for girls.But they didnt find them.Shanta told them that goto sleep at 4:30 only.I think they are in their room.They in front of dinning hall and waiting for coeffee.Then Raman saw that Ishitha get down and he open his mouth and look at her.Arnav:Raman dont stare like that.Raman control himself and look into paper.She say gudmrg to Mr.Bhalla and enter into kitchen. Thoshiji:Ishitha why so early.Where are the remaining three?Ishitha told her that they are in their works mummyji.Thoshiji left the kitchen and enter into her room.Mantu:Excuse me..
I have an important work.By saying this he left from that place and walk towards garden.Arjun:Hello…Who is this?Hello..I cant hear you..Hello….
He look towards Raman and Arnav and tell them…Network problem..By saying this he walk towards terrace.(Actually there is no phone call from anybody.he only just open ringtone option and increase the volume..)
Arnav:Raman..there is no option for me and you.You go to kitchen and i went to that room where kushi is… They both give hi-fi to eachh other and left from that place.
In garden Amaya was bussy in arranging seats for evening sangeeth function.Mantu walk towards her and hold her hand and drag her behind the tree.Amaya:Mantu…What…? Amaya:I want to kiss you imediately. Can you permit me?Amaya:No..I am busy in my work.Mantu:Always bussy.. Amaya:It is our dhi marriage Mantu. Mantu:Atleast give one small peck on my cheecks.I satisfied with that. Amaya:Shameless boy…But she cup her face and kiss him on his cheecks. But Mantu hold her by putting his hand around her waist and pulled her too close to him.Mantu:you are so good in this light yellow dress.(She wear light yellow Anarkali dress).By saying this he kiss her on her lips and leave her.Mantu:I got my energy back..I have lot of work dont call me again.
Amaya look at him with shicking expression..Amaya(herself):I called him here..☺…
Arjun is shocked seeing the decoration made on terrace.His eyes searching for Radhika.He saw Radhika standing on a stool and try to tie the balloons at the corners.He observe that she is at the edge of tool.He sense that she is ready to fall.He walk towards her and before she fall down he hold her in his arms.Arjun:Radhika..open your eyes..I am with you..I never let you fall down..Radhika slowly open her eyes and look into his eyes.They both look into each others eyes.Radhika wear yellow and white color chuddi with light yellow chunni.She put small black color bindi and wore simple chain and ear rings..and bangles ..all these matching to her dress.He continously look at her.Radhika:Arjun sir..dont look like that..I feel shy… Arjun:Radhika..You wear all yellow then why there is pink on your cheecks.Radhika blushed by this statement and hide her face to his chest.He put her down and put her hair back towards her ear shell and lift her head by his finger under her chin.By holding her around her waist with his right hand.
Arjun:you are look like a yellow angel in this dress.Radhika:Arjun sir..plz.. tie the ballons at that corner.Arjun kiss her on her forehead..and tie the balloons.Radhika:Hw is the decoration sir?You like it..Arjun :Its look nice.I like it but Radhu..What abt your health without proper diet and sleep. Radhika:Dont worry sir.If anything happens to me you are there for me to pamper na..Arjun:Shutup Radhika.. nothing will happen to you.I lost so many things in my life.I dont give up you.Radhika hugs Arjun tightly and said..dont worry sir..I am just kidding. Arjun cup her face and look into her eyes and adk her dont talk like that. I love you Radhika.I love you so much.He kiss her on her neck and place his head there and stay like that for sometime.
Kushi stand infront of table and arranging matching jewellery to one yellow saree placed on table.She placed slected items on table and turn back to put remaining items in cupboard.She turn back and saw Arnav stand behind her.Kushi:Arnavji what are you doing here.Arnav didnt answer her and step forward towards her.She han no option to go back.Bcoz table is there..She put herleft hand on table for her support.He step one more step and took the jewellery box from her hand and place it on table. Now she can use both hanfs for her support.He hold her around her waist and pulled her.She came near to him and ask him..Arnavji..plz leave me.. if anybody can watch us like this means.. Arnav:I dont care..Kushi:plz Arnavji..
Arnav closed her lips by his lips by cuping her face.After that slowly kushi place her hands on his shoulder and slowly participate in that.Arnav unlock the lips and look into her face. She close her eyes and still put her hands on his shoulders.Arnav:kushi look into my eyes..She slowly opened her eyes.Arnav:You are so beautiful in this yellow lehenga.Kushi feels shy and hug him.
Ishitha turn towards stove and prepare grean tea for her Appa. Ishitha:What Raman sir..Yoy are standing there only.You saw any thing which mesmarizes you.Raman walk towards her and hug her from her back.She wore yellow color saree and leave her hair and wear simple jewellery.Raman put his chin on her shoulder and his move hands on her stomach and tickle her.She said Raman it tickles me.Plz…Raman pinch her on her waist and ask her why you wear saree.If i saw you in saree my eyes always stuck in this place only. Ishitha:Raman how shameless you are?Raman:Nothing shame in this.I try to do romance with my lady love. By saying this he put all the wet hair of Ishitha to one side and kiss her on neck.Ishitha close her eyes and enjoy it..By that time Ramesh enter into room calling Ishitha bhabhi….Raman leave her and left from that place…
All four heors enter into Ramans room and Share an eye talk and laugh… After that they msg to their girls ready to face them..They replied for what.These people msg them that they want to apply haldhi on their favourite places..Girls shock for their reply and msg them favourite place…
Raman to Ishitha:On your stomach/belley(i.e on/Sourrounding of belly button)?.Mantu to Amaya:On your pink cheecks…?Arnav to Kushi:Your neck and below neck?Arjun to Radhika:your lips and you smooth hands,may be your waist…Can you guess..?.All girls shocked for that message…They enter into their room and look at each other.They share their tension with each other and realise that their heors can commonly plan it for them.So,They also taken than challange and send them a message in the form of symbol only… The girls send ????.
The meaning of msg is They simile after reading the msg..They said we are strong…We accept your challange.. def you loose…
By receiving msg from their girls our heros took this challange very serious.
All gather for haldhi function.Amaya and Radhika made arrangements on terrace.Ishitha take care about kids makeup..Kushi take care about Anjali..
Thoshiji declare that with in 5mins we want to start haldhi…

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