Randhir ,sanyu ,parth n vids reach the hospital they are in the waiting room the next turn was there’s.Sanyu was holding randhi’s hand tightly n randhir was jst lookin at her,the thought of loosing her was making him restless.Randhir to himself(i have always just betrayed her ,always put her in danger ,trobled her this is all bcaus of me.)sanyu to rd-what are you thinking?dont worry kuch nhi hoga. he smiles to her

The sister comes n cals them in randhir holds sanu n takes her in ,prth vids follow then

Randhir tells the doctor everthing n Doc-hmm this is a life threatening disease but htere is a proper treatment for it n it needs to followed.We will be doing a surgery n will remove the clot but before that all tests n perfect blood matching donor n a proper medidication needs to be followed,dont worry dear you will be fine i atleast hope so

Then as per the doctor’s sujjestion rd n sanyu went fr a blood test but yes sanyu was afraid of injections so she was trying to find ways to skip this test by many ways
first she tried to be naughty n trouble randhir ,she acted as if she was feeling dizzy n said that she had weakness n would not be able to guve blood right nw . randhir first was a liitle worried but then he git it htat sanyu was playing a prank n said nhi nhi fir toh aur bhi zyada blood chahiye higa pta chalne chahiye na ki kyu weakness hai. Snyu-are bt how can this be possible dizzyness mein toh blood nhi nikalte na randhir-oh my drama queen i know you very wel no dizziness jst that yoiu dont want them to inject the needle in you right,dont wrry ill be on your side n you wont fel pain trust me.

They reach the room where the teast was to be done randhir-jst look at me sanyu you know what i think when you will get fine we wil go to my house n then i will openly tell everyone there that you are my wife n we wil sart a new married life n yes you wil diside the place for our honeymoon ok
Sanyu-ok lets go to goa i love the sea side but before that how wil we convince our fathers rd
Randhir-ho gya
Randir-injection has been injected
sanyu-looked at him with love he had said all that so that the teast would be done n she wont feel the pain
Precap-Sanyu n randhir reached ISRC where nirman sees them n says thre is no place for weak people in isrc when randhir replies then what the hell r u doing here remember you cant eliminae her like this she will stay here n ill see who eliminates her even you r weak i know everything abiout menka what you did n ur falt if you dont wan tme to reveal jst stay out of her way.
so guyss hope you like it i wrote it after a very long time bt busy new settion jst started

  1. Hey dear….its really lyk a diff version of current sadda haq s2…..and u are really writing it well….keep writing and again luvd it very much

  2. Ragini … Its awesome..
    Love sandhir
    Keep going..
    Loved it
    Keep smiling…

  3. nice dear…keep up the good work 🙂

  4. thnk you so much all of you you all have been supporting me since day one n thats y i could do it so well i know i dont write as good as everybody may be because im very young(jst13) but il try to improve ita big thnx to al three of you

    1. awww sweety ur only 13 years old…thats so sweet…dont worry dear u have plenty of time to improve ur writting…and u write well dont worry 😉

  5. Hey dear nice writing..n ur only 13 dear?so young..
    Good dear keep writing u write so well dear…very good Dear..I m impressed tht at 13 u write so well..:-):-)

  6. thnk you so much fr ur suport

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