A Fresh Start- An Abhigya Fanfiction Episode 10

On the other hand, A private jet had just landed in Delhi and the entire family from Mumbai got out…Before Ragini could give any instructions to the driver of the bus,,,Pragya gave him and address and he began driving there…Everyone asked Pragya where she was going , but she told them it was a surprise…They soon arrived outside a large luxurious mansion which was called the Shah Mansion…As the rang the bell a beautiful girl of about 8 years came and opened the door…she saw Pragya and she said Maasi…Pragya hugged the girl while the rest of the family were confused as to how Pragya knew the girl…A lady came out and her face is revealed to be Disha…Post Disha and Purab’s separation, Disha became very independent and strong and stood up for herself and was then married to the love of her life, Vihaan Shah…While he was a diamond tycoon, Disha was a very big fashion designer…Disha had completely cut herself off from the Mehra’s and had no interest in knowing what they were doing…All Ragini, Pragya and Disha were now successful women who were no longer bothered by their ex-husbands and were strong characters with a lot of dignity…The two families were introduced and Kiara and Sunny caught up on old times and their bond was exactly like before and it hadn’t even changed one bit…Disha was so happy for Pragya and Ragini and was really glad to meet her two nieces…One of them was her reason for her happiness at the Mehra mansion…Sunny and Kiara looked way to comfortable in each other’s company and anyone would mistake them for a couple…Pragya informed everyone that she doesn’t feel like attending all the functions and would simply go for the wedding itself. Ragini, her kids and Prachi… also agreed. Kiara was the only one who wanted to attend and thus Sunny decided to accompany there…they were both unaware about the storm that was going to follow.

The engagement venue was a beautiful hall and there were very less people invited…It felt like there was family and only a few friends…Kiara and Sunny stepped into the venue and when they walked in, the entire vibe changed… It became dark and that’s when Purab looked at the couple from far and thought to himself, what a cute couple I hope they last…Right as they stepped into the seating area…Kiara could see a familiar face and he was flirting with a girl…They seemed pretty close and Kiara and Sunny went towards them…Rhea and Ranbeer Khanna were seen having a moment and suddenly were brought out of their trance when they heard Kiara’s voice ‘Well well Mr. Khanna, look what we have here’ she smirked while looking at Rhea…’Looks like you downgraded K’ Ranbeer said looking towards Sunny…’We’re not together’ said Sunny. Kiara smiled and nodded politely and walked off, followed by Sunny…Rhea asked Ranbeer ‘Who is she?’ ‘Remember I was telling you about my ex-girlfriend that reminded me of you, it’s her’ ‘Kia?’ Rhea asks and Ranbeer simply nods…By this time, the engagement is about to start and that’s when Kiara and Sunny see the groom and then get shocked…Kiara walks towards the mic as Sunny stands frozen realizing that the groom is none other than his Chucks…Just as Abhi is about to make Meera wear the ring…The noise of someone testing a mic is heard…All the attention shifts to Kiara and by this time everyone including the Mehra’s, Kohlis and Khanna’s are looking at her…Out of all of them Ranbeer Khanna looks the most shocked as he has known this girl for the past 10 years and knows her anger problems….

‘Abhishek Prem Mehra’ Kiara says and the room is silent, Abhi feels a chill down his spine and in that process he drops his ring and it rolls down to Kiara and she picks it up and then continues…’Shaadi karne se pehle atleast divorce your first wife. If I remember, you’ll are very much married na?’ Everyone in the room was shocked at this unknown girl making statements about the groom…Before she could say anything else…Three people called out her name in anger…’Kiara’ said Sunny….’Kiara’ said Ranbeer and ‘Kia’ said Neil..

Kiara looks at the three people calling her…She smirks seeing Ranbeer and Neil as they know how she is and can humiliate people if they do something wrong with her…She turns and then looks at Sunny, who doesn’t look angry but his body has stiftened up and concern and worry has laced his eyes…After all, they were his family too…She has two options, she can create a scene and insult that man or she could just tell everyone who her mother was….She could have left but she enjoyed the thrill in being a part of the drama…and after all she wanted everyone to know the truth and how this man is the worst husband ever, who always chose his family over her mother…However she is happy that they are no longer together as her mother is smart, rich and super successful and isn’t heartbroken over this cheat…However after knowing her mother for the first seven years of her life, Kiara knows how much her mother used to love this man…

  1. Read all the parts in one go…… Superb chapters…..just post next parts asap….

  2. Love the episodes, I love the fact that you gave pragya her own much deserved wealth…she really deserves it, and kiara, love her and the new Ragini is an amazing woman and friend, the kind that pragya deserves. Also Disha I’m really happy you gave her a new family of her own… purab does not deserve her

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