Mr. Srinivasan and Shashank gets happy whereas Ishaan gets chill down his spine. Shashank gives Ishaan pat on his shoulder then Ishaan says “amma , do u even know what u are saying? U are asking me to get married to my friend. I agree me and Abhigya are close but it doesn’t mean I can accept her as my wife and I don’t think Abhigya feels something like that for me.” Kumar(Mr.Kumar Srinivasan) says “friend ship is required between life partners which u both share. And u are just an year older than her. I feel she is perfect for u. She is beautiful, smart, educated, traditional but broad -minded…she has all the qualities to become a best wife and a perfect daughter-in-law for a good family.” Ishaan says “appa even u started.”Kumar says “listen kanna(means sweetheart)  after having u both I always wanted a daughter like Abhigya but atleast I can bring a daughter in law who can become a daughter for this family.” Ishaan says “but appa….” Shashank interrupts “yes bro, dad is right. Even I like Abhigya as my sis-in-law. She is so sweet.” Meenakshi says “I know u don’t feel anything such for her but u don’t love anyone else too. If u would have loved someone else then I would have never brought this topic. Just think this match is arranged by your parents.” Ishaan agrees to give it a try but he was sure that it was not going to workout but agreed for his family.

In Delhi

All the men are in their office. Abhi asks “I asked I need a female lead singer for the upcoming concert. Did u find anyone?” Aryan remembers kiara but as he was preoccupied with many other things he completely forgot about Kiara. Abhi asks them to find very soon. Everyone leaves to their respective cabins.

In afternoon

Ranbhir orders pizza. Kiara comes there to deliver pizza. Rhea’s car driver sees her and remembers Rhea’s accident. He goes to inform Abhi. Ranbhir is in common room. He gets restless waiting for his pizza and gets angry. Kiara comes there to deliver pizza. He is about to shout but sees Kiara’s face and remembers Prachi. His anger cools down. She apologizes to him and says “I am new tot his city so I got late.” He says “it’s ok.” Kiara gets a phone call from her boss and she goes aside. Just then Aryan comes there and asks Ranbhir “see I have finalized these two designs. The clients want a simple design but I am not understanding which one to select in these two. Both of these seem to be same. ” Ranbhir thinks about Prachi as she always like simple things and he thinks what Prachi would have selected. Ranbhir and Kiara say together “white one.” Aryan turns and gets shocked to see Kiara. Ranbhir is surprised as no one can think like Prachi and Pragya and he has seen another who has simple taste like Prachi. Aryan is very happy to find her. A sudden voice comes from behind ”how dare u?”

Kiara turns and sees Abhi. Abhi and Kiara feel a deep connection on seeing each other. Aryan and Ranbhir doesn’t understand. Abhi comes out of his trance and asks her again “what is your name? what are u doing here?” Ranbhir says “she came to deliver pizza.”Kiara asks “what happened? Did I do anything wrong?” Abhi replies “what did u do? U caused my daughter’s accident.” Kiara asks “your daughter?” Abhi replies “yes. Yesterday u caused her accident.” Kiara remembers Rhea and says “u are her father. And I agree I caused the accident but I didn’t do it purposefully. It happened by …..  ” Abhi interrupts “stop, if u can’t drive then why did u drive.” He starts shouting at her. Aryan and Ranbhir feel bad. They try to interrupt but is stopped by Aliya. Just then Rhea comes and sees Kiara. She goes and hugs her. Everyone gets surprised. Rhea says “di, how are u? I never thought I will meet u again so soon. I am so happy to meet u again.” Rhea turns and tells Abhi the whole incident happened yesterday. Abhi feels guilty for shouting at Kiara. Rhea says ”he is my dad, Abhishek  Prem Mehra.” Kiara gets some flashes and feels giddy but is held by Abhi. As soon as he holds her he gets a different feeling and thinks “why I am getting a feeling that I am holding someone of my own. I normally get this feeling when I hold Rhea or when I held Prachi but why with this girl.” Rhea says “dad, hurry up. Let’s take her inside.” Abhi takes Kiara inside. He lays her on the sofa. He remembers how he held Kiara when she met with an accident. Abhi thinks “no, no I am thinking too much. I lost two daughters of mine. Maybe I am getting this feeling bcoz of this.” Kiara gains consciousness and thanks them. Abhi apologizes to her. Aryan says “this can’t go with an apology.” Abhi asks “what do u mean?” Aryan says “aren’t we searching for a lead female singer?” Abhi replies “yes” and understands what Aryan was trying to say. Abhi says “listen we need someone talented.” Kiara gets angry.  Kiara says “How can u judge my voice without listening?” Abhi says “ok fine, I will listen.” Kiara says “first u scolded me without knowing everything and now u are misjudging my talent, no I can’t forgive u this easily. In need something in return or else I will no perform. And don’t think I am losing a chance its u who will lose talent so think wisely.” Abhi remembers Kiara seeing her stubbornness and smiles. Everyone gets surprised. Abhi says “what do u want?” Kiara says “think about it once again.” Abhi says “u resemble someone close to me. So whatever is your wish I will fulfill.” Kiara gets surprised by Abhi’s changed behaviour and asks “so the condition is however my voice is u will accept me of course I have good voice, and u should help in making my career and u should not leave my side until I reach a good stage in my career. I will not depend on u entirely. Our relationship will be like ……….hmmmm……..ah, a student teacher relationship. Is that okay?” Abhi agrees to the deal. Everyone gets happy except Aliya and thinks “another middle-class girl.” Aryan says “don’t worry chucks. She will not disappoint u. I have already heard her singing. Her voice is magnificent.” Kiara asks “u heard me? Where and when?” Aryan replies “yesterday, u sang for an old man remember? I heard u and I followed u but I missed u. I wanted to tell chucks about u but u have only come here.” Vikram says “okay fine ,enough with the talks, if u are fine we will take your audition right now.” Kiara says “I am just fine now but after singing I will get superfine. ” Everyone smiles and leaves to the audition room. Kiara sings.

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    Sad that ishaan agreed to give it a try to make a relationship with prachi.so kaira also has prachi’s taste.sad that abhi blamed kaira 4 causing rhea’s accident.liked abhi n kiara remembering their fast.Kiara abhi will sing together.wow.This aliya is always irritating.

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