A final bid to memories

So guess who’s back with new name and new story. Hi it’s Amnna who used to write An Unexpected Accident Giving New Life

So coming with new story from my Wattpad account

I am starting to write this as there should be records of her/his voice. Let’s start from the place it took place

I went to




Consider it as an autobiography/ diary.


I took a bunch of flowers that I knew she would like ,white, yellow,red and I wanted dahlia but it didn’t match a bit. She loved perfect flower embedded with it’s leaves just like this.

Today It’s the first week of her departure. It’s her birthday in three days from now.I wanted to ask this but I know, even after another thousand yearsΒ  you’ll still be my bestfriend. You like uniformality so much and from now on this is permanent set for you. I remember you , still in that red- black dress with an overcoat. You used to say it’s comfortable and perfect and uniformality make it nice and undoubtful.

However I am not that happy and I want to see you again! How can you leave me like this. Look your parents have been crying all the day for last week.

Today I am going to convince them to eat and talk.

Can’t you come back , like one more time how can you live me behind. You always said we can hangout and when am here where are you?

I hope you .. Oh my you’re turning 20 now ! We would be turning 20 . I dreamt alot of holding you with all of us in a picnic.

Everything has gone shallow now what I try to find in water is your soul and just you nothing else. Can it be different if I could hug you . I wanted to but I never did even when you leapt in I could never but now I stumbled down without you. Can it change now!

Now let me see your parents I promise you now onwards they are my parents too.

I want to know you more and more but am late right. Super late!

Happy birthday Annse!

Not a fanfiction,original story.

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