Mera pyaar… Part 4 (Irritation and family time)

hello dear is the 4 th Episode. Kindly read and comment..


Naira is seen putting her zip in front of the mirror..

She gets irritated after trying so much..

Naira:ohh..what the hell with this zip? Iam trying for half an hour but it is not even moving a bit..

Kartik comes inside the room and gets shocked seeing naira irritated and suddenly naira starts to pull the zip jumping and shouting..


Naira:ohh..come on.. what’s wrong with you? Did i became fat or did you lose sense? Why are you irritating me like this.. please please come up.

She pulls very hard but it doesn’t come up and naira gets angry and she speaks herself in front of the mirror.. i want to kill this zip..I’ll just break it and throw’s making my brain burst with anger and wasting my time also.

Kartik comes and laughs at her shocking naira..

Kartik:seems someone is angry on something which doesn’t have a life at all..and your way of putting zip by jumping was so nice.

Naira:shut up kartik..iam serious and you are making fun of me..this zip is not even coming up..iam trying for half an hour..

Kartik:okok..calm down.. don’t get so irritated..i will help you.


Kartik: don’t worry.. I will close my eyes.

Kartik closes the zip while naira feels chills down the spine when his hands touches her back…

Kartik:now..did your irritation gone?


Kartik:you asked me not to thank and even iam also telling the same..if you thank me next time then i will kill you. No thanks and sorries in friendship..

Naira:ok..sorry..i wont tell next time.

Naira realises that she told sorry and looks kartik and kartik too stares her and both laughs..


The professor asks for the assignment and Mishti sits tensed..

Mishti in mind:now iam gone..

The professor calls Mishti and she fails to submit and professor gets angry..

Professor: Mishti.. don’t you know that today is submission? I already gave you a lot of time but what is this carelessness?

Mishti:sir..iam sorry..i will submit by tomorrow.

Professor: what tomorrow? For the students like you tomorrow’s will never will repeat this dialogue tomorrow too. I told that we should show our class assignments to HOD today but because of your unsubmission now our class too stands lacking. Get out of the class..


Professor:i told to get out.. only the punishments will teach you to be sincere in works.

Mishti walks sadly and stands out sadly..

After the college overs Mishti walks on the road to her house and suddenly a boy throws ball on her and Mishti gets angry..

Mishti:hey kid.. don’t you know where to play huh? If you be careless like this then something bad will happen..better go and play somewhere.

Abir who passes that way sees this and gets shocked..

Abir in mind:why is Mishti scolding a little kid?i will go and check..

Abir gets down the car and goes to them..

Abir:hey Mishti..what happened? Why are you scolding this little kid?

Kid cries..

Kid:uncle..this sister scolded me for playing here. She scolded me to play somewhere orelse something bad will happen..

Abir gets shocked..

Abir: are you mad Mishti? Why are you scaring the kid? He is just small..if he is playing here then you should tell him softly to play somewhere but what you are doing? you are so stupid..

Abir holds the kid and..

Abir:hey kid.. what’s your name dear?

Kid: Ritik.. nice name..who are your parents?

Ritik:my parents are sitting in the park nearby.. should not come leaving your parents ok? We should always be near parents and play..then only they will be satisfied and we will also be safe ok dear?

Ritik:ok uncle..

Abir buys some balloons and gives him and the kid gives peck on his cheek and waves bye and goes..

Abir comes near upset Mishti..

Abir:i know that you are upset..what is the matter? From are so angry..

Mishti:that’s not your problem.. please leave..

Abir:arrey.. don’t be upset like this. If you have any problem then share it with someone and get relieved..why are you making yourself upset?

Mishti:that’s why i asked to clear my doubts yesterday but you was just making fun.. because of you today i got punished by the professor.

Mishti turns to go but Abir stops her by holding her hand..

Abir:ohh.. so that’s your problem huh? Iam really sorry yaar..i thought we shall do fun for sometime as we always do but i never knew that you was much serious about your assignment..iam really sorry.

Mishti:you never knew about seriousness and always do funs in any i don’t want to talk about it. Please go now..

Abir in mind:i should do something to get her bp reduce..what shall i do?

He sees shops nearby and gets idea and..

Abir:fine iam going..

Abir goes to the shop and buys bubble shooter and he stands near the group of girls..

Abir:hey beautiful ladies..

The girls look at him and they get mesmerized in his handsome look and they smile..

Absir:do anyone wants to share a chocolate ice cream with me?

Mishti gets stunned hearing chocolate ice cream and she stares Abir while the girls gossip..

Girl 1: he is so handsome re..i will go and enjoy ice cream date with him.

Girl 2: i will already have boyfriend.

Girl 3: shut up.. i will only go..

Abir:hey..hey.. don’t fight..lets have a play. I will blow this bubble and whoever breaks more bubble will be eating chocolate icecream with me for free..

The girls gets excited while Mishti looks on..

Mishti in mind:wow.. chocolate will be so yummy! Iam asking my mum to buy and give me that icecream but she never buys and gives’s a nice chance now..

Abir blows the bubbles and the girls starts to break bubbles and suddenly Mishti runs there and pushes everyone and breaks all the bubbles suprising Abir..

Abir:hey.. what do you want?

Mishti: chocolate icecream..

Abir:but i dont want to enjoy icecream date with an angry queen like you..

Mishti shows a puppy face and..

Mishti:iam sorry.. please.. please..i like chocolate icecream so much.. please..

Abir smiles..

Abir:fine..fine..stop showing your innocent face. If you keep smiling then I’ll buy and give you.

Abir in mind:you are superb have somehow made bitter Mishti into sweet Mishti.

Mishti smiles and Abir too smiles seeing her smiling and he gets two icecreams and they enjoy eating icecream chatting..

At evening the singhania’s and maheshwari’s goes to Goenka house for the pooja while goenka’s welcome them..

Manish:namaste.. please get in..

Singhania’s and maheshwari’s gets in while naira gets happy seeing them and she hugs akshara and Naitik..


Akshara:we are happy to see are you?

Naira:iam fine muma..

Naitik:how was your day?

Naira: you know papa..kartik showed me our childhood toys and all and i really got happy recalling olden days..

Naitik and akshara smile and naira hugs everyone and she hugs Mishti..

Naira: though just one day passed..but i was missing you terribly..

Mishti smiles..

Mishti:even me too di.. actually after you gone every thing went upside down for me..i really miss you so much.

Kartik comes there and takes blessings from everyone of singhania family elders and comes to Mishti.. you are missing your di very much huh?

Mishti:yeah.. because you stole my sister away.

Kartik jokes:soon someone will steal you too.. don’t worry.


Everyone laughs while bani is lost somewhere and naira goes and hugs her..

Naira:hai are you?

Bani with fake smile:yeah..fine. how was your day?

Naira:nice..but you are looking dull.. what happened?

Bani: nothing..just head pain..

Naira:ohh..then if you feel uncomfortable then go and sit on sofa..I’ll bring coffee.’s okay’s just light. I will manage..

Then naira is asked to perform the pooja and naira perform the pooja and everyone prays back..

Bani is engrosed with deep thoughts..

Bani in mind:why am i having this fate god? To save Shanaya..i..i should do bad..iam really feeling ashamed to do this but i don’t have any other option. Please protect from any dangers…

Naira finishes the pooja and she gives aarti to everyone while dadi blesses her..

Dadi: always first daughter in law’s pooja is let your day begin with happiness.

Naira then gives aarti to everyone and she finally comes to bani while bani was about to keep her hands on fire thinking about drugs but veer comes and holds her hand and both meets with an eyelock..

Veer:are you mad or what? Where are you lost? If i dint see it..then your hands would have burnt..

Bani:ia..iam sorry..i..i was having head i couldn’t concentrate.

Naira:bani.. that’s why i told you to go and sit in the sofa. Common go now..

Rajshri:why dint you tell us about headache? If you had told us..we would have made you rest in the home..

Akshara:it’s okay leave it go and sit in the sofa.

Swarna:shall i get coffee for her karishmaji?

Naira:no maa..i will get don’t worry.

Naira goes and brings coffee for her and she makes her comfortable and she joins the family while goenka’s praises her..

Sumitra:such a amazing girl..we are lucky to get such bahu.

Dadi:haan..haan..thank you aksharaji for handing over your amazing daughter to us.

Naira smiles while singhania’s and Maheshwari’s feel happy and they all spend some family time..

While bani gets tensed seeing the time..

Bani in mind:it’s 6:55 pm now..i should give him before 8 pm so i have to go from here somehow…

Veer notives her tension while Bani goes to varsha and rajshari..

Bani:maa..grandma..i..i will go home because iam having severe headache so that i will rest there. girl..did you take tablets?

Bani:not yet..i will take it in home.

Varsha:shall we come? guys spend time with naira as she won’t get time like this again to spend family time. I will manage myself..

Varsha:ok..beta..take rest.

Bani goes outside and she was about to get inside her car but veer stops her shocking bani..


Veer: i don’t think so that you are having a headache..i can sense that you are tensed only. Tell me..what is your problem..

Bani gets worried..

Bani:no.. nothing veer..who won’t get tensed when they have severe headache? You are asking as if iam stealing in your house and running away tensed..

Veer:it’s not like that..i just asked as i felt so that’s it.

Bani:fine..then iam going bye..

Veer:you can rest here in the guest room atself na?

Bani:i feel comfortable in my home only so iam going..

Bani turns to go urgently but suddenly her leg hits the stone and she was about to fall but veer holds her and they meet with an eyelock..

Bani realises that her time is wasting and she moves immediately..

Bani:iam sorry..bye.

Bani goes while veer gets doubtful..

Veer in mind: why is she so hurry? She always answers calm but she is answering tensed too..i feel something fishy. I’ll better follow her and check whether she is going only to home or not..

Veer was about to get inside his car but Abir and Mansi comes and stops him..

Mansi:veer bhaiyu..where are you escaping from family time huh?

Veer:no..i..i just..

Veer in mind:i can’t tell the reason as they will start lecturing for getting doubts..

Veer:i just checked my car whether it’s fine or not..that’s all.

Abir claps his hands..

Abir:ohh..what a silly reason veer! Don’t try to escape..just come in and have family time.


They both pulls him inside while his mind thinks about bani..

NEW PROMO:-ย Mishti dances with Abir. Aditya gets angry seeing naksh and Keerthi. Veer follows bani. Naira gets a good news..

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