A Change In Life – KKB FF (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Hey guys, I am here with the new chapter. Thanks for your support.

So, abhi has regained his memory and bring Pragya, Prachi and shahana to Mehra mansion. Abhi has warned aliya for her doings. Now both parents want to clear their misunderstanding.

Abhi:- look princesses, you both have to give us a clear answer for our question. Samjhi tum log?

Prachi:- haan Papa.

Rhea:- haan dad.

Pragya:- to thik hain. Mera pehal sawaal Prachi ko hai, kya tum Ranbir ko pyar karta hai.

Prachi:- kya….

Rhea:- par mom Ranbir aur mera engagement..

Abhi:- shut up Rhea. Aur Prachi tell me . Do you love him??

Prachi:- Papa….woh……mein…(tales a deep breath) No Papa I don’t love him.

Pragya:- sach mein.

Abhi:- jooth mat bolo. Yeh life ka important decision hain.

Prachi:- haan Papa . I don’t love him.

Pragya:- agar yeh hain baat to kya hum Ranbir aur Rhea ki shaadi..

Abhi:- wait fuggi. Humara do daughters twins hain. Toh uska shaadi bi ek saath hogi. Is it clear?

Prachi:- par Papa mujhe ab

Pragya:- no more discussion. Papa ka decision final hain.

(Prachi become sad) abhi and Pragya goes out.

Rhea:- tum kyun dad ko joot bola.

Prachi:- because I don’t want to see them sad. Toh isliye meine

Rhea:- aah stop. I don’t want these explanations (😬😬😬) And don’t come near my Ranbir. Our marriage is fixed. Is it clear??

Prachi:- haan

Prachi pov:- mujhe usko forget karna padega aur woh mein kisi bhi tarah se karungi.. please God give me the strength..


At Santhi orphanage

A boy of 23 is seen walking here and there in his narrow room.

Boy:- bhaai!!  Wake up! Wake…. Agar tum nahi udhengi toh mein Smitha mam ko bulavongi.

Virat:- bas Vihaan. Tu mera chotta hain samjhi. Don’t act like elder. ( He walks towards mirror) wah! Kya face hain.. Shah Rukh Khan har jaunga mera samne..haaaaann…..mere.  Ear…..

Someone hold his ears. It was their warden mam Smitha Bose.

Smitha:- it’s already 8.30 and you are acting here. Jaa college Jaa. Aur tumhare liye ek job application aayatha from Mehra company. So go there after college.

Virat:- really!! Par

Vihaan:- kya bhai. Are ja to dekho, achi hogi. Aur humko wo land buy karna haina. So try well.

Viraat:- haan yar. I will try.

At Mehra mansion

All are at dinning table. Prachi comes running

Pragya:- Prachi kya hua,beta?

Prachi:- mujhe office jaana hein.

Pragya:- but eat the break fast.

Prachi:- no time maa. Byee.

Abhi :- don’t worry. Are Vikram, aaj haina interview , come on we are getting late.

Vikram:- haan dosth.

In office

prachi comes running and hit a man and both fall down. Their papers also fall down here and there.

Prachi:- don’t you have eyes?

So yaa this my chapter 1 . I hope everyone will like it. Again sorry for all pranbir and arhana fans. If you have any suggestions please comment. Also please avoid grammer mistakes. So thank you and I will come with next chapter soon.

  1. I m really happy that u made Rheanbir together in ur ff.
    Just make Rhea a positive character.

    1. Aldy

      Surely Ruhi and thanks for your support

  2. Jasminerahul

    Happy that abhi brought pragya prachi shahana home.Poor prachi lied that she doesn’t love ranbir.but rhea has no change.still hurting prachi.guess prachi met her real hero.
    My suggestion is to add images.

    1. Aldy

      Rhea will surely change. I will try to add images. Thanks for your support Jasminerahul.

  3. Aldy

    Rhea will surely change. I will try to add images.

  4. Good update yaar….. different story line is nice

    1. Aldy

      Thanks Lovely

  5. Can you please update the upcoming episodes in english…

  6. Can you please update the upcoming episodes in english… Because I don’t know hindi

    1. Aldy

      Okk I will try it…

  7. Rooohi

    Pls add pics too

    1. Aldy

      Please check chapter 2. I had added pics in it. Sorry for your displeasure.

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