Laado 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka and Shaurya find Juhi and initiate war against Chaudhary

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Laado 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka hearing women talking about puja. She tells Shaurya that they might see Juhi there. Shaurya says how we will identify her. I haven’t seen her since childhood. Anu says God will help us. Inder is doing puja, while malhari and others standing with him. Malhari asks Rantej to kill Meera. Rantej says she is my wife, I will decide what to do with her. Juhi prays to God to save her from humiliated life and asks him to help her save the captive woman. Shaurya is standing in queue. Anushka asks him to keep eye everywhere. Shaurya says yes. Laado song plays…..Anushka sees Malhari there and recalls Janvi, Ammaji and Yuvraj’s murder. Shaurya looks at Rantej and Malhari and asks her not to worry, says he won’t let anything happen to her. Malhari sees them and says such a beautiful couple. Juhi turns and looks at them. Shaurya smiles looking at her. Juhi also smiles. She collides with someone and sees the painting which she made. She says Shaurya. She comes near the painting and cries. Anushka calls her Juhi and says I came to help you. Juhi tries to call Inder, but Anu takes her to side and tells that she came with Shaurya here. Shaurya thinks where is Anushka, and thinks their time is wasted. Anushka comes to him and takes him to Juhi. Juhi says Shaurya and slaps him hard. Shaurya smiles. Juhi asks where were you all these years. She hugs him. Shaurya says I was searching you since all these years. Juhi cries hugging him. Inder and Malhari call Juhi.

Anushka tells Shaurya that Malhari Devi is searching Juhi and says we have to leave from here immediately. Juhi tells Shaurya that she don’t want to stay in this hell anymore. Shaurya asks her not to worry and asks Anushka holding her hand and calling her Juhi to stay with her. Anushka says Juhi is not me, but her. Shaurya leaves her hand. Juhi leaves his hand. Shaurya says Juhi is this and leaves. Juhi asks so if you was Chaudhary family’s krantikari bahu. Anu says yes, but not anymore. Juhi hugs her and says I knew that you will come. Anu says you have cried a lot and says your golden life is waiting for you. She asks her to make a new start with Shaurya. Juhi says I am not suitable for Shaurya. Anushka asks what you are saying? Juhi says Papa and shows marks on her neck. Anushka is shocked and covers her marks with dupatta. She asks if that baba did this. Juhi says yes and tells that he has been harassing her since 20 years. She asks her to save her. Anushka asks her to come. Rantej and Malhari search Juhi. Shaurya comes to them and asks what is the problem. Malhari tells that they are searching a girl. Shaurya says she went that day. Anushka takes Juhi somewhere and asks her to wait for Shaurya. She asks them to go. Juhi asks will you not come? Anushka says she will complete her work and tells that the women here think men has the right to dominate them.

Juhi says Inder baba’s name was on top, and says I was one among those women. Anushka hugs her. Juhi comes to Inder’s place and asks them to keep burnt lamps bone ashes taveez safely. She tells them that Inder baba is fake and he makes her grind burnt lamp bones every night and tells the water is not brought from Himalayas, but she has added rose in it to make it unique. Inder is shocked and asks what nonsense. His devotees tell that they will beat him. Inder runs away. Anushka comes there and asks them to kill their blind faith. She says you tried to kill me as I tried to make you realize your inner self. One of the woman apologize to her. Anushka asks them to decide whom to support. They all say Jai Bhavani. Inder comes running to Malhari’s house. He tells them that Anushka is bringing villagers there and have instigated Juhi also. Malhari and Rantej are shocked. Rantej says she fell down from the valley and died. Inder says she is alive and have provoked villagers. They see Anushka and Juhi coming there with villagers. Malhari and Rantej are shocked. Veerpur ki mardani plays….Malhari and Rantej get the gate closed.

Rantej tells Anushka that he will kill her like he killed her husband. Inder tries to run away, but Juhi catches him and holds trishul against him. Villagers say you all will die. Shaurya and Rantej try to snatch gun. Rantej gets shot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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