Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika denies Daksh’s proposal

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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika’s sits in Varun’s wardroom. She recalls their moments together.

Kesar thinks that I hope that Varun never becomes fine. Dhani is shaking. Kesar says to Dhani that come out of this trauma, you have to forget Varun and live your life.

Devika is during Varun’s massage with nurse. Varun is scared of nurse so Devika hugs him and makes him eat medicine, she consoles and makes him sleep. Mere yaara hum plays. Daksh comes there, Devika glares at him and recalls how he asked her to marry him.

Devika comes to family and tell them about Daksh’s demand to make Varun fine. Varun’s mom sits in Devika’s feet and cries, she says I know what doctor said was wrong but you are Varun’s wife, if my son is not in this world then whats the value of this relation? Lajjo says you want to ask that Devika marry that doctor? Mom says I just want my Varun’s safety, I want my son. Lajjo says it cant happen, she cant do it. Dhani silently stands there in shock. Devika thinks and goes to Varun’s room. Devika sees him sleeping. She put her head on his chest and sleeps.

In morning, Devika wakes up and sees Varun gone from his room. She runs and tries to find Varun, she asks nurses where did he go? they say we dont know. Devika looks around for him. Devika comes in a room and sees Varun walking on window rail. She asks him to come down, he says no, I am flying. He loses balances and falls off, Devika sees him hanging from window seal. Devika asks him to give his hand, dont worry, nothing will happen, she tries to pull him up and says nothing will happen. Daksh sees it, he comes there and pulls Varun inside with Devika. Devika hugs him. Varun says you saved me. Daksh says you saved him today but will it keep happening? if you listen to me then I will start treating him from tomorrow. He leaves.

Daksh is in his room. Devika comes to him and says I didnt know doctors can be animals too, you are trying to take advantage of my helplessness, if you have lust then I am here, fulfill your lust and make my husband fine, she pulls her dupatta back. Daksh comes closer to her, he takes her dupatta and covers back. Daksh says I am forcing you, everything is fair in love and war. He gets a call from someone, Daksh says on call that its going to very complicated brain surgery but I am confident, he ends call. Daksh says I want to show you something. He draws Varun’s mind and says his brain’s part is not working and one day he will be fully mental but I can treat him and make him fine, you just have to marry me, you dont have any other choice. Lawyer comes there and says Devika I have brought the money, its 20crore in brief case. Lawyer says I know you need money for your husband’s treatment thats why I brought cash, hope he becomes fine soon, he leaves. Devika says to Daksh that I am not fully helpless, I have other ways too, I dont have to marry you. She takes money and leaves.

Scene 2
Dhani comes to Varun, Varun starts hitting her with pillow. Devika comes there and stops him. Dhani leaves. Devika asks if he ate food? he says I am not hungry, I want to play. Devika says if you lie down then you will sleep. He says but you have to tell me a story. She nods. They lie on bed. Devika tells him a story of a princess and prince. Devika says princess saved prince from falling from horse, princess help everyone. Varun says you are princess then? she says why? Varun says I was falling but you saved me. Devika is emotional. Devika plays with him and tell him stories. Varun puts his head in her lap and sleeps. Devika tucks him in bed and says I will make you fine Varun, I have a lot of money and this doctor is not the only one, I will hire best doctor for your treatment. Devika gets a call from hospital who says that doctor Joshi is coming tomorrow, he is one the best, come and show Varun’s file to him. Devika says I will come tomorrow for sure. She ends call and says this Daksh is not the only doctor, I will bring the best doctor and make my prince fine.

PRECAP- Doctor says to Devika that patients like have been treated by Dr. Daksh only, he is the expert of it. Devika says no one else other than him cant treat Varun? He says I dont think so.
Daksh says to family that I want to buy this palace for 10crore. Maasa says have you gone mad? Daksh says I love your daughter.
Dhani says to Devika that Maasa sold palace to daksh and ranaway with money. Devika says I promise to not let person have peace who hurt my parents.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Where is devi when her daughter needs her? This leap makes no sense, as devika is just like her mother, as soon as she got married every purpose in the storyline is for her to prove her love to her husband ? I thought the whole point in the leap would be to make the wicked be punished, to get justice for her parents!

    1. leisa s morris

      Not only dat but where is devi’s family who was ready to fight battles fir her. U would think dey would be bangin dwn d door everyday until dey got news of devi location. And yes as in every time leap d stoyline changes and its no longer bout gettin justice for ur parents or past beings but u now haffi gef justice for ur ownself as u d one bein targeted now.

      1. Ikr there’s always inconsistentencies that withers away the intended essence the serial started with…. Like I thought at first maybe we’ll learn more about devi’s unmarried aunt, or urmi’s husband, or even adhiraj’s friend who gaved out the impression of loving kesar…. Instead they just got lost in the lack of creativity… Devika /devi, the actress seems to have lost her charm and is just barely there, there’s no strength in her character ?… I would have really liked to see what happened to devi’s little cousin… I knew as per the last track, they (devi’s family had left the city after winning the lottery but did they leave earth!?

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