Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Augar attacks nand and yashoda.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ekanga waiting on a hill with her evil powers as kansa and bhadraksh wait. Kansa says why are you standing here and waiting ekanga? Ekanga says angrily, I am waiting for kanha to come, once he comes we will kill him. kansa says even I kept thinking this and waited for kanha, as I waited that kanha kept killing my demons and I could not do anything. Kansa says don’t wait like this, go and kill that nand and yashoda because now you know who made your life hell and that they are your parents. Ekanga’s evil power augar says ekanga, now I am going, I wont wait for more time, I will go and kill nand and yashoda. Augar goes.
In vrindavan, nand says to yashoda don’t cry and calm down now, it is not our mistake. Balram says yes. Nand says yashoda, truth can

be tired but it can never be defeated, we have not done anything so we don’t need to be sad for nothing.
As they talk, suddenly the sound of a demoness is heard. Everyone get up. Nand says what was that sound? Balram says which demon has come now? suddenly a stick with the sign of snake comes and lands in the ground. Yashoda is shocked and scared. In a moment, hundreds of snakes appear and start attacking nand and yashoda. Everyone in vrindavan panic and people run helter skelter. Balram takes his mudgal. Augar stands on a tall house and attacks snake poison on nand and yashoda. Balram stands and protects nand and yashoda, he hits any snake that comes near them. Balram says see there is that demoness, I will not leave any snake kaka and kaki. Nand says but balram how will you fight them alone? Balram says nand baba, right now you both are the target of these snakes so you go inside, I will fight them. Augar says how much time will you fight my snakes? I will kill anyone who comes in my way of killing nand and yashoda. Nand and yashoda go behind to go inside the house but snakes come from inside as well and yashoda says what to do now nand ji? Damodar comes to protect them and he uses his lathi and hits the snakes.
Radha comes and says oh my god, brother balram’s strength wont work here but kanha’s intelligence will, I will go and call kanha. Radha goes to kanha and says nand baba and yashoda kaki are in danger gore, come on fast. Kanha goes running and he sees everything surrounded by snakes.
As damodar protects nand and yashoda, he gets hits by a snake and he falls down. Balram keeps hitting as many snakes as he can. Kanha says no mother father don’t worry, I wont let anything happen to you.
Suddenly 2 snakes come and one bites yashoda on her head and other bites nand on his head, both nand and yashoda fall down unconscious. Kanha screams and says no, mother and father! Kanha gets angry and says augar, I wont leave you. balram throws his mudgal at augar. Augar laughs and says I have accomplished my goal! To kill nand and yashoda and they are dead. Augar disappears. Kanha says no mother and father.
Radha says I have to call rishi gargacharya. Radha goes and calls rishi gargacharya to save nand and yashoda. All people come. Kanha and balram take help of people and take nand and yashoda inside their room.

Precap: kanha goes to find ekanga to convince her that she has good in her. Ekanga attacks kanha and radha comes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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