Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi saraswati helps devi laxmi.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all demons coming towards parvati flying. Mata laxmi attacks using her pot of gold and she throws gold coins on all demon, these coins hit the demons and penetrate their bodies thus killing them. More and more demons come and devi laxmi says how will I alone fight so many demons? There brahma dev and devi saraswati see this and saraswati says I have to go and help devi laxmi.
As mata saraswati fights the demons, mata saraswati appears with her veena. She looks at laxmi and nods her head. Saraswati uses her veena and attacks by playing the strings of the veena. The veena attack spells and the demons say what are these blue spells? They can do nothing to us. The demons say come on lets kill these goddesses. They fly towards saraswati and laxmi. Saraswati’s blue

spells hit the demons and they are tied around their bodies, these demons then fall down on ground and die.
Atyasura says who are these devi’s? their weapons are so dangerous that I haven’t seen such weapons before, which demon can kill them? Suddenly a very huge demon comes walking to the place and everything starts shaking. Parvati’s friends say whos is coming here now? atyasura says who is this demon? He then sees a very huge demon and he gets scared, the demon comes and punches into a mountain and breaks it, ataysura flies away and says no I cannot get hurt again.
The demon comes in front of devi laxmi and devi saraswati and says you cheap women, there maharaj tarkasura is waiting to know when adishakti will be killed but you both are stalling that process, but now I have come. My name is Abhuya and I will destroy everything, I will destroy the universe that adishakti has made, I have a weapon that can split everything into half. Abhuya removes his golden axe like weapon.
All gods are shocked and indra dev says brahma dev what is this? Brahma dev says this is the weapon that if it is attacked on anyone then it can split it into half. Abhuya attacks the weapon in space and it flies everywhere in the space in open and splits planets and huge rocks and asteroids into half, causing destruction around the universe. Parvati starts feeling the tremors and suddenly a golden light emerges from her, a form of adishakti comes out in a dangerous form as mata kali emerges.
Mata kali gets angry and she sees abhuya. Mata kali jumps from earth and she leaps into the space and destroys the weapon by taking its final attack on herself. Mata kali lands on earth and she kicks abhuya down and cuts his head and throws him away. Mata kali goes back as golden light into the body of parvati. Devi saraswati and laxmi smile and say parvati’s meditation has not been disturbed.

Precap: mahadev comes disguised as a rishi to take a final test of mata parvati. Mahadev as the rishi insults himself in front of parvati.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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