Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya destroys the sword.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya waiting for tarksura to cross his tests and come back. As atyasura is flying above this game, atyasura thinks kartikeya ji follows dharma, he is so disciplined unlike maharaj tarkasura. Tarkasura has not yet returned from his tests but kartikeya ji is waiting for tarkasura to return, he is obeying the rules of the game, if it was tarkasura then he would have cheated and gone ahead these numberse.
There tarkasura fails all tests and now he sits on a throne as he deals with the emotions of lust and moh, the throne starts falling down quickly and taraksura says why am I falling down with the throne? Tarkasura then lands back into the game and he reaches the start of the game. Tarkasura is angry and he says no, this cannot happen, I am back to the start.

The gods are happy and kartikeya smiles and thanks indra dev for his witty plan.
Kartikeya then prays to mata skand. Mata skand appears and she blesses kartikeya and she throws the dice, it falls to a 2 that kartikeya needs, kartikeya reaches 100 and he wins the game of snakes and ladders. Tarkasura is shocked and he says no! the gods are freed from turning into trees. Kartikeya enters the palace where tarkasura has kept his sword. A huge golden snake appears. Tarkasura says did you think it is that easy to get my sword? You will not have it.
Kartikeya remembers that he was given the stick of parvati as a blessing and all the powers of adishakti are contained in it. kartikeya prays and gets the stick. As the snake tries to attack, kartikeya dodges it and jumps over it, he then uses the powers from the stick and starts controlling the snake, kartikeya entangles the snake into itself. tarkasura is shocked and says no, this cannot happen, he is controlling my last line of defense. Kartikeya then kills the snake and destroys it, the sword of tarkasura falls from the snake. kartikeya gets the sword and thinks tarkasura will surely come here to protect it. there tarkasura runs towards the palace and says no, don’t break my sword, no! kartikeya takes and destroyed the sword, as the sword is destroyed, the illusion city of shauryapur starts getting destroyed, tarkasura is pulled into the sky as he descends towards the ground. All illusion breaks and the city is revealed only with tarkasura’s palace. The gods rejoice and indra dev says the illusion is now gone, all rocks and everything break. Kartikeya comes to the gods and he, indra dev, vayu dev and kuber go back out of the palace city to the gods.
Vayu dev says see they have returned! The gods rejoice and the army cheers for kartikeya. Suddenly tarkasura fall and lands in front of them. He gets up in pain. The gods say he is still alive. Tarkasura says what did you think? You will destroy my life force with the sword and I will die? Maha ganpati told you something else too kartikeya, remember it, I cannot be killed only by destroyed the sword. Kartikeya says I will kill you now because you are no more immortal. Tarkasura laughs and says I am immortal, he disappears and goes back into the palace. The war is about to begin!

Precap: Atyasura comes to the gods seeking protection from demons. The war between gods and demons start.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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