Agnifera 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi Follows Sanjay

Agnifera 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer while playing chess calculates his client’s tax dues and tells his assistant he has to save client somehow. Assistant gets his son’s call to take medicine on and informs his son is worried about his health. Sameer asks him to trust technology and not humans as any relationship is there until there is money or some other benefit. Kishan takes milk to Yashi and says she does not take care of herself and is worried about whole family, so he brought milk for her. Yashi says she is concerned about Sakshi’s tricks to win. Kishnan thinks he is worried about Agni’s trick this time instead and asking Yashi to rest now walks out of her room.

Sakshi looking at Revathi’s locket thinks Devi says it is common design, but she is sure it is Daadi’s locket as she

gifted it to daadi. She sees Sanjay walking out of house at night and thinks to follow him. Kishan wakes up and not seeing Sakshi thinks where did she go at night. He sees Agni sleeping on couch and fixes blanket over her. He thinks she cheated to get his love, but he did not expect this from her. Sakshi follows Sanjay. He gets conscious and turns, but she hides. Agni wakes up next and not finding Kishan on his bed walks to living room and finds him there, thinks where is trouble Sakshi, must be busy cheating someone. Kishan says even she cheated. Agni says she did as Sakshi deserves it, she cheated once and even I cheated once. Kishan says Sakshi’s cheating changed their lives, he does not care about Sakshi and is worried only about Agni, he wants her to win with truth and confidence and not tricks and cheating like Sakshi.

Sanjay takes food to Revathi and tells her that Kishan escaped even this time due to his good fate, let him see till when he will escape next. He has even arranged guards to guard Revathi. Revathi asks water. He forcefeeds her water. Sakshi reaches outside and thinks where did he go. She slips and falls. Sanjay hears her voice and says from where did Sakshi come. Revathi calls Sakshi. Sanjay shuts her mouth and warns if she shouts,he will kill even her granddaughter. He shows her Sakshi via window. Sakshi walks away without finding anyone. Revathi bites Sanjay’s hand. Sanjay slaps her and says she is alive till Kishan is alive. Revathi says whatever he can try, he will die soon. Sanjay says he will give her Kishan’s death news and walks away. He returns home and seeing Sakshi waitging for him and asks if she is not getting sleep. Sakshi asks where had he gone out. He says he is having gastric trouble, so he went out for a long walk. She says he is ill since 4 days. Sanjay says he will take her treatment, but she should not inform Vaishali, else she will be worried. Sakshi says she will get him medicine via senti. Sanjay says she should question the right person and not him.

Precap: Agni tells Mukhri that she wants to clear her mother’s wrong allegations. He gives her Senti’s pic, she reaches senti and finds him in coma, his doctor says he found senti years ago and cured, but he is in coma since then.

Update Credit to: MA

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