7 years- my birthday, and two beautiful birthday gifts… A DevAkshi OS (Happy Birthday Rithika)

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Hi! This is Niki here with an OS… This is specially dedicated to Rithika!! Wishing you a very happy birthday!!
So let’s start…
Plot: Dev and Sonakshi are have been separated since 7 years, and their lives have taken a completely different turn… Sonakshi is a successful businesswoman, while Dev has turned Casanova, playing with girl’s feelings. Dev doesn’t know, but Sonakshi has a daughter.
Sonakshi has returned to Delhi after many years, with her daughter Suhana Bose.
Sonakshi’s Old House, Delhi:
Sona enters with Suhana.
Sona: Soha baby, this was our old house… Iss ghar se meri bahut si yaadein judi hui hain.
Suhana: Nice house… but our Kolkata house is better.
Sona: This house is small, but it is very sweet.. you will like it.
Suhana: Ok Mummy, now feed me…. I am very hungry!
In A School, Delhi:
Dev enters, with his nephew Golu in his arms.
He flirts with almost all the girls there… and of course, all the girls are crazy about our Dev.
After all the girls falling over him, he returns home.
Radharani: Dev! Where have you been?
Dev: Golu’s school… for his PTM. Vicky and Elena don’t even have any time for him.
Radharani (in her mind): Haan, toh wo teri tarah thodi na hai… Mere bete ko office sambhalna hai.
Dev runs up to his room, and meets Ishwari.
Ishwari is mute since 7 years, seeing Dev’s changed attitude… She doesn’t talk to anyone.
Dev: Bye Ma, main bahar jaa raha hoon…
Dev leaves, while Ishwari stands there thinking…

Ishwari (POV):
What has happened to my son? Since 7 years, Dev has completely changed. I can’t bear this…
But all this has happened because of me. Why did I separate Dev and Sonakshi? I blackmailed Dev… I told him that if he marries Sonakshi, I will kill myself. I even lied to him that Sonakshi had insulted me… What all I told him about Sonakshi?!
But Sonakshi is a diamond… I did a blunder, I thought that Sonakshi is not the perfect girl for my son. Why did I commit such a mistake?
So what, if Sonakshi can’t concieve?! She was the only one who could actually manage my Dev, and that too… much better than me..
Oh God, I have realised my mistake. Please return my Dev back to me… Please!!
======POV ends=======

(Radharani and Vicky instigated Ishwari against Sonakshi)
Meanwhile Sona is shown, taking Suhana to a hotel. She meets Ginni, the helper to take care of Suhana.
Sona: Ginni, take care of Soha. Give her food at 8 pm, and she has to sleep at 9. I will be coming back late… I am just going to roam the streets of Delhi once again.
Ginni: Ok Madam.
8’o’clock in the evening:
Sona reaches a deserted place. Suddenly, some goons come towards her and start teasing her.
Goon 1: Aha, so beautiful!!!
Goon 2: You deserve to be ours.
Goon 3: Hahahaha!!! What a beauty!
Goon 1: Come with us!! Come, come!
Sona is shocked, and starts sobbing.
The goons forcefully take her behind a big tree. They touch her cheeks and move their hands down to her waist…and are about to reach for her belt to take it off… Sona buries her face in her palms, crying, but suddenly someone holds their hands, and gives them a good kick..
The man is wearing a helmet. He punches the first goon, and pushes him on top of the other one. He then kicks the third guy. The man is none other than Dev.
Dev: How dare you misbehave with a girl!
The goons manage to get up, fold their hands in front of Dev and Sona, and then run away as fast as possible.
As Dev turns around, the wind blows Sonakshi’s hair on her face… Neither is Dev able to see Sonakshi, nor is Sonakshi able to see Dev (his face is covered with a helmet).
As Sonakshi pushes her hair off her face, Dev removes his helmet..
Sona: Tha…..
She stops seeing Dev… Both of them look at each other, hell shocked to see each other after 7 whole years.
Dev stares with utmost shock at Sona’s new look. A velvet jacket, with golden studs on it… A gold zip, half pulled up, and a white top inside…If something hadn’t changed, it was Sona’s hair… Her hair was still long and beautiful like before…
But Sona also was shocked to see Dev… An ‘obodro’ man, today stands in front of her wearing a brown leather jacket, a black casual t-shirt inside, with blue jeans.
The two share an eye-lock…
Sonakshi comes out of her shock…
Sona: Dev!

Dev continues standing there… watching her.
Sona: Please listen to me. 7 years ago….
Dev: Enough! I don’t want to talk about 7 years ago! I have moved on in my life!
Sona (in tears): Dev, please liste….
Dev (shouts): Shut up! I don’t want to listen to you! You insulted my mom, 7 years ago..
Dev, as a matter of fact, now did not care in the least for his mum… But it was all his false ego.. that made him stay apart from his love.
Sona (crying): Please Dev, listen…
Dev: Do not show me these crocodile tears…
Dev leaves, while Sona continues crying. She walks back to the hotel.

In The Hotel:
Suhana: Mummy!
Sona: Hi baby (wearily and sadly)
Suhana: Mummy, why are you looking so sad?
Sona: Ummm…. First of all tell me why you are not sleeping?
Suhana: No Mummy, please…. First you tell me. Why are you sad? If someone has hurt you, tell me! I will give that person a kick!!
That makes all of them laugh, and even Sona smiles, and gives Soha a kiss on the cheeks. Both of them sleep, with Suhana cuddled up in Sona’s arms.
Next Day, In The Hotel:
Sona comes out with Suhana, ready to go for breakfast. As she comes out, she is stunned to see Dev, coming out from the opposite room, with a girl.
Dev: Come on, baby.
The girl’s name is Sanyukta.
Sanyukta: Come Dev.
They hold hands and go down. Sona watches them with jealousy.
Suhana: Kya hua, Mummy?
Sona (carries Suhana): Kuch nahi..
They go down for breakfast, and Dev and Sanyukta are sitting at the opposite table…
Sanyukta (rests her hand on Dev’s): Dev, I want a serious relationship with you.
Dev shakes off his hand.
Dev: Stop it! Don’t you say that once again! Just go to hell! I don’t believe in any kinds of serious relationships… Ok! Just get lost!
Sanyukta looks at him in shock, and then she runs off crying bitterly.
Sona looks at him in disgust, and Dev turns back and sees Sonakshi and Suhana.
They share another eyelock.
Suhana: Mummy! Feed me na!
Dev looks at Suhana, stunned…
Dev (POV):
Why is this child calling Sonakshi ‘Mummy’? Is she my daught….. No no.. I have to ask this little girl only.
After Sometime:
Sona: Suhana baby, I am going to the toilet. Sit here only, alright?
Suhana: Ok!
Dev (thinks): Now’s my chance…. Let me go and ask her.
Dev goes to Suhana.
Dev: Hi baby. What’s your name?
Suhana: My mumma has taught me that stranger is danger. But you are handsome… I think I can tell you. My name is Suhana Bose.
Dev: And… where is your Daddy?
Suhana: My mumma told me that my Daddy is a very Obodro man… and his name is… ummm…
Dev: Tell…
Suhana: Dev Dixit.

Dev (POV):
I was taken aback… I had a daughter, and Sonakshi had never even told me about her! The little girl standing in front of me was like an angel…
I had never imagined that Sonakshi would hide such a big thing from me. I got up in anger, and waited for her return, but Suhana motioned for me to kneel down as she wanted to say something.
====== (POV ends)=======

Dev kneels down.
Suhana: Aapko ek secret batau? (Should I tell you a secret?)
Dev: Haan, batao. (Ya, tell.)
Suhana: My mom told me: 7 years ago, my father’s mom made a plan to separate my mom and dad. She instigated my father, saying that my mumma had insulted her.
My mumma tried her best to tell Dad, but he didn’t listen.. and my mumma had to leave.
Dev: What?
By this time, Dev had heard enough… He realised that Sona had not done anything 7 years ago, it was all his Mum’s planning.
Dev was in tears.
Now, Sona comes back.
Sona: Soha….
She sees Dev.
Sona: Dev!
Dev runs to her, and gives her a bear hug. Sona is shocked, but reciprocates… They separate after a while.
Sona: Dev? What hap….
Dev puts his hand over her mouth.
Dev: Shhhh…. Don’t say anything. I am so sorry..(crying) I misunderstood you, Sona… Please forgive…. (starts crying miserably)
Sona (in tears): Dev… please don’t say this. I am still ready to be your Sona, forever.
Suhana watches…
Suhana: You are my dad?
Dev: Yes beta.
He kisses Suhana, and all three of them hug each other in happiness.
Dev: Now come…
Sona: Where?
Dev: Home.
Sona: But..
Dev picks up Suhana, and holds Sona’s hand.
Dev: Do you trust me?
Sonakshi nods.
Dev: Then come.
Dev takes them to his house. As they are outside the house, Sona stops.
Sona: Dev, are you sure?
Dev: Come Sona… I know everything.
As they enter the house, Radharani is the first one to notice them.
Radharani (hell shocked): Sonakshi!
Vicky and Elena also come, and are shocked to see Sona, Dev and a little girl. Mamaji also comes down, with Ishwari..
And, after 7 years, Ishwari speaks.
Ishwari: Sonakshi?!
All the family, already shocked…. are all the more taken aback as Ishwari talks.
Dev: Maa, let’s go up to your room.
Dev lets down Suhana, and she runs to Golu.
Suhana: Hello… I am Suhana.
Golu (runs to Dev): Is she your daughter?
Dev (smiles): Yes beta, she is your sister… cousin.
Sona also smiles, and pulls Golu’s cheeks.
Golu laughs… Then he runs to Suhana, and they start playing.
Dev, still holding Sonakshi’s hand, follows Ishwari back to her room.
As they reach, Dev closes the door and makes Sona sit.
Dev: Maa, why? Why?
Ishwari (already knows what Dev is talking about): I am sorry Dev. (crying) And Sonakshi, I know my mistake can’t be forgiven…
Dev is about to shout at her, but Sonakshi stops him.
Sonakshi: Dev, everyone makes mistakes… We should forgive them and move ahead. Maa has already realised her mistake… Please forgive her, Dev.
Dev takes Sona’s hands and kisses them.
Dev: Ok Sona, you are right as always…
They hug each other, and Sona opens her arm out to Ishwari. The trio share an emotional hug.
Ishwari: But, who is that little girl.
Sona: Suhana… our daughter.
At this moment, Ishwari’s happiness knew no bounds. She cried out of joy.
After all the emotion… Ishwari reveals that Radharani and Vcky are the evil ones, and they should be punished.
Dev runs down, and grabs Vicky’s collar.
Dev (shouts): Vicky! I will not spare you today! Get out of my house, get out now!
Radharani: What are you doing, Dev?
Dev: Both of you, get out!
Radharani (to Ishwari): Jiji, see what he is saying…
Ishwari: What he is saying is correct. Just go away.
Dev: We all know about what you did 7 years ago… just go away!
Vicky and Radharani silently leave.
Sona (turns to Mamaji): I am really sorry Mamaji… Wo…
Mamaji: No beta, this is what I should have done many years ago. What you have done is correct. And we are so happy that you came back dear…None of us can stay without the charm of the house.
Sona smiles.
Sona: Today is your birthday, Dev… what are you planning?
Dev: I have already got two beautiful birthday gifts… (smiles at Sona and Suhana)
Dev: And now, Suhana and Golu close your eyes.
Sona: Wh- why?
Suhana puts her hand over Golu’s eyes, and Golu does the same to Suhana.
Dev pins Sona to the wall, and slowly moves closer and closer to her. The rest of the family watches in happiness, as Dev and Sonakshi unite with an intense liplock.
I hope you all liked it, specially Rithika. Once again, wishing you a very happy birthday! Have a great day!

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  1. Rj12

    Aw a sweet story????
    thanks so much for this gift best gift ever thanks so much Niki ????

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Rithika!!!

      I am so happy that u liked it!!!?????❤️

    2. Rockzzzzzz

      Happy birthday rithika?????h

      1. Rj12

        Thanks a lot Pari

  2. Heshine

    Wow Niki…!!!!this was really an awesome episode…!!????oh….juz loved it dear….!!! A huge pleasure out from the current track… !!!??hope this could happen in the serial…!!!
    And yeah……the main….protagonist today….!!!
    Happy Birthday Rithika dear….!!????????????????? Live a life to ur utmost joy.. ..!!!! God bless u….!!!??? hope u see this….!!!!
    And yeah Niki….!!! I really loved the epi. ..!!
    Hope u will come up wit more fantabulous is like this….!!!

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Heshine di!!!!!??

      Ur lovely comment made my day?????
      Will come up with more like this soon!


  3. Awesome.

    1. Niki645

      Thank u very much!!!

  4. Marvellous niki…. It amazing…. A lovely treat for us and also for the birthday girl….

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Maleeha di!!!!??
      I am so happy u liked it!!???

      Lots of love❤️❤️

  5. Priya12

    Nikki, superbb…..u rocked it…I luved it so much dr….I hope ths shuld cm in serial but can’t….I think u shuld go and join 2 the writers of the serials…..suhana and dev’s conversation was superbbb….and pls post ur ff soon dr…

    1. Niki645

      Awwwww…thank u soooooooo much!!!!???

      Will post my ff asap ????

      Lots of love❤️❤️

  6. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee niki❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Ishwari ka yeh roop bhi hai Mujhe para nhi tha????????

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Ayushi!!!!

      Lots of love❤️❤️❤️

  7. Wowwwww

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much di!!!?

  8. Aarti32

    Awesome OS dear..Too good..Plzz do write more..

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much di!!!!??

      I will surely write more????

  9. Hey Niki di!
    This was terrific! Literally amazing! I so badly wishing we have Dev rescuing Sonakshi in some scene in the show as well. Anyways, I loved the OS.
    Please do come up with more of these wonderful works!

    1. Niki645

      Hey Anshi, thank u so much for u sweet comment??
      Ya, even I wish the same!!

      I will surely come up with more like these!

      Loads of love❤️❤️

  10. Rockzzzzzz

    Niki i don’t have words..it was so gooooood?
    keep posting such great work of urs….
    waiting for ur next??????

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Pari di!!!

      I will surely come up wit more like this???
      Lots of love❤️❤️

  11. Darshini

    Hey dear…it’s really amazing…
    I wish dev should be like this in show too…
    Keep giving OS like this…
    Lovd it…
    And hpy b’day rithu????

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much!!!!!
      I will surely come up with more like this!!

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