Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman getting punched by the water demon. Hanuman holds the demon’s hand and says if you are so brave then come in front of me visible and fight me like a warrior. Hanuman says I am dedicated to lord ram and if there is any obstacle helping lord ram I will not let that happen and kill evil. Hanuman kicks the demon and it goes in the air. Hanuman says this demon has lived in amrit taal too so he maybe tough to fight but most probably the demon must have died. Hanuman is stepping in the water when the demon comes back. It laughs and says did you think monkey I am so easy to kill? Hanuman again twists the demon and kicks him but it comes back again. Hanuman says how do I do this now? And I will need the helo of agni dev and surya dev.
There ravana is laughing and he says now my mayavi shield will keep your weapons away, lord ram attacks and many axes come out from the arrow and they are attacking the shield but the shield is indestructible.
There hanuman prays to agni dev and surya dev and says lords I need your help in evaporating this pond of amrit taal and this demon. Agni dev and surya dev appear and they make hanuman fiery bodied and gods go. Hanuman with the heat evaporates the pond and the demon screams don’t do this monkey and it is evaporated and killed too. Hanuman is successful in his task. He flies back to the battlefield.
There the shield disappears and lord ram’s one axe goes and hits ravana’s 1 head and it falls down. Only this time the head doesn’t come back. Ravana stops laughing and says what is happening? And why isn’t my head coming back? Hanuman comes. Lord ram attacks more axes and more heads fall. Ravana looks at hanuman and thinks that this monkey has known my secret of the amrit taal and so my heads are falling. Finally all except ravana’s main head fall down. Ravana is shocked. Hanuman says lord ram kill this devil. Ravana says I can not be killed, lord ram attacks an arrow and the last head falls down. All gods in heaven smile. Everyone say jai shree ram. Vibhishan is sad and says brother ravana!! And cries. Suddenly a head grows on ravana and ravana is back alive and he laughs and says though my other heads cannot grow but ram did you think something else is not protecting me? Ram says I will attack you again and removes an arrow and attacks, ravana says your arrows will finish. Lord ram says I have infinite arrows granted by gods and they will never finish, ravana is shocked and his head falls, again the head grows and ravana laughs and says even though you have infinite arrows you don’t have the only arrow that can kill me and it is I who possess it.
There vibhishan says how did I forget this? And brother ravana has the arrow from which he can be killed. Hanuman says where is it? and why only this arrow can kill ravana? Vibhishan says many years before when ravana became invincible, he was still scared as to something which can defeat and kill him. So he started finding from what he can be killed? And he found he could be kille by only n1 arrow that is possessed by yamraj himself. so one night he went to counter yamraj himself and while going to hell he killed all the guards present in a second with his power. Yamraj came to fight ravana, but it proved that because ravana was granted powers by lord Shankar and brahma dev, he proved to be more powerful and yamraj was forced to give the arrow to ravana who then laughed and said now the thing that can kill me will be with me and nothing will happen to me. Hanuman says vibhishan ji then tell me where ravana has kept that arrow? Vibhishan says what am I doing? And I am becoming the reason for my brother ravana’s death but to walk on the path of righteousness I have to give this sacrifice. Vibhishan says hanuman that arrow is kept in lanka only but I don’t know where, but Bhabhi mandodari knows it. hanuman says queen mandodari is a good woman and I have met her and she will never be the reason for ravana’s death so she wont tell me where the arrow is and she is a good wife. Hanuman says I will disguise myself.

Precap: hanuman becomes a baba and enters lanka palace and says bam bam bole bam bam bole. Mandodari looks at him and says I have seen you somewhere I think. Hanuman thinks did mandodari recognize me?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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