“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny” CHAPTER 20

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With various thoughts going on in my mind I was about to answer his proposal when suddenly a harsh reality slapped me in the face & I came back from my dream-world !!



When I entered the room after Kunj and Yuvi left I saw Mahi sitting there with her letter crying..She would really have been upset due to those 12 years of memories which would have rushed back to her..I already told u all that she can’t handle the topic of her parents..I rushed inside to hug & console her..& I knew it was time to open the Wooden box…because we had decided we will open it together..& face the truth supporting each other..

“Go get that box” Mahi said wiping her tears & holding that letter once again in her had to read..

I nodded & stood up..My feet trembling..my heartbeats racing..I was sweating due to nervousness..due to fear of the reality I was about to face..due to the little truth which will be the reason to change my life..I walked at slow paces..finally reaching the room & picking up the box..I then went to Mahi’s place & sat in front of her..

“Chal Open it” tears were swelled up in her eyes..about to flow down her cheeks..

I kept the box on the bed..& then lifted up her face from the chin “ I don’t want to 🙁 ”

“WHY???” She lifted up her face & looked at me

“I just don’t want to…I don’t know what should I do..I m afraid..actually afraid of what would be inside..what information..what reality..what reason…what stuff..its really going to change my life..change my future..change my reality..All my identity..all my life I spent these 18 years can just take a U turn..” “SSSHHHHH” Mahi stopped me from babbling any further..I was continuously speaking what-ever was coming in my mind..

“Babe..Listen u need to open it..U need to really know whats inside..what ur mother wanted u to know..& why was that meant to be at 18 years…Its better to know than keep imagining stuffs..because I m sure every night before going to sleep u think of it atleast once..so just open it !!” Mahi tried to make me understand..


I decided to open it up..to face my fear..to see what was her excuse of leaving me alone for long 17 years & why..just why did she want me to forget it all & know about her when I turn 18 !! What did she think..I will forgive her ?? I will melt by a single apology of hers !! IN NO DAMN WAY !! How can I forget those numerous tears I have shed each Parents’ Day..Those blanks I had to leave on forms which asked me names of my father & mother..Those silent nights which went by dreaming what it would have it been like if I had my parents..!! I just can’t forgive her..no matter what reason she gives..no matter what sort of apologies..no matter what sort of regrets mentioned..I m not going to forgive her 🙁

With trembling hands I opened up the box..It had a few photos & a letter..I kept the letter aside & picked up the photos..

There were 3 of them..The first one was of a little cute girl..while the other two were of a mother & the same little cute girl..I was a little confused..

So I turned the first snap of that cute girl..

“TWINKLE 4 months”

I was amazed..that was ME !! I never had looked at my childhood pics..Tears were ready to flow down my cheeks..I don’t know what that feeling was..My stomach did a flip..A sweet pain in my chest & I really skipped a beat..My breaths were heavy now due to my efforts of controlling my emotions !!

I quickly turned the other two..

“TWINKLE & MUMMA- 10 months”


I couldn’t control it anymore..Tears immediately started flowing..I was unable to believe my eyes..I was really watching my mother..beside me as a child..She was beautiful..a charming lady..simple yet the decency & grace was adorable !! I kept looking at that pic for a considerable amount of time..I looked up to see Mahi who was busy in reading her letter again..I was suddenly reminded of the letter which I kept aside..I opened it up carefully..


First of all A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U !! May God Almighty grant ur every wish & desire !! 🙂

I m pretty sure u will grow into a beautiful teenager..probably these Hazel eyes will become more beautiful..& these short hair will grow long..ur small feet which took their first step in my guidance will now be travelling distances on their own..this dazzling Smile of urs will now be a reason of many Smiles…Still what remains the same is that I LOVE U..& u r my Daughter !!

I know u r really angry..& would be waiting for many answers..the reason I abandoned u..the reason I m all of a sudden letting u know of my presence..I m ready to give u every explanation..I m ready to face any punishment u give..I m ur Criminal…But trust me it will be as difficult as u to stay apart from u for these long 17 years..I don’t want u to hate me..So I want u to read the reason I m doing so..

I was also a beautiful girl & was 21 that time when I met ur dad..He was the most famous person in the entire college..We became friends as every teenager does but slowly I was impressed by his behavior..his simplicity…his way of talking..his singing..everything..& I even got to know from my friends that he likes me..but they warned me too of his playboy character & his tendency of using girls & after a little time tossing them off like a toy..But I was blinded..Love made me believe in the illusion I had created myself !!

& when he proposed me I trusted him…We remained together for 2 years..but I got to know that he also had relationships with other girls..still I trusted him..I offered him every part of mine..trusting him blindly..trusting his promises..trusting his words..& then one day he called me at his flat..I was really happy since I had imagined that he will propose me for marriage..I reached & he really had planned a beautiful surprise for me..The whole room was decorated & there was a table with candles & dinner..It was the first time he did something for me..We had our food & then I started to feel dizzy..my head started spinning & aching..& I don’t remember anything after that..But when I woke up in the morning beside him in his bed..I realized what mistake I did !!

I grabbed my cloth & ran away..I was shocked after knowing the truth that he took benefit of me..& later I got to know he mixed the soft drinks with some kind of intoxicating thing..I immediately went for a pregnancy test which turned positive..I was horrified..I informed him about it..But instead of supporting me..he simply denied of making any relation with me..he asked me to abort the child..But I did not..I broke all my contacts with him..& gave u birth..I cared for u for 1 year..but now when I watch people’s expression looking at me & asking me for the name of ur Dad..I am so tensed for ur future..Ur nani suggested me of this way..She told me how a child suffers if he/she has no name of dad with him/her…I don’t want u to become victim of any such expression which I faced..neither do I want u to be alone in the world..I wish I could do something..

I will let u be in the orphanage for 18 years & then legally adopt u..!!

Its hard letting u go baby..U r soo adorable..since 21 months u r d only reason I m breathing..I m smiling..I m happy..I don’t know how will I live after letting u go..But I will have to do it !! I will have to take this step for u..for ur future..


Ur mom




I looked at Kunj still lost in thoughts..He got up looking at me..with his eyes eagerly waiting for an answer..I hugged him tight..

“I LOVE U TOO KUNJ..BUT I CANT ACCEPT UR PROPOSAL” I whispered these words in his ears & ran away with those sandals in my hand..with those tears rolling down my cheeks..with those memories hurting my heart…with those feet unwilling to move away from him..but still I ran because I knew that was what I really was supposed to do !!


I want each of urs reviews pleaseeeeee !! :*

Lov u all <3

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  1. Shalu Choudhary

    Superb episode felling bad for twinkle and kunj dear plz post soon

  2. Finally a new update is here….yaay???
    Awesome episode
    Feel bad for twinkle ?
    Let’s see what kunj does to make twinkle agree but plz make it quick bcz we want twinj together
    Excited for next
    Plz post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤

  3. Anaya_Ali

    Luvd it..
    Finally twinkle’s truth is out…
    Feeling bad for both of them
    Plzzzzzz post soon

  4. awesome episode
    waiting for Kunj’s reaction after this
    post soon

  5. awesome …
    finally Twinkie truth out …but question is now what will kunj do ???
    post soon…waiting for next

  6. Damn emotional yaar I felt like crying while reading twinkles moms pov love dthe episode and twinkle at least made assurance that she loved him but I think she s scared that kunj also might be the same like her biological father can’t say anything about the episode but plsss do post soon love u take care

  7. Emotional epi…..I liked her answer…..she told the truth…….

  8. Finally twinkle ko uski mom ke baare me pta chala
    Superb fantastic episode
    Feeling bad for leela & twinj
    Pta nhi ab kunj kya karega jab usko twinkle ke baare me pta chalega

    Plzzzzz post soon

  9. SSK

    Finally, kunj proposed her, finally twinkle got to know about her mother. It was a brilliant episode and really waiting for kunjs reaction as to why she cannot revert his feelings. Really keen to read more. ??

  10. It’s awesome.. I’m speechless

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