“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny” CHAPTER 19

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He looked towards me..

“Actually I wanted to tell u the truth about me” Kunj spoke

TRUTH ABOUT ME ?? What did he mean by this ?? Is he some kind of terrorist 😮 or Is he in the CID/RAW 😮 Arrghh !! My Silly mind :/ keeps thinking soo much..that too illogical things 😀 😛

“Haan say..” I also turned my face towards his

“Actually I m telling u this because I don’t want u to have a wrong image of mine..I am actually the son of famous political leader Mr. Manohar Sarna !!” My eyes widened with the mention of just his name..

“U know him right ??” He asked..

“Of course I know him stupid !! Who doesn’t !! He is one of the most famous political person in the entire country..I have seen him numerous times on televisions..on magazines..!! He is such a famous person & u ask me do I know him” I spoke but the difference was that these lines were spoken by me in my head..& the response to Kunj was just nodding my head 😛 😀

“Okay so unfortunately I m his SON” he said rolling his eyes & looking back at the stars

I smacked him lightly in his arms..”Don’t u say that..U r lucky u have ur Dad” I spoke realizing how lucky he was to have his Dad & how insane he is not to realize it !! I guess its only the orphans who can actually understand the importance of parents..the importance of a blessing hand over ur head..the importance of the sacrifices they do because we are all & forever deprived of it !! 🙁 🙁

“NO !! I AM NOT !!” He spoke in a harsh tone which made me come into reality !! I looked at him with confused looks & bewildered eyes..Why was he speaking so ?? How can any one consider himself as Unfortunate to have a father..added to that who is soo famous & I am sure Kunj would be very rich because of his Dad’s social status..Then why the hell is he soo sad about this fact !!


Its so ironical right ??

“Why Kunj ?? Why do u speak in such a way ??” I finally questioned

“How would have u responded Twinkle if u wouldn’t have seen ur Dad on any occasion rather than Parties..when on every Parents Day each & every friend of urs would have a ride on their dad’s shoulders & u had to walk alone..when every mistake of urs wouldn’t scare u instead u wished that he could have a little time to at least scold u & make u correct..when each time u saw a happy family u wished u had been one of their kids..when each time on ur birthday ur friends what did ur Dad gift & u would have to reply he couldn’t make it..How would have u responded..how would have u felt ??” he spoke looking at the stars..I could see tears running down from the corner of his eyes..& reaching near his ears..I wanted to wipe them up..& I wanted to tell him that I would still have thanked God..for no matter how..but still I would have Parents..I wished I could answer his questions..I wished I could tell him that probably my parents thought me as a burden & left me in an orphanage to face the world alone..they did not even care..though I don’t know the reason :/ 🙁 Tears were also swelling up in my eyes..but that moment needed Silence..I wanted him to speak out what ever he had in his Heart..So I moved my hands towards his hands..clutched my fingers in his & continued looking at the sky..From the corner of my eyes I could make it that he looked at me but I did not..I wanted him to continue..

“U know I never had that bond of Father-Son with my Dad..He never cared about my studies..he never cared about my friends…my requirements..the corrections in my behavior..language but after my 12th he wanted me to go abroad for further studies..No No not because he cared but because he wants me to join Politics as a Young leader for Youth..& my return could gain him votes..u know like I returned to India for its Progress..I wanted to serve my motherland..& blah blah” He continued speaking & I continued listening…each & every word were somewhere hidden beneath his hearth since 18 years & today he was just speaking them..I wanted him to speak because that way he would feel light..SHARING UR PROBLEMS WITH SOMEONE MAKES U FEEL LIGHT !! 🙂

“So how come u r in Delhi ??” I asked out just in curiosity

“Because of my mother..Since Dad always remained out..I never had any one with whom I could share my feelings..but my mother was always with me..in every part of my life..in every decision of mine..Whether it was my first stage show or my first medal ceremony…my every birthday function or my fights with my sister..”

“U have a sister ??” I jumped in between just stopping his flow of words..which I really regret after speaking

“Ummm ehh haan I have..an elder one..She is married..Well so it was only my mother..u know that parents bond..She always supported me..& music in my life was brought due to Yuvi but still she was the sole reason who made my interest grew towards it !! This made me draw my attention from Dad’s issues towards music..Really it helped me a lott !! I share everything with her..WOULD U LIKE TO MEET HER ?? SHE IS REALLY LOVELYYY 🙂 🙂 “ He spoke & looked at me

That last sentence made my eyes bulge out !! His Mother !! He is asking me to meet his mother..Some where in my heart I wanted to scream & tell him I really wanted to meet his mother..I never met mine but really would love to feel what its like to receive their blessings..how it really feels to sit by their side..tell them our problems..put our heads in their lap & listen to their ‘Lori’ & get lost in their melody & sleep ^_^ <3 but then I also was a little hesitated !! :/

I couldn’t deny the fact I was in Love with Kunj..& if by any chance in future we would decide to be together..I really wanted to have a good impression on his family 😛 😛 U know as every girl does 😀 😀

“TWINKLE WILL U MEET HER ??” He pressed my hand a little harder to grab my attention

“Yes why not !!” I spoke giving him a gleaming smile..in return to which I saw his smile forming on his lips & those cute dimples appearing on his cheeks ^_^

“I actually wanted u to know this all from my mouth..I did not want u to get to know all these from the gossips which go around in the college..” He spoke looking me in the eyes “I wanted u to know I am not a spoiled kid..& I also don’t have any ego problem..” He again started looking at the sky “I don’t know why I am speaking all this to u..Yuvi knows it but I never discuss it this way with him..TWINKLE U ARE SPECIAL”

I continued gazing at the stars..His compliments adding to shiver given by those cold wind..My heart beat racing & I afraid of what was going to come..

“I really have never been soo attached to any girl other than u..U have ur own way of making me feel comfortable..I don’t pretend when I am with u..I don’t actually have to..I am what I am..I speak what I have in my mind..I do what my heart says..& the best thig is u don’t judge me for it..u never tell me how a thing could be done better..U always agree to my every wish without a question..U are a rare kind of girl..when every girl out there shows off her body..her attitude..her short clothes to grab attention..u merely can do it by A single Smile of urs..& ur eyes..they are beautiful !! Those hazel colored eyes ..seem as a pool..which every guy would crave to swim in..I really don’t know the correct way because I never actually have..” He spoke & stood up..pulling me by hand..

I really did not want him to stop..It was the first time he was telling me his actual feelings..What made me different from other girls..why did he not give them attention & why was I on his priority list..I was loving this night..I stood up with my heels in my hands..He then brushed off the grass from my hair & then suddenly he knelt down..took my hand


I don’t know since when I wanted this moment to arrive..since when I imagined this moment in my dreams..since when I wished to tell me his feelings & now was the moment..He was waiting for my reply..he was waiting for my answer..


What u think will be her answer ?? What u think will now happen in the story ?? What do u think about Twinki’s agreeing to meet Kunj’s mother ??REVIEWS PLEASE 

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    Loved it to the core??
    Hopefully twinkle says yes. Plz make twinkle say yes it is a request
    Kunj’s way of describing his feelings way amazing??
    Let’s hope kunj’s mother treat twinkle as her own daughter
    Very excited for next
    Plz post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤

  2. Superb episode I think twinkle will say yes please post soon

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    Today you missed something……..Ur shayari…….
    The epi was really emotional….I really wanted twinkle to tell him that she is an orphan….. before confession….

  5. SSK

    Brilliant episode. I think Twinkle will say Yes as she also has some feelings. She will also share her part of story with Kunj and he should be ok with that. Also when Kunj takes her to meet his mother, she treats her like her own daughter. Just waiting for the next update. Please post soon. 🙂

  6. amazing….but twinkle should also tell him her part of story before answering …..really want to know how usha will behave with twinkle …sweetly or ????
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  7. It’s amazing
    Kunj proposed her.
    It was the cutest way.
    I seriously loved the way he adored her.
    I hope twinkle will say yes.
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  9. *proposed

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