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This story is about the next generation of Ishqbaaz. They all live in the oberoi mansion together. The eldest of the next gen is Ansh he is shivika’s son. He has a younger sister Riddhima. Om-Gauri have a son named Dhruv. Rudra-Bhavya have twins named Akshat and Ayushi. Now on with the story 🙂

Oberoi Mansion

A girl is seen running all over the house shouting “Bhaiyas, Bhaiyas. Where are you all?” She is a beautiful young girl of about 22 with large dark brown eyes and long black hair, just like her mother. A young handsome boy of 21 comes ” Ohoo, do plan to bring the whole house down with your shouts. What do you want?” he jokingly says. “Ha ha very funny. By the way, where is everyone? I told you all to come to the kitchen. Its such a important day you all are still not listening to me, its already so late and so many things are to be done. You all need to taste the food and tell me if its good and then we have to plan the surprise and the gifts..” she turns to the boy “Have you packed them?” He backs a little and says in a small voice ” Ya I was just going to do it when you called.” Her eyes widen and she shouts “What? Oh just forget it, its my fault for giving you work. I knew that something like this would happen”

She sits down on a nearby chair with her head in the hands “Great, now everything is ruined.” “No, nothing is ruined.” a voice comes from behind her. She lifts her head up to look at her eldest brother coming towards them. He was dressed smartly in a dark brown 3 piece suit, like always. He was called the carbon of their father, Shivaay Singh Oberoi. “What no Ansh bhaiya? I have not even prepared the breakfast yet and this duffer Akshat..” she slaps the younger boy on the arm “he didn’t even pack the gifts.” Ansh places a hand on her shoulder and smiles “Don’t worry Riddhima, I’ve taken care of everything. I have tasted the food and its amazing and the gifts are packed. Mishra just placed them in your room.” He sits on his knees next to Riddhima “Calm down, everything is perfect.”Another girl walks towards them “It’s no use Bhaiya, she’ll again start worrying about something. Badi maa has given her the perfect name ‘Chintamati’. Hamesha chinta karti rehti hai.” she laughes. “Ayushiiii, my dear sis, my other half. Did you sleep well?” Akshat smiles at the girl. Ayushi rolls her eyes at him and sighs “Oh please Akshat, stop it. I will not talk to Shanaya about you.” Riddhima smiles at her siblings and suddenly notices that one of them is missing. She turns to Ansh and asks “Bhaiya where is Dhruv bhaiya?” Ansh looks at his watch and replies “He’ll come soon. He went to check the arrangements of the ‘surprise’ personally.”

“And everything is just as we planned” they hear Dhruv’s voice. He walkes toward Riddhima  with a smile “perfect.” Ayushi goes to Riddhima and wraps her arms around her ” Don’t worry my Chintamati. Sab thik hoga.” “Ok now are we all going to stay here and play perfect perfect or should we proceed to the next part of the plan?” Akshat asks. Dhruv smiles and says “Now lets go and_”  they all hear a shout.”Shivaaayyyy!!!!”. All the siblings look at each other wide eyed and say at the same time “Phail gaya raita!”

Shivika’s Room

“Bas, enough is enough. Now I am packing my stuff and going from here” Anika says and moves towards the cupboard. Shivaay steps into her way “Arre I said sorry, I didn’t do it deliberately.” he pleads. Anika glares at him and pushes him aside gently. She opens the cupboard and takes out her clothes and says “Yes you don’t do anything deliberately, its all my fault. I made so many plans, par apne mere mood ki and iss din ki dhajiyaan uda di”. At that moment the siblings walk in the room and see the storm in front of them. Riddhima walks to Anika and slowly says “Maa what happened? Why are you packing?” she turns Anika towards her ” Happy Anniversary maa. Its such a special day, so why this frown?” Anika glares at Shivaay and says “Don’t ask me ask your papa. Inhe bhi ajj hi ke din SSO wala Bagad Billa banna tha.” She turnes away and throws her clothes in the bag. Dhruv walks up to Shivaay and asks “What’s the matter Bade papa, why is Badi maa so upset?” Shivaay has his right hand on his forehead ” Nothing big happened, your Badi maa is just overreacting. Uski purani aadat hai sab kuch over karti hai, samjahao isse hoi.” Anika walks towards Shivaay, grabs his arm and turns him to face towards her ” Haww, what did you say? Ek to itni two rupee harkat ki hai aapne, mere pure mood ka gudgobar kar diya aur aap keh rahe hai I am overreacting?” Ansh walks in “STOP. Maa, Dad Now let me speak. Ok Maa tell us in detail waht happened?”

“Arre kya hona tha, I woke up today morning thinking I will give Shivaay many surprises and make this day special but when I went to wish him he was busy talking on phone about some deal. I said koi baat nahi, wait kar leti hoon. I waited for 30 minutes and then Shivaay comes in the room and I get ready to wish him..” everybody gathers around Anika to hear the story while Shivaay stands away with his arms crossed on his chest and shaking his head “..but he shouts ‘Damnit’ and smashes the phone against the wall.” Ayushi asks in a confused tone “But whats the big deal Badi maa, we all know that Bade papa breaks his phone whenever he is angry.” Anika scowls and says “The big deal is that the phone was mine and today so many people were going to call me to congratulate, but phir bhi I thought ki koi baat nahi ajj jhagda nahi karna, so I went and wished him and sab aacha chal raha tha, phir..” Anika stops to throw another glare in Shivaay’s direction “..I went to get ready and when I come back I see that the servent is moping the room with the white cloth which I was going to give to shivaay as a gift. The one on which I had done embroidery”. All of them looked at shivaay in disbelief. “Papa didn’t you see what was written on the cloth?” Riddhima asks. “Arre yeh kya dekhenge, inke pas time kaha hai, inhe to mere aur apne phone ka pharak nahi dikha. I had written SHIVIKA in big letters in the middle of the cloth and do you even know kitna mishkil tha vo karna? Aur phir ye mujhe keh rahe the ki tum chinta kyun kar rahi hoo, mai vo kapde ke badle tumhe world ka sabse expensive silk ka kapda lake dunga”. Shivaay turned towards then “I said na sorry, maine nahi dekha ki kya tha uss kapde pe. I was stressed out ek bohut badi deal hamare haath se nikal rahi hai so I just did not notice ki maine Anika ka phone pick kiya hai and also I didn’t notice that embroidery. Sorry”. Anika pushed the siblings aside and replies “MY phone won’t stick back together with your sorry nor will the embroidery come back, to ab kya apke sorry ka aachar dalun mein? Bas maine soch liya hai, mein koi anniversary nahi mana rahi.” with that she walks out huffing.

“Riddu and ayushi you go take care of maa I’ll handle dad” Ansh says to them and Riddhima and Ayushi go out nodding. “Dad please calm down.” he says. Shivaay looks at him and saya “No why me tell her to calm down and Dhruv now don’t you tell me ki use jake manaun because I’ve apologised enough times. Not anymore.” He crossed his arms and looked away from the brothers as they look at each other helplessly.

end of episode 1

So how was it guys? Please comment and tell me if you liked it or not and if you want to see something specific. Please give me some response as it will encourage me to write further.

Till next time 😉 <3



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    itni bade bacche hai inki ..phirbhi ladne ki aadath nahi gayi…loved the epi..will be waiting for the next..

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    It is nice one

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