2612 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 7th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 7th March 2013 Written Update

Rashmi tries to talk to the principal but notices that
the peon is eying her intently.
She then calls someone and asks for help.
They decide to meet in a cafe.

Shahana comes to school n meets Rashmi
and tells her that she cant hide from her.
Shahana asks Rashmi for her phone –
Rashmi resists as the phone contains recording of
Rashmi’s confession about Shahana n her plan
n the place where she was kept.
But later she hands it over as a flashback is shown
where Rashmi has already put everything in a PD.

Shahana gives Rashmi a new phone n takes hers away.

Firoz n Radeep are talking about Randeep”s escape ,
when Jada comes there n taunts Randeep about
his being send to a criminal jail in Pune.

Firoz is ecstatic as this is best for their plan.
A man comes in the jail n is put in Firoz’s cell
where they fight n Firoz is shifted to Randeep’s cell.

Firoz lets Randeep know that the man is his gang member n it was part of the plan.
He even hands Randeep a gun.
Randeep is shocked.

Rashmi goes to meet her help who is none other than Jadda.
As she believes him to be officer Swami she tells him all
from rescuing Ritika to meeting Shahana n now being used by her
as her family has been taken captive.
Jadda consoles her and tells her that he will surely help her.

He then calls Shahana n tells her about this interesting meet.

At the police station Randeep is being shifted to
Pune n he goes to meet the commissioner
where they have a teacher/student moment.

Jadda again asks Randeep to tell him about
the detonators and he will release him but Randeep denies.

The police van is on its way to Pune when nails are
poured on the road n the tires of the van get punctured.

The End

Update Credit to: 18shabbo

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