Amrit Manthan 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 7th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Tej meeting Mr Jain who has the Dhaba’s extension papers.
Tej reminds him if he signed them and forwarded to land department as they came and closed the dhaba.Mr Jain replies that he was out of town because of family emergency and couldn’t do it .Tej says he will let Nimrit know and she will cme over with the documents and they can go over them.
Amrit is blindfolded and asks Vishal to remove her blindfold as she wants to see the surprise he wants to show her .Vishal opens her blindfold and she sees a cake in front of her with all candles lit.She asks where she is and Yug enters saying Amritgarh and it is Yug’s birthday and thanks Vishal for bringing Amrit. Vishal says he brought Amrit for 2 reasons one is Yug as it is his birthday and the second is Agam as he is forgetting his
goal. Vishal goes inside saying he will meet Agam
Amrit starts shouting at Yug that it is not his birthday and still he played to get her to Amritgarh even though she hates it.Yug says that he missed Amrit as he is used to be with her for the last 7 years. Amrit gets surprised at Yugs revelation.Yug asks if she missed him and she replies that she did but not much that she has to come to Amritgarh and see him.Yug says that the point is that she missed him..Amrit says that Vishal has blind folded her for 5 hours and she was dreaming that he might be taking her to a fancy farmhouse or even buy it. Yug says that Agam is an emotional fool and glad she is back as she handles him well.
Agam tells Vishal how he changed his heart when Bani convinced him and Amrit enters and says how he can do this as Bani is the lovechild of Nimrit and Tej. Agam says the kid should not suffer what her parents did and also says that Bani loves her mom
so much and how can he hurt her mom . Yug says that they worked hard in closing the dhaba but Agam is getting emotionally fooled. Amrit again brainwashed Agam that Nimrit will take all the property and Agam’s parents will be on streets and TejNi will enjoy all his fathers property. Agam says that he will not let that happen.

Agam decides to take the papers that Nimrit has which she needs to get it signed by Mr Jain.Amrit whispers to Yug that this is not a great plan and Yug says it is better than he doing nothing.Tej talks to Nimrit on phone and tells her that he met Mr Jain and he will take care of Dhaba’s permission and extension paperwork. Tej goes to dhaba to look for the paperwork and hears some sounds. He searches to see where the sound is coming from and notices Mahiji .Tej enquires what he is doing there and he says that he came there to
prepare for the english test that Bani said will take. Tej says he came to check if all the paperwork looks ok or not and asks him to read well or else the kids will not leave him
Tej leaves and Mahiji practices reading eglish. Yug and Agam comes to dhaba to take the paperwork.They start to search for the file and Mahiji hears some sound. He aks who it is and tries to come and see who it is but falls as it is dark and something hits him.Yug says we need to leave and Agam turns on the light to see who it is.He sees that Mahiji has fallen down and is hurt . Yug says that they need to leave and Agam says that he cannot leave him in that condition even if he is not his papa.Yug says that they will call ambulance and leave but Agam says that it will be very late by the time ambulance comes and
that he will drive him in his car to the hospital.
They drive him to the hospital and Agam worried about his father not getting consious. Yug decides to leave as it is not safe for him to be there if anyone recognises him.
He says that he will park the car and leaves. Doctor comes and tells Agam that Mahiji had an Asthma attack and he brought him at the right time else it would have been critical.Agam goes in to see his dad and gets emotional looking at Mahiji sleeping.Agam asks him to forgive him as he is in that state because of him.

Tejni rushes to the hospital and the receptionist says that he in ICU but is now out of danger. Tej goes in to see Mahiji and Nimrit enquires receptionist how she knew their contact info. Receptionist says that the patients son has given her.Nimrit surprised asks what is the name and she says it is Agam . Nimrit shocked asks where he is at present and the receptionist point to a direction where washroom is located

Inside washroom Agam washes his face and is all emotional thinking about his dad.Nimrit reaches to the washroom and knocks the door. Agam rushes to disguise himself in the sardar look but couldn’t do so as Nimrit is knocking the door. Nimrit finds the door unlocked and opens the door and Agam hides . She looks and leaves seeing it empty.
Agam then leaves from the washroom with his disguised look after Nimrit leaves

Amrit shouts at Yug for leaving Agam at hospital alone and bringing back with him.She says that they have to keep brain washing him as he keeps stepping back from his revenge mode. Agam says that he is very emotional and sentimental fool and all their hard work is going down the drain as he chooses to listen to his heart and not his head.
Yug says that he is worried that all the family will be at the hospital and Agam’s heart might melt again.

Tej comes and tells Nimrit that Mahiji is fine and asks what she is doing there. Nimrit says that receptionish told him that the person who brought Mahiji to the hospital introduced hiself as his son and she was searching for him. Nurse comes in and Nimrit asks where is the person and Nurse points at Agam in Sardar look.

Nimrit asks Agam how he found Mahiji as h was in dhaba. Agam gives medicine to the compunder and asks him to give it to the doctor and starts to leave without answering Nimrit’s question. Nimrit stops him and asks him to answer her question first and she thinks that her father in law is in this state because of him.She further asks him if he was threatening him to seize the dhaba and warns him if anything happens to her papaji she won’t leave him

Precap – To save the reputation of the dhaba ,Tej suggests to Nimrit and family that they should participate in All India Dhaba Competition from the ad he saw in a news paper and Nimirt says she will participate in it.

Update Credit to: Saina

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