2612 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 31st May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 31st May 2013 Written Update

****Last Episode***

The last day last episode opens with Randeep providing the recorded evidence to SIU chief Mr Kashyap … My Swami/Jadda claiming to be the professor himself and Shahana was just following his orders ….

Mr Kashyap is apologetic to Randeep … for not trusting him … and realises his folly in trusting Mr Swami blindly …

Rasdeep along with Mr Kashyap and SIU team use Shahana as bait to trap Jadda …by planting SIU agents among Shahana’s goons ….

Sha -Jadda realize this too late …Shahana wants to be killed at the hands of Jadda rather than be captured by rasdeep or SIU but Jadda pays no heed to her pleas…sumana of dhwaniforum the writer of this update is relieved …

.Rasdeep Mr Kashyap , SIU team round up the real professor and shoot him down ….and take Sahahna into custody .. Randeep promises her she will not die such an easy death ….

All the news channels are abuzz with Rasdeep valiant actions and their heroism and patriotism….

Rasdeep plan to get married next week at the time and date as per plan …. they promise to be with each other and support each other all their lives ….and they smile at each other and share a long eye lock .. looking forwards into their future full of hope for a new beginning …

Rasdeep introduce the main lead of the next show ..”Jaan “…a naughty boy but with a heart of gold

Closing scene is the show 2613 …. a darkened room .. with about five people sitting in close conference .. discuss Shahana is jailed for life ..and Jadda is no more so they decide to take over the mission Destroy India in their own hands …New master minds appear from nowhere .!!….


Update Credit to: sumana

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