Suvreen Guggal 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 31st May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts in the office. Suvreen is standing with the interns. Samar shouts SUVREEN!! Suvreen gets shocked and runs into his room. Samar is sitting there and looks stressed and angry.. Everybody watches them. He stands up and says: Suvreen Guggal, your name is a joke and u too.! What did you think?? She asks when? He says when you was mix up the pictures . She asks when did it happen? He gets confused.. he takes Suvreens arm and pulls her closer to him.. he looks really angry. He says: I did do the pictures in order! And then he throws all the picture on the table. Suvi is almost crying. Alisha is smiling behind of time. Suvi says: I saw the pics here so I thought’ Samar doesn’t let her talk and says: you thought?? Please let me think. Samar gets more angry.. he is trying to relax. After a while he says you have ruined it so you will bring them in order again.! Now, fix it! Samar goes to the interns and says : come in.! and then they come in. Samar says do it! Suvi its on the table and tries to bring them in the order.. and then she looks at the interns and at Alisha.. she smiles.! Everybody watches her. Pritty looks tensed.. after a while Rehan, Ira and Jolly come in. Rehan asks Samar what is happening here.. Samar stands up and gives signs that he should watch Suvreen.. after a while Samar sits on the table too and watches it. And then Suvreen finished with it and stands up. Alisha is still smiling.. Samar looks at the pictures, he turns the pics around to watch it. He says: I really hate to say this but it’s perfect! Everybody gets shocked..! Samar stands up and says: Suvreen guggal this will work!! She says thank you and is very happy. Rehan says : don’T forget the order of the pictures.. Rehan, Ira and Jolly are going for meeting.. While everybody goes Samar makes sign, Suvreen turns around. He says : Good job. And WINKS AT HER!! Suvi laughs and goes.. Samar smiles..

In Delhi. Puppa comes to the house with papers on his hand. Mumma is sitting on the couch. He throws the papers on the table and sits near Mumma. He says Sorry.. She asks why r u saying this? He says: When I married you I said that I’ll make you always happy. Puppa says that he can’t want help from Suvi.

In the office. Rohan talks on the phone Pritty is behind him. He sees her and says: a person should not hear everything what the other person says. She talks too much She says I know your secret. He says: Please don’t say it to anyone else. And then he goes.

Maddy listen to music.. he has his phone on his hand, he takes the headphone out and calls anyone. (Dunno what he says) The interns are doing their work. After a while Pritty comes and says Rehan, Ira and Jolly are coming to the office but they look sad.. and then Samar comes and asks them what happened?? The interns are confused.. Rehan , Ira and Jolly don’t say anything. Jolly sits on the table. Samar says: No this can’t happen, everybody likes my work and says only 2 things: excellent or good.. Rehan says there is 3 things. Samar gets shocked.. Samar says : I’ll call them and ask them. He wants to go but Jolly starts laughing.. Rehan and Ira laughs too. Samar turns around and asks what?? Ira says there is 1 thing. They said: VERY EXCELLENT! Everybody is jumping and screaming.. and hugging.. Rehan hugs Ira.. Rehan says that they will make party. Everybody clapping. And then he says : One more thing, you guys did work today hard so you guys can go.! And then Jolly says: everyone is invited to the party. And then Rehan, Ira and Jolly go. They are still screaming. Suvreen goes to her phone and calls Yuvraj. She says calendar shoot is improved.. he says: Ok, we will meet in your house. She says ok and hangs up. Then she calls her mom. Mumma asks how are you? She says I’m good looking.. she tells everything.. Suvreen asks what happened?? Mumma says everything is ok but’ And then Puppa takes the phone and hangs up. Suvi is confused.. Suvi talks to herself: Why if mumma tensed??

In the house. Soni says to Suvi that she will go with Jatin. She says that she didn’t start with packing. Suvreen says : Please don’t go! Soni asks.: why? Suvi says: Jatin is not a nice guy. Soni is shocked and says don’t be silly.. Suvreen tells her everything about yesterday.. She saw him with a girl hand in hand. Soni gets angry and asks: What is your problem suvreen? Yuvraj watches them. Soni says: I didn’t say anything like that about Yuvraj too. Suvreen says: I know him.! Soni says: I trust Jatin and I’ll go.! Suvreen says: ok, then go.. but it’s my responsibility to warn you. Soni says: Thanks for nothing and goes.! Suvreen is sad. Yuvraj comes near Suvreen she says: I saw it! He says: Topper , if she says that she will go so then let her go, maybe you saw anyone else. Suvi says: I saw it, he was with a girl in the car.! Yuvraj sayS: If is like that you say then she will get it out as soon as possible.! She will take her own decisions. Yuvi holds her hand and says you should support her.. and then they hug!

Ira gives drink to Rehan in their house. He sits on the couch, she comes near to him. They laugh. They are talking about Rehan’s entry in the office. He says: you know what’s the beautiful thing inside of you?? She asks what? He says your smile! She looks at him and asks: Are you flirting with me? And then they look each other.
Epi ends.!

Rehan says to all the interns: Guys you have to come tomorrow night to the office, not for work but for the party.! Everybody is happy. Pritty asks Suvi what are you wearing for the party?? Suvi says I too don’t have a nice dress. Samar hears everything behind them. Yuvraj asks: Red or Black?? Suvi says black.. (I think Yuvi has phones on his hand) Suvreen talks to herself: Is he planning a surprise?? Samar says to Geeti that she should come with him.. Alisha asks to Geeti in the car, what did Samar want from you? She says : a gift (dunno what she meant) Suvreen takes a gift. She opens it and it’s a black dress. She says : this is Yuvraj’s surprise?? She gets shocked.. she says: that’s why he asked me for my favourite color.. BLACK!

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