2612 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 1st March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 1st March 2013 Written Update

Rashmi is in a taxi with Munna. Her call with Randeep has not yet been disconnected. She asks Munna where they are going…He tells her the place they are going ( I couldn’t hear the name of tht place properly.. it was something like san pada.. 😛 ) Randeep hears all this.

In the jail, a policeman comes. Therefore Randeep disconnects his calll

Rashmi reaches the destination and is lead to a room by Munna. Munna climbs up the stairs. Another man comes and takes a picture of Rashmi and asks her to switch off her phone. He then gives her a box.

In the jail, Randeep asks Firoz what he knew about phones. He asked about the phones you get at the place Munna had mentioned. Firoz says that in that place, there is a lot of business of passports and its code name is ‘Mobile’. [ I again wasn’t able to hear this part properly]

Rashmi is sitting opposite to Shahana and drinks a glass of water. Rashmi then gives the box to Shahana. Shahana then tells Rashmi to go home. Rashmi’s family is not yet released. After Rashmi leaves, Shahana takes the glass from which Rashmi had had water and take her finger prints from it.

In the jail, Randeep is lying down and is moaning with pain. Jadda comes there and then the doctor comes after a while. The doctor tells that Randeep will have to be hospitalized immediately.

Rashmi is in an auto — on her way to home, She gets a phone call. Its from one of the policemen from the STF. He tells her to meet Randeep at the Governmant Hospital at 4pm. Rashmi goes home and recalls some memories of hers with her family. She gets another phone call. The call is from Shahana. Shahana tells Rashmi to open the door and do whatever is written in that parcel. Shahana also tells Rashmi to conect with her through a webcam in 10 minutes. Rashmi opens the parcel.

Randeep is being taken to the ambulance. Jadda says that he too will be coming.
randeep taken to hosp. jadda says he too going. In the ambulance, Randeep has a look at the policeman there and the policeman nods at him. [So , Randeep has been acting all this time!]

Rashmi is wearing exactly the same clother like Shahana. She’s dressed up like Shahana. That’s what was in the parcel. Rashmi opens her laptop and connects to Shahana through a webacm. Shahana smiles on seeing Rashmi. She tells Rashmi to repeat what she says:

” Humaara naam Shahana Malik hai”
( My name is Shahana Malik )

Rashmi has to say it and she does say it.

And then Shahana says:

“Humaara sirf ek hie maksat hai aur woh hai Hindustan ko tabah karna”
( I have only 1 aim, and that is to destroy India )

And the episode ends!

Precap : Rashmi is an auto and is about to reach the hospital where Randeep is hospitalized. Randeep is lying on a bed and is waiting for Rashmi. Rashmi enters the hospital. Se is warned by the policeman who had helped Randeep do all this to be careful as Jadda is there in the hospital.

Update Credit to: chand1234

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