Amrit Manthan 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 1st March 2013 Written Update

episode starts with amrit and yug talking to each other amrit says yug you know the game which i had played it was full of risk just agam shall realize that living back from nimrit is better for him i just want that agam could hate thinking of nimrit
nimrit calls vishal and said that i was talking about conference call so vishal said yes so but load shedding occured in out office and becuase of which my partner was unable to talk and he was unwell then so just then Agam enters … vishal says that here he is there let me ask is he fine ? so Agam said he is fine and so then nimrit says ok i am video calling you so vishal said to agam that nimrit wants to do videocall , nimrit calls vishal receives . Agam comes and turn off the laptop . everyone was shocked , there was yug , amrit vishal and agam … nimrit was shocked too but the cutting of the call second time . Then vishal asked agam whats wrong so he said that i am not ready for it …
Morning occured Bani and Jojo were seeing the date of the holi and then nimrit said you both leave this and have your breakfast … Sunita enters and says that i will take care of them … so then bani
said that i wish that may this holi my daada comes to celebrate it with us .vishal comes and said to amrit and yug that agam had told me everything . and i solute you that only because of nimrit you are changing your names and that all . he passed off , amrit and clap each other hand an said thats all done agam was burning the papers of nimrit da dhaba project , vishal shouts and saved that doing this mischief is not the solution nimrit and tej were sitting and nimrit told tej that again the call had dropped and now i think i must not call them or else they will think we are ver curious about it tej said but call them , nimrit called agm , agam was very angry and he took the phone and cut the call . bani & jojo comes and bani was crying , so nimrit asked why are you crying so jojo said that dadi had said that bani didi’s daada will not come this holi too , so nimrit said that your daada will come and i will do something so then he had to come .
amrit said to yug that our plan succeeded sunita was not getting the medicines and everyone forced her to take she said i will take medicine when nimrit and tej will tell me whether are they marrying or not .. ?? so nimrit said how can i marry tej , i know we had lied to bani . but … tej said that do you think bani is a small child and she will except me as her daada !! nimrit said that i know that only her dreams she made a relation with her daada but i think bhagwan did all this and he will have to make us pass this situation .
agam was very angry and vishal and he decided to take revenge and agam decides to go to amrit garh and see it him self . Bani calls agam and said why are you worried so agam said nothing just i was busy in work so … bani said that on’t take tension mama said tension is not good to health … so bani and jojo prayed to god to send bani’s daada this holi agam decides to go to amritgarh …

Maha episode promo : tej , jojo , bani and nimrit are laughing and tej feds cake to nimrit agam is hiding behind the tree and watching it all . nimrit walks and she feels agam and she step towards

Precap : None

Update Credit to: mehak

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