1st Epi – Woh Apna Sa 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Woh Apna Sa 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
There is a wedding going on. Aditya welcomes them. A woman says who is making pooja thali? She says Nisha is making it. The woman says these girls of today don’t know all this. The woman says my Nisha doesn’t do these mistakes. She makes the best thali. Nisha comes in with thali. She says kaaki ma check it once. She says show it to seema. Seema says there is no roli in it. I told you. Nish but this is for welcome. Pandit ji will bind them roli afterwards.
They all go towards the gate to welcome the newly weds. A man says stop. Aditya says to kaki ma and Kaku will both welcome you. Kaku says you and Nisha will welcome this new couple. Nish says not us. Adi says this is your right. Kaku says we have been doing that for years. You are our new generation. You are our shiv and Parvati. Nisha and Adi welcome the couple. The groom Raj gives Nisha sweet. SHe says I am Kaki ma are on fast. Neha hit the bowl and enter the house. A woman says she hit it with left foot. The very first mistake. Adi says people walk without noticing all that nothing happens. The grains are scattered perfectly that shows she will expand the food in the this house. Raj will get fat. Nisha says welcome to the house.
Kaka says first of all take blessings of bhai sahab. Where is he? Adi asks Nisha where is baba? She says he was in car with me but I went towards the barat. He comes out and sees he is not there. Adi says how can you do this. She says I got busy. He says you know his condition how can you do this? He says I am going to look for him.

Baba is surrounded by dogs. Kaku and Adi are looking for him in different cars. Adi says where are you baba? A girl is walking on the road. She scares away the dogs. But they don’t go. She says should I go near? It might eat me. She sees baba. The girl scares the dogs.
Kaku calls adi and asks did he find him? Adi says no. I am looking for him. I will let you know as soon as I find them. Adi comes out of his car and runs on the roads. He shows people picture and asks them. The girl is trying to fight the dogs but they are barking at her too. The dogs finally run away. Baba is hidden behind the garbage tank. She says I thought it would eat me today. She says uncle don’t worry they went away. Come out.
Raj and Adi are looking for him. Adi says it is all my mistake. I should never have trusted that Nisha. I hope you are safe baba.
The girl gives baba her hand. He stands up. Adi drives past them but couldn’t see.
The girl says hi I am Jhanvi and you? He is quite. Are you coming from a function? Why are you alone here? He can’t recall. She says should I drop you somewhere? Any address? He starts crying. Jhanvi says don’t cry. Don’t worry that’s fine. Jhanvi says its okay.
Jhanvi sees card in his pocket. She calls the landline. Nisha picks it up. She says I am near Shivaji park. Your family member chandresh ji is with me. He is really worried can you send someone to pick him up? Nisha says sorry wrong number and hands up. Nish says to kaki how can I do this? Kaki says its not your mistake. His condition is that way. Nisha says I hope we find papa. Kaki says don’t worry we will.
Adi calls Raj, to get baba’s pictures posted on media and social media.
Nisha says I am really worried. Where would he be? I am going out to look for him. I am taking kids with me. Nisha says lets go. Chini says where are we going? nisha says we are going for chinese. Lets go.
Nisha’s mom calls her and says where are you? She says I am stuck in my way. I will come. Nisha says what should I do?
Nisha comes to restaurant with the kids and says I know you both love chinese so mama brought you here. Lets enjoy but don’t tell anyone home. Otherwise what would happen? The kids say you will beat us. They enjoy the Chinese.
Jhanvi gives baba biscuit and says would you eat it? He says no. She says its very tasty. If I eat it you won’t get anything. This is yummy. He looks at her bracelet.

Nisha sees on news about missing of Chandresh. Jhanvi gives Chandresh her bracelet so he plays with it and she gives him biscuit.
Jhanvi finds Chandresh’s address and takes him home. Nisha comes after him. She sees them going in. Nisha says oh God baba I am so glad we were so worried. SHe says to Jhanvi thank you so much. Jhanvi says I can understand you people were worried. I called your place but someone said wrong number. He is very sweet.
Nisha says we have wedding here. Some guest might have called. Nisha says he is very sweet. I got a chance to be a kid with him. You are very lucky to have him. Nisha says in heart why don’t you take him your place then? Adi comes in and nisha leaves.

Precap-Nisha says I am your wife not your watchman. Its not my responsibility to look after your family. Adi says this is your last warning. Nisha says warning my foot.
Jhanvi says something is always left in complete in our house. Our heart skips a beat because that beat is in another heart of our soul mate. Far from us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Precap is still there..
    On a road, adi sees a puppy and it’s about to hit by a truck.. Adi closes his eyes but jhanvi saves the pup.. Adi is unable to see face of jhanvi.

    Loving this first episode…
    Hope it folds open in very better way.

  2. I m huge fan of sudeep sahir……. I really luv the episode 1st episode…….. I luv it…… ???? Sudeep

  3. I m huge fan of sudeep sahir……. I really luv the episode 1st episode…….. I luv it…… ???? Sudeep

    1. Hey, I know this actor doing the role Adi, but I can’t remember which serial it was, can you tell me please.? I believe it was on zee TV.


    Sorry to say.. but i did not like the start of show… lets wait for another episode, for deciding to continue or not

  5. Interesting. Where Niddi is there it has to be good…she is a super duper actress.

  6. I thought the episode was nice and relevant. More people do need to show kindness to the elderly. However, I’m not sure how I feel about this show yet. I think I would be uncomfortable watching a married father fall for someone else.

    1. I can see that Adi has a good soul whereas his wife is the polar opposite, naturally people tend to connect on a spiritual level with what is compatible with them, so therefore we may be seeing new grounds treading here. I understand your being uncomfortable with what we presume is going to happen, but sadly scenarios like this does happen in real life…happiness is the most invaluable feeling that money can’t buy, and I have a feeling that Adi is nearing break point with his wife. She’s conniving though, pretending to be the perfect bahu, but no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  7. I liked the first episode and I also love the character of jhanvi she is so caring and beautiful now let’s see what happens. If this serial touch people’s heart or not?

  8. I liked this 1st episode, looking forward to continue viewing. The plight of this elderly gentleman is an ongoing case in today’s society, no longer do people feel caring towards their fellow human beings, especially when people attain old age, the younger generation don’t have patience and understanding with them. In this serial, I can see that Nisha is hungry for this elderly man’s property and wants him out of the way. This is reality……..

  9. RIDDDDDDDDDDDDDHI ……………….ITS awesome to have u back on TV……..love u…………….but wud have loved u more if it had been such tat U & RAQESK were paired up ND LOVE STARTS BLOOMING LIKE IN MARYADA……………..TATS FINE………….

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