Shakti 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that they have to do Gidda dance tomorrow in Lohri celebrations. He says you don’t know this dance and asks her to learn. Soumya says she has to do much work and have to go. Harman asks her to stay and practice Gidda dance. He teaches her dance… and says 1 2 3 4. Soumya practices dance with him. Harman and Soumya dance. Soumya slips and falls in his embrace…He holds her romantically. They have an eye lock. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………Harman asks her to focus else they can’t do Gidda. Surbhi is going from there. Soumya says I am very tired and asks Harman to dance with Surbhi, says she knows Gidda dance. Harman asks them to practice Gidda dance as a couple, and goes upset. Surbhi and Soumya looks on.

Bebe asks Maninder not to worry and sleep. Maninder says I can’t sleep and packs gifts for Surbhi. He waits to see Surbhi, and reminisces her childhood. Bebe says yes, she was chulbuli in childhood. Maninder wonders don’t know how she is staying there. Harak Singh comes singing song and says he brought gifts for everyone. Sindhu says our Santa came. Harak Singh gives gift to Preeto. Preeto says you have bought bold color for me, and asks him to bring simple light colors for her also. Harak Singh says these colors suit you well. He gives gifts to Sindhu and Shanno. Shanno thanks him, but doesn’t like the clothes. Surbhi says we will get it exchanged. Harman says nobody will change their clothes as everyone wears clothes of Harak Singh’s choice. He asks her to keep quiet. Preeto asks Surbhi to tell whatever she wants to. Harak Singh gives clothes to Soumya and Surbhi. They take it. Harak Singh asks Raavi to take her dress. Raavi refuses and says I will not celebrate Lohri, as I have no husband and son here. She gets emotional and tells that she don’t want anything when her son is away from her.

In the kitchen, Surbhi tells Soumya that her saas is vamp type and acts good infront of Harman. Soumya reminds her that she is her saas also, and asks her to accept Preeto, the way she is and says we can’t change everything. Surbhi asks why she is so good and says I am doubtful if you are my sister or not.

Kareena is drunk and tells that she won’t let Soumya forget that she is a kinnar. Saya says you are drunk much. Kareena says now I realize why people drinks. She says I have always favored her and stopped you from naming her Tarana, and made her clap like her. She says she will dragged Soumya here, and make her Tarana and do her Tilak here, says she will make her forget her identity.

Harman talks to someone and asks if this news is true. He comes to Raavi’s sasur house and sees her son. Raavi’s sasur asks his grand son to play there and not to go anywhere. Harman hides his face with a mask and thinks to make his nephew meets his mum Raavi. He thinks today it will be Raavi’s happy lohri. He throws fake snake to divert everyone’s attention, holds Raavi’s son and runs towards his room. Raavi’s sasur asks people to save his grand son. Harak Singh asks where is Preeto? Preeto comes wearing dress which he brought.

Harak Singh gets happy and asks Varun to get him married again. Varun says with whom? Harak Singh says with Raavi. Varun says he will call Pandit. Preeto asks him to hold on his emotions. Harak Singh says I am in love with you all over again. Shanno asks Viren if he praised her anytime. Viren says I can’t lie. Harak Singh announces that he is in love with Preeto and lifts Preeto in his arms. Harak Singh’s friends come and greet him. They ask him to come out. Harak Singh says he will come after giving message to Preeto and asks Varun to make them sit out. He tells Preeto that he will not drink much, and asks Preeto to make Soumya wear mangalsutra and sindoor for sometime. Preeto asks him not to worry.

Surbhi is doing Soumya’s make up. Soumya asks her to come. Surbhi says no, and asks her to go and enjoy. Soumya says what you will do here alone. Preeto comes and says really….says Soumya will enjoy with everyone. You are bahu of this house and we can’t leave you here alone. You have to enjoy with us and asks her to get ready. Surbhi looks on. Preeto asks Surbhi to give her mangalsutra to Soumya and make her apply sindoor. She says nobody knows about your marriage with Harman, you should convince yourself and asks her to give mangalsutra. Surbhi says okay, and asks her not to worry. Preeto asks her to hide her sindoor also and come. Surbhi gives her mangalsutra to Soumya. Soumya says I don’t want to become a sinner for taking mangalsutra from a married woman. Surbhi says I have done a bigger sin than you, as I have shared mangalsutra of yours. She says this suits you well and also you have more right on it than me. She gives her sindoor box asking her to apply in her forehead. Soumya nods no.

Surbhi opens sindoor box. Soumya hesitantly takes a pinch of sindoor in her finger recalling her marriage with Harman and applies sindoor on her forehead with tears in her eyes. Surbhi keeps back box and says you are looking pataka/good. She asks her to check puja arrangements until she gets ready. Soumya says okay. Surbhi looks at herself in the mirror.

Guest asks who is this girl? Varun says he is Harman’s saali. Guest asks Harman to dance with Soumya. Harman says he will dance with Soumya. Preeto says Soumya can’t dance, and that’s why Harman will dance with Surbhi today. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. THE ONLY REASON TO WATCH SHAKTI IS THE ULTIMATE RAKSHAK HARMAN! First scene was nice…. His treatment towards Surbhi is super… Excited to see Haya dance…..

  2. Hi shakthi fans,hw r u all? Hope the track changed very well. Raavi’s son hate his grand parents and his mom.while somu won his heart with her motherly love . Eagerly waiting for this track . This is the recent spoiler. Preeto and raavi should know what is real love for son which they missed to give to their son. Hope the writers should take the show in positive way to get back audience.

  3. Hi karthi,where r u dear? Mobile Seri aagiducha? Come back soon.

    Raji, very sad day for us . Even though we won in justice we cant celebrate it becoz of the incident today happened. Hate the politicians. Plz do comments.

    Hi kopz,Ashley,uthaya and bunny hope u all like current track. Lets pray for better track.

    1. ya ammu akka i really hate this politicians and police tirumba Enda prachanaikum kooda kudadunu ipdi panitanga

  4. Hi Ammu yes totally agree with you. Harman put check to surbhi for her overaction.its really nice d way harman is treating surbhi like that.Bhaanja entry is really amazing nd hope bhaanja make HAYA bond strong.But,I am fearing about Kareena.Only Harman can save her gulabo.

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