1st Epi – Shakti 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nimmi getting panicked hearing some noise and searches in the house for her daughter. She asks God not to take her Soumya’s life. She goes to terrace and looks down shockingly. She sees her husband Mahinder Singh digging the land while Bebe carrying the little girl. Bebe asks him to bury Soumya and not to stop digging the land. Nimmi screams and comes down running. She asks Bebe to leave her daughter who is just 10 days old. Bebe says she is just 10 days old, if we bury her right now then our respect will be saved, else society will taunt us for her birth. Nimmi says she is my child. Bebe pushes her. Her husband digs the land and puts Soumya inside, and puts the sand on her. Nimmi holds the digging instrument/shovel, and warns them. She moves the sand and takes out Soumya from the ground. She asks God to have mercy on the little girl and cries.. Soumya cries. Nimmi cries happily as Soumya is alive, and thanks God for saving Soumya. Mahinder says what have you done? Woman says jaake rakho saiyya, marsake na koi…..If God wants to protect someone, then nobody can ever kill him/her. She says I am not only her mum who gave her birth, but also I will live with her and die with her. If anyone keeps bad eye on her, I will take his eyes and not spare that person…….Mahinder and Bebe looks on shockingly. Shakti song plays….as the woman walks off with little Soumya, and Mahinder and bebe looks on.

After few years Nimmi wakes up and sees the cloth tied up with her hand. She sings lori and wakes up Soumya. Bebe wakes up another girl, who is Soumya’s younger sister Surbhi. Soumya wakes up and asks her mum to leave her now as she has woken up. Nimmi says don’t tell this, I can leave this world, but not you…..She gets emotional and hugs her. Soumya sees her dad brushing her sister’s teeth, combing her hairs and getting her ready. Soumya tells her mum that she has brushed her teeth. Nimmi gives her 5 stars on her hand. Soumya gets happy. Soumya gives tiffin to Surbhi. Mahinder says your mum gives tiffin late so that you gets late to go to school. Surbhi says it is okay Papa. Neighbor comes and invites everyone for the party. Soumya tells Nimmi that she wants to attend the party. Nimmi looks on tensed. She asks Soumya to bring Papa’s tiffin. Beeji asks her to make Surbhi’s tiffin first, and says Soumya as she don’t go to school. Nimmi says Surbhi was not late. Her husband scolds her for giving more preference to Soumya. Soumya brings his tiffin for him and says she has packed it. He throws the tiffin and angrily refuse to take it, goes. Soumya looks on scared. Nimmi pacifies her.
Mahinder Singh is sitting somewhere and the people sitting there tells about the population survey. One of the person asks him about his kids. Mahinder singh says he has just one child. Soumya tells Nimmi that she wants to go to school. Nimmi says stupid people goes to school. Soumya says I want to study and makes friends. Nimmi says I am your friend. Soumya says she wants little friends. Elders sitting there tell that he has two daughters. Mahinder gets angry and asks so what?

Someone invites him to his dhaba and says son is born in his house. Mahinder congratulates him. Soumya tells Nimmi that she wants to go to party. Nimmi says witch will come there. Soumya insists. Nimmi says tell me what do you want to eat, I will make it right here. Surbhi comes home and asks Nimmi to make roti for her. Soumya gets happy and rushes to meet her sister. Surbhi shows her book. Soumya shows her five stars on her hand which Nimmi has given her. Surbhi gets angry and says mum never plays with me. Why I was sent to school everyday. Nimmi asks her to eat food and says then we will play…..Surbhi goes from there angrily. Bebe tells Nimmi that Surbhi needs her, and scolds her for not treating her well. Nimmi says Soumya needs her more, and says she loves her both daughters and had given birth to both. She tells Bebe that Soumya is also her blood. Bebe says Soumya will stay with you for just some more days. Nimmi asks her not to talk like that and says she will never separate herself with Soumya. Bebe comes to Surbhi and asks her to get ready to go to party. Surbhi gets happy and agrees.

Mahinder is sitting with his friends at a dhaba, drinking wine and cracking jokes. The host invited him gets sentimental and says he needed a daughter and not a son. Mahinder says yes, and talks about Surbhi who loves him so much. The host asks if he is asking about elder or younger daughter. Mahinder gets angry. His friends ask why does he differentiate between the two daughters. Mahinder says I will leave, but they make him sit. Someone says that Mahinder hates her elder daughter as Nimmi Bhabhi brought her from her mayka. Mahinder gets angry and grabs his collar. Soumya thinks Mahinder, Bebe and Surbhi go out and have icecream etc…but Maa and I always stay at home and are locked. Nimmi hears her and thinks she is doing this for her betterment, and feel apologetic. She asks Soumya to take rest and says then I will show you magic. Soumya throws the paper on which she has drawn something reflecting her feelings. Mahinder beats the man badly. Someone calls the Police. While Nimmi is busy making rotis, Soumya opens the door and thinks if she shall go or not. She recalls her mum’s words that witch will take her away if she steps out. She thinks I will go fast and come back, and steps out of house. Police arrives at the scene, arrests Mahinder and take him to police station. Soumya comes to the house where party is going on. She sees girl cutting cake and singing song from outside. Nimmi calls Soumya and sees the paper. She rushes out insearch of Soumya. Someone informs her that Mahinder is caught by the Police, but she ignores him and continues to search Souma. A lady covering her head comes near Soumya….while she is busy watching party.

Precap: Nimmi sees veiled woman trying to kidnap Soumya and warns her not to touch her daughter. While she was trying to cross the road and reach Soumya, a vehicle comes infront of her. Nimmi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Nice start I hate mahindar role???Anyways.. Waiting for Vivian entry.. I am big fan of Vivian.

  2. Indeed a good start

  3. Good start and concept.

  4. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Waiting for one more leap and wanted to see Vivian soon!!!

  5. It looks interesting but suspicious to know why her family behaves bad with her and treats her bad.

  6. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    thnx for the fast update mam..

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  8. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

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  13. Amazing beginning

  14. Why the hell they put Rubina as the lead actress
    She is so fake dumb n lacking talent.

  15. They treat her bad maybe it isnt mahindar real daughter.That is his step daughter..

    1. no i guess something is beyond that…

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