1st Epi – Kawach 25th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya sees her would be husband’s face on Mahashivratri in temple

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The Show starts with the recitation of Gayatri Mantra and the temple is shown.

The voiceover tells about Dev Lali Village where the ancient temple of Panch Maha bhoot is located. He says it is said that on the night of Maha Shivratri night, at 4 am, Shiv and Parvati dance in this temple for their union. He says this is the only night of Mahashivratri that Shiv gets so immersed in dancing with his wife that Bhoot and Pret are not in his control, and this night bhoot and pret are freed. He says if at this time, any unmarried girl goes to the temple and do Shivling’s Abhishek then God Shiv shows her would be husband’s face, but this is not that easy, as the way to this temple crosses from the crematorium ground where the most dangerous, evil and cursed souls roam. He says that’s why whoever girl

goes to this temple to pray, nobody knew till now where they have swallowed if the darkness of night or the dead bodies’ crematorium ground.

22 Years Ago, Patwardhan Wada, Dev lali 1997:

Manju cries and tells her Aai that she had enough, guys come to see her and reject her. She says she wants to ask God if she will marry or not. She says today is Mahashivratri and if my devotion is truthful then God will show me, my husband’s face. She looks at the temple from her house window and says she will go to the temple. Her Aai says there is a danger there, death is there. She says whoever girl goes there at 4 am to do puja, never returns. Manju asks her to think that if any girl is saved then she will get to see her would be husband’s face. She says I will go. Aai says I won’t let you go and closes the door. She goes. Manju knocks on the door asking her to open. Light is flickering outside her room. Manju uses a cloth to get down the window and says forgive me Aai, it is better to try once, rather than hearing the taunts daily. She takes the aarti plate and climbs down. She keeps the puja stuff in the thaali and goes to the temple. The door of the temple opens. An evil spirit is shown. Manju sees a snake on the way and shouts. She runs faster and sees a hand coming out from the soil and shouts and falls down. Her puja aarti also falls down. She gets up and sees the light falling on her. She hears a lady calling her and asking if she is Manju, Madhuri’s daughter and asks her to come with her, says I will save you. She is about to turn, but a girl stops her and says I will take you. The woman is a ghost. The girl taking her is also a ghost. She sees some men there and they are also ghost. Manju shouts. She sees many ghosts hanging on to the tree and calling her asking her to come. She sees the ghost hand coming from soil catching her legs and gets shocked. The witch says you have done wrong, only death comes here. Manju runs and falls down. She sees the temple stairs and thinks she has to touch it somehow. All the ghosts walk towards her. Manju couldn’t move, although she wishes to reach temple stairs anyhow. They walk towards her. Manju shouts. It seems they killed her.

22 years later. Wadala, Mumbai :

A man is seen praying in the in-house temple and says Om Nama Shivaya. He looks at Manju’s pic with a garland on it. He hears the screams. His wife says you are always worried on the night of Maha Shivratri, 22 years past since your sister went missing, we left our village on that Mahashivratri night and came here in Mumbai. Your Aai, Baba, Bhaiyya and Bhabhi called us, but we didn’t return. He calls his wife Usha and says bad thing can happen anywhere. He asks where are the kids?

Usha says Mogli is playing out. He calls her. Usha says let him play. He asks where is Suman? She says she is inside and slept in the room. He says I told her before she became air hostess. He asks about Sandhya. Usha says she went to dance Institute. Sandhya is seen dancing in the dance institute. Her friend asks other friends to come to the temple with Sandhya. They come to the temple and pray. Her friend tells that she will miss them in America. Archu says you are saying as if you are going to die. Sandhya asks her not to tell that. They click selfies. Shashi shows his marriage card. Archu and Sandhya see it. She asks why the colleague crying. Shashi says boss fired her. Sandhya says boss might fire me also. Shashi says boss will not fire you. Sandhya goes to meet the boss. He is exercising and says you are fired. She says I brought Goa client details. He says you are late. Sandhya asks him not to fire her and tells that she came even on Mahashivratri day. He says you came late for the third time in a year. She says I will not fire you, as I like your genuine, hardworking, loyal.. he says that’s why I like you. Song plays….He says I want to marry you and asks her to marry him. Sandhya is surprised and says this is not right and fair. She says you are boss and I am an employee. She says office romance doesn’t go for long. Boss tells that he will fire her and then will propose her. Sandhya thinks if someone proposes like this. He says he would have taken her out and proposed her, but that looks artificial. He tells about himself that he is the director of 5 companies and then proposes her for marriage. Sandhya says I can’t marry you and says sorry sir. Angad thinks what to do?

A lady comes to Balraj talking. Balraj praises her. Sandhya’s boss Angad comes there and says she refused. His sisters give him ideas to propose her. Jolly Phupha comes there and says don’t worry, I am here. His other family members come there and give him different ideas. Jolly says don’t worry, we will get you to marry her. Angad shouts stop it. He says I know you all love me and I want Sandhya to accept me just the way I am and don’t want anyone to force me. He says I will continue proposing her and will not accept defeat.

Usha gives the parlor responsibility to her employees and asks her to manage clients, and says they are going to the village. Sandhya comes home and asks why did she call? Usha says your Aaji is unwell. She says she doesn’t want to go and is worried. Her husband says he is worried and don’t want to take kids along with them, but Aai and Aaji asked him to bring the kids, he asks what to tell them that they will come after they die. Sandhya comes with her stuff. They come out of house. Karthik fights with her friends. Usha asks Karthik, Akhil and Ankit. She tells Karthik that she is telling him as he is elder and asks them to visit a temple before going to the village. They agree hesitantly. Sandhya tells her Aai that she called her friend Ranjana as she is going to America tomorrow. Usha asks them not to eat non-veg there. Karthik says ok. Ranjana asks Sandhya why did she refuse Angad. Karthik says he might be arrogant. He sees the small temple Ram shetrapal temple and recalls Usha asking him to visit there and keep coconut. He looks at the temple, but doesn’t stop the car and continues to drive. Sandhya says she never thought Angad as her life partner. Anjana says I have a solution and shows her the temple pic. She says whoever recites the mantras written there 101 times on Mahashivratri night, then Shiv ji shows her would be husband’s face. Sandhya says this is just superstition.

Ankit asks Ranjana why she is eating non-veg, seeing the car stopped. Ranjana says nothing happens with it. Ankit says he will get down and visit the temple. Their car is stopped at the Panch Maha Bhoot temple. Ranjana goes inside the temple. Sandhya comes inside calling her. Ranjana holds her neck and laughs. Sandhya asks her not to make fun of death. Sandhya asks her to come and takes her inside to click the pic. Sandhya is scared. Ranjana asks her to make her video. She sees a black butterfly, it bites Ranjana. They see two reflections behind them and run out. The two witches are behind them. They come to the car and sit.

Ranjana tells Sandhya that she was not scared and laughs. Karthik. Ankit and other guys come to the car after visiting the temple and scare them. They come to Haveli. Chacha scares them with a face pack on his face. Usha’s kids get happy seeing the big house. Ranjana looks at the temple from the window. Dada ji says seems like someone death will unite this family. Sandhya asks her Dadi how is she? She says she is fine. They ask if they visit the temple. Sandhya is about to say, but Ranjana says we went. Dada ji taunts his son for running away from his house on this night. Usha’s husband asks his mum Madhuri, why did she lie about her illness and called them on this day. He says today is Mahashivratri night and the ghosts will attack someone today. Ranjana asks Sandhya to come to the temple today and says we will see what happens there. Sandhya says I will not go there, and asks her not to go there. Chachi hears them and asks them to promise that they will not go. Ranjana makes a fake promise. The Pandits are doing puja in the temple and check the time which is about to be 4 am.

Pandit ji announces that temple’s doors will be closed now and says nobody shall enter at this time. Pandit ji announces that they stop people from coming there as many bad incidents happened here. They go out of the temple and closes the door. Ranjana comes to Karthik, Ankit and Akhil’s room. Karthik tells that they are having Shivji’s Prasad and asks her to have bhang. She refuses, but drinks. She comes out of Patwardhan Wada. Sandhya comes out and stops her. Ranjana says if you don’t want to go then don’t go, but see the NewsChannel tomorrow, says she will expose the ghosts drama. Sandhya tries to stop her, but in vain. Ranjana is coming to the Panch Maha Bhoot temple and thinks she shouldn’t have drink bhang. Angad calls Sandhya and tells that he was thinking that she will not come to the office. Sandhya says I will come, and tells that she was surprised when he proposed her suddenly. He thanks her for not slapping her. Sandhya says why would I do this, and tells that she respects him a lot. Angad says you respect me but don’t love me. He asks if she is returning for Ranjana’s engagement. She says yes. He ends the call. Sandhya hears her father and her Aaji Madhuri talking about Manju vanishing in the temple when she went there to do puja. He says we had put garland on her pic and stayed quiet. He says whoever goes tonight, never returns.

Sandhya panics and thinks to call Ranjana. Ranjana falls down on the ground as some roots hold her legs. She frees herself. The same girl (ghost) who asks Manju to come with her, asks Ranjana to come with her. Ranjana says I thought I am alone. A witch is about to kill Sandhya when Sandhya runs calling Ranjana, the ghost’s hand comes out from the land, but couldn’t catch Sandhya’s feet. Sandhya falls down and holds the temple stairs. All the ghosts walking towards her vanishes. Mrinal Chachi comes to Madhuri and Sandhya’s father and asks if someone went out, as the door is open. They check in Sandhya’s room and find it empty. Sandhya’s father is very worried. Two Pandits are sitting far from the temple and tell that no girl could reach inside the temple, as the way is very difficult, and if any girl reaches inside then she will see her would be groom’s face. He says this happens only if Shiv ji is happy with her devotion. Sandhya gets up and walks inside the temple. She opens the temple and sees Shivling. Some mantras are flashes infront of her. She reads the mantras flashing in front of her and sees Shiv and Parvati dancing. She is amazed and folds her hand with devotion. She also starts dancing around the Shivling. A divine light falls on her and she is about to fall when a guy holds her. She sees her would be husband’s face and finds him gone.

The voiceover tells that if someone reads the mantras rightly and do puja then she sees her would be husband’s face, very few girls could do this, whoever tried to do this, can see her would be husband for a moment and will remember his face forever. Sandhya comes out of the temple and calls Ranjana again. She sees a lady’s mangalsutra and thinks whose mangalsutra is this? Just then the witch comes there and says it is mine. Sandhya throws the mangalsutra and runs and collides with her baba. He asks why did she come here and where is Ranjana. Sandhya says I came to search her, Just then a man calls them. They go near the tree and find Ranjana hanging with her head down. Sandhya, her baba and others are shocked. They bring Ranjana home. They ask Ranjana what has happened? Ranjana tells that she was walking with few girls, suddenly they vanished and then she didn’t know what happened. Chachi says your luck was good, the ghost didn’t kill you. Ranjana says there was no ghost there and says her head is paining due to bhang. Chachi says we shall call Pandit ji. Sandhya’s father says that’s why I don’t want to come here. Sandhya tells her father whatever happened there. Her father asks did you see that guy before? She says no. He asks her to forget whatever she has seen. She says ok. He says we will leave in the morning. A witch comes outside the house and says I have come, this Wada’s Kaal has come, I will see who will kick me out from your life.

Precap: The Witch is troubling Sandhya. Angad proposes Sandhya for marriage. Just then an accident happens, her would be groom saves her. Sandhya asks do you know who saved me yesterday. The colleague misbehaves with Sandhya calling her item. Sandhya sees blood falling on her hand and sees the dead body.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I liked the episode…. Hope it maintains its first impression till last…

    1. namik has returned with a bang and expressions on deepika’s face were pretty i like the concept looking forward for more from the author # H HASAN HELLO

  2. SsiyAa

    qayamat ki rat was also ekta’s show… pata nahi kya kya karti rehti hai ekta mam

  3. Interesting concept…and somewhat different …..loved the big family haveli in the village and the ancient temple with the spooky burial ground right at its door step….but I hope they don’t dramatise too much like it was shown in Qayamat ki rath…else the novelty will be lost..

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