1st Epi – Brahmarakshas 2 22nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Promising start of Angad and Kalindi’s story

Brahmarakshas 2 22nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Voiceover briefs about Brahma rakshas. The newly wedded couple is walking through the jungle to reach their home, but they are attacked by the Brahma rakshas and the bride is taken away. The groom runs away.

6 hours before, Ambala

Shakti and his wife Damini come and wish Raghav a happy Diwali. Raghav says I am sad that you are going to London at night and that’s why I thought to make you do Lakshmi puja. He gives a cheque in his hands. Shakti refuses to take, but Raghav insists and says I know you are doing this for your wife. They laugh.

Raghav’s wife feeds food to her daughter and Angad. Damini teases a lady and calls her someone’s else wife. Shakti says Angad is born in our house and says I want your daughter Kalindi to marry my son when we return home. He says this is Kalindi’s money and that’s why I will get everything in her name. Shakti asks if he is not going to the temple today. He says he has sent Vikram, Akshay, and others. A guy tells Vikram that they have to steal the Devimaa’s ornaments when Raghav goes to drop Shakti to the airport. He hopes Akshay does the work. Akshay tears Kalindi’s kundali pages to be given to the tantric. Raghav’s wife finds the kundali book torn. Akshay tells Kalindi that he will miss her. He says I will call you to London when grown up. Kalindi says she will not come with him. Akshay brings the kundali pages to the Tantrik. Tantrik says he asked him to bring all the kundali. He asks Gehna to bring Kalindi’s groom. She comes to the animal who roars. Angad bids adieu to Kalindi. Raghav asks Prithvi, Akshay and Vikram to take care of Kalindi. The servant finds Vikram’s plan and asks his wife to ask her husband not to do this. Vikram hits on her head and she faints. Komal. Kalindi’s bua Komal sees her unconscious and confronts Akshay, but they make her unconscious. Servant calls Raghav and tells everything. He calls Balan and asks him to take Kalindi to a safe place. Balan takes Kalindi from there. Akshay, Vikram, and Prithvi take Komal as Kalindi, but Tantrik realizes that she is not Kalindi, as the mantras don’t do any effect on the girl. He catches the trio and asks about Kalindi. Balan brings her there and says even he wants to share Devimaa’s jewelry. Raghav and Vishaka come there. Vishaka dies. Raghav is tied to the pillar and prays to Devimaa to save his daughter Kalindi from them. Devimaa saves Kalindi. Kalindi gains consciousness and tries to run away. She falls down and faints. Raghav tries to go to her, but the pillar falls on her. Prithvi kills Raghav. Raghav says my daughter will take revenge from you all before his death. Jwala is attacked by the wolf and taken away from there. It kills Jwala and the latter’s soul enters the wolf They all reach the place when the wolf has taken the Jwala and find him dead. Prithvi shoots at the wolf, but he runs away. Prithvi tells his wife and others that they have to be Kalindi’s caretaker until she turns 21 years. The police come there. Prithvi acts innocent and tells that Jwala has kidnapped Kalindi.

6 hours before: The husband runs to the Brahmin and asks him to save his wife. Brahmin sadhu finds the Brahma rakshas and curses him telling him that he will not get Mukti. His son cries as he dies.

After 16 years,

Angad is seen playing soccer and his grand entry is shown. Shakti is in his office. Angad comes there and gives the presentation. The clients like his presentation and leaves. Angad shows the mini trophy and Indian flag to Shakti. Shakti gets happy and asks where is your brother. Angad’s brother comes there and talks to Shakti. Shakti’s wife talks to her friends. Their friends’ daughter flirts with Angad and his brother. Shakti says Indian society girl is after our sons. She asks what is the big deal? Shakti says your sons are not having good values. She says they are like you. You have changed after marriage. Shakti says I am taking my sons to get them married in India. He says Angad will marry Raghav’s daughter. Damini asks where are they? Shakti says Kalindi is in Ambala. Angad refuses to marry now. Shakti insists. Angad says I will not marry any villager girl. His brother asks why you think that we will like the villager girl. Shakti asks them to think that he can’t go to his nation, because of their mummy. He says we will go to India and if Angad and Kalindi like each other then we will get them married. Angad’s brother says we will file a Police complaint against you. Shakti says they have to return to India and feel the smell of the sand. Angad says we will go there. Damini says you can refuse after going there. They get happy. Angad’s brother says if you like the girl after going there, then? Angad says their speed is very low.

A newly wedded couple is going from the jungle when the husband sleeps. The Brahma rakshas comes there and kills the bride. She shouts….A Reporter pastes the newspaper clips of the brides’ death on the wall and says this is happening for 16 years. Kalindi talks to Minty and sees the broken star. Angad also talks to his brother about the broken star. Kalindi says she doesn’t believe in it. Angad feels telling something to a girl. Kalindi tells Minty that life will be tough for them, they both have to do hardwork. She says I will send you to the best school. Minty shows what she had stolen. She tells that Chachi made it which I stole. Kalindi takes it and gives the money to chachi. Chachi says she will throw Minty out. Kalindi tells Minty that she feels that their destiny will change.

Precap: Brahmarakshas attacks a couple. Reporter says that brahmarakshas got the human body. Kalindi collides with Angad and she punctures his tyre.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I didn’t get story at all…
    I mean in season 1 atleast first episode was appealing but this season i didn’t got anything since start..
    May be slowly i get to know story…

    1. Actually Tantrik wanted to get Kalindi married to a Wolf on Diwali Night to get mortal but everything turned upside down due to storm and wolf killed Tantrik. As Tantrik’s last wish remained unfulfilled so his soul entered the wolf and became werewolf. Then that Werewolf killed a Brahmin Pandit and got the curse to become Brahmarakshas and also that his wish never gets Complete. Moreover Pandit created a Lakshman Rekha for BR so that he remains in an assigned part of jungle.

    2. krithi poojary

      even I did not understand the story properly, but I think I will understand in later episodes.

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thanks @garvsharma for explaintion..
      @krithipoojary i think same.. later episodes mihht explain story..

  2. To be honest I liked season1 more than season2 atleast it had a better story than brhamarakshas2

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