1st Epi – Bigg Boss 12 16th September 2018 Written Episode Update: All contestants introduced

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Premier Special
All reporters are shown checking streets are empty as people are at home watching TV.
Salman Khan says many winners, many big names came to Bigg boss but this is first time that some contestants are already in outhouse of Bigg Boss.
First Jodi of Surbhi Rana and Kriti Varma’s video plays. Surbhi says I am going in house with Kriti, we are here to win. Kriti says that sometimes we are enemies and sometimes friends, if you fight her then you will fight me too and vice versa.
Second Jodi of Roshmi Banik and Mital Joshi tells about themselves. Mital says I am coming in house with my enemy. Roshmi and Mital argues, Mital says she likes to steal boyfriends, Roshmi says they are not material.
Both pairs are shown to fight on first day. Preeti says we

have come to show love on TV, Roshini says you both are friends but we are not.

Salman says that show has just started, you want to know other contestants? Let the show begin. Salman dances on Bigg boss and welcome all.

Salman comes stage and welcomes all, he says this is a new 12th season. Salman says this time show will come on 9PM everyday, you wont have to wait till late. Today 12th season is starting and this time, unique couples will be inside house but there will be singles too like you, are there not people without pair? it will be a fight between singles vs. pairs. He says this is funny that two people can evict in a first week, and now this time, two contestants will leave on first day only.
Salman introduces his panel, it has Shilpa Shinde and Manveer Gujjar, it also has reporters Debang and Shweta, Salman asks Shilpa how will she react to contestants? Shilpa says lets see them first and decide to kill them or let them go. Salman shows a canon and says we will use it soon.

Salman says to audience that lets meet contestants.
1st contestant – Karanvir Bohra: He comes on stage, and dances on tera dhiyan khidar hai.. tera hero idhar hai. Salman welcomes him. Karanvir bows to him. Salman says you have applied oil on your body for today, all laugh. Salman says whats in your mind? Karan says I am nervous. Salman says you will remain nervous in this house as you wont get much to eat in house, all laugh. Salman says Karan is a trained kathak dancer. Salman challenges him to take 20 rounds doing kathak, Karan tries to take rounds, he stops at 18. All clap. Salman says first lesson is not trust anyone in house. Salman says you design your clothes? Karan says they have asked to not wear any designer dresses so I have designed KV brand and I am going with my designer 35 shoes. Salman asks him to meet his parents, he goes to take their blessings. KV’s wife comes there with their kids, she gifts him their kids’ pictures for him to keep it in house. Karan leaves stage.

Salman says now let me introduce two best friends.
Another Pair of Sourabh Patel and Shivashish is shown. Shivashish (Shiv) says I have everything, I have money, cars, body, everything. His partner Sourabh Patel is a farmer, he has a lot of land. They are both rich but Sourabh is desi while Shivashish is burger but he says that it doesnt matter, we are best friends.
They come in stage, Salman says to Shivashish that you are a burger person, how will you survive in house? will you work? Shivashish says I can work or make others work. Salman asks which designer clothes he wears? Shivashish says I wear all foreign brands like Prada, KC, Armani but our hearts a desi. Salman asks what he works? Shivashish says I have gas agency, brands, many companies. Salman says you have a good body, what is your died? Shivashish says it depends on my body physique, I have supplements, I will have to eat 85 eggs to maintain by body. Shilpa says you can get 5 eggs max in house. Manveer says if Bani is present then only 2. Salman says you thinks Karan will let you eat his eggs? all laugh. Karan comes on stage and welcomes them, Karan says I am vegetarian so you can take my eggs. Salman asks Shivashish do you know Karan? he says no. Sourabh says I know him. Karan says I will eat my food inside but not eggs. Debang asks them as a pair, if you have to use mind then whose mind will work? Shivashish says if we need patience then Sourabh and then if we have to attack then I will use my mind, Debang says your money is talking but there is nothing inside. Shivashish says I have no money and I cant talk about money infront of Salman. Shivashish says money can buy you anything if you know the right place to put in. Debang asks Shivashish why he talks in english? Debang says Shivashish doesnt seem to have mind but they can be difficult for others. Salman says I am sure Shivashish will cry in first week itself. Debang says this pair can be difficult on Karan. Salman says now pair will give a canon salute to Karan. Salman laughs as Karan puts on glasses and puts his face inside a canon. Shivashish runs canon and black smoke covers Karan’s face. All laugh. Salman says Kara will go in house first. He laughs looking at his black face. Karan goes in house after hugging Salman.

In House:
Karanvir enters house chanting. He looks around and says wow. He says beautiful. He says this is like a resort, thank God it has a gym. He goes in house and is amazed to see everything. He goes to find bathroom. Whole house has beach outlook. He finds Jacuzzi, he says wow. He washes his face.

On stage, Salman asks Shivashish and Sourabh to go in house but you are going for first time so one will get a special salute, he laughs uncontrollably. Salman says who wants that welcome.

Sourabh goes in house. Karanvir welcomes him. Sourabh says that sorry for that canon, I have been watching you on TV so much time. Karan says its Salman’s joking style, no worries, your smile is from heart, I like it. Suddenly they see Shivashish locked in a glass cage, machines are trying to punch him, he tries to holds punches.

On stage, Salman says this happens to designer clothes, all laugh.
Salman says now lets meet our fourth contestant, she has done many roles and even became a bee.
Fourth Contestant-Deepika Kakar comes on stage, she dances on tere mast mast do nain, Salman brings her on stage and dances with her. All clap for them. Salman says you have been married for 6 months only and you are going in Bigg boss house? you are so happy in marriage that you are going for 3 months? Deepika says its difficult for me, I have always been with my family. Salman says you will find a family in house, she laughs. Salman says how will you make place in house? Deepika says I will be myself, I will try to calm people, if I do something then I will get scolded from you easily. Shilpa says I know Deepika is very perfectionist, she is very particular about her clothes, makeup and everything, I used to make food with tap water and it was an issue so you will react to that? Deepika says people know that side of me but when I came to Mumbai, I used to wear PJs for days, eat unhealthy food and everything, I will be like that. Debang says I know she loves career a lot that she is leaving her husband, but why husband is letting her go? Her husband Shoaib Ibrahim comes there, he greets Salman and says romantic poetry for Deepika, he says I cant thank God enough for a beautiful person like you. He says I will miss her a lot but she will always be with me. Salman says I need to learn all this. Debang says they both have understanding, dont know its right on or not, all laugh. Salman asks panel if she will be difficult? They say she is strongest. Shoaib says I know how strong she is, Deepika says thats why you are sending me, all laugh. Salman takes selfie with them. Deepika says jokes apart, its a valid question that why I am going in house after such a short time of marriage? Shoaib and I have responsibilities so we decided for this step, I will come out with trophy, I hope. Salman says I am happy, we all face this, to hell with marriage. Deepika says no not like that, she says to Shoaib that I will comeback. Deepika hugs him tightly. Salman asks camera to look away, Shoaib lifts Deepika in his arms and takes her to door, she kisses his cheek and goes in house.

In house:
Deepika puts kalash on door and says this is my Simar style entry. Shivashish is still in glass cage. Deepika comes in house. Karan hugs her and welcomes her. She greets others. Deepika asks why he is in glass cage? he asks who is she? She says Deepika. Deepika says house is very nice.

On Stage:
Salman says its time for next pair. Salman says I have an old relation with them, one is a lawyer and one policeman, all laugh.
In video, Romil Chaudhary and Nirmal Singh are shown. Romil is a lawyer and married with a son. Nirmal is a head constable, he has family too. Romil says we will always stand for right. Nirmal says Romil is a very good lawyer, he can make everyone on his side. Romil says when we will come together in house, it will be fun.

Romil and Nirmal comes on stage. They do Salman’s dabang step. Salman says how this pair? Romil says Nirmal and I used to play cricket but we started working in profession. Salman says my father wrote a story Dostana which had lawyer-police pair, do you favor each other? Romil says no not professionally. Salman asks Nirmal if he says ant dialogue during duty? Nirmal says I have to learn from you. Salman brings a witness box and stands inside. Salman says if I become lawyer then thats great, I will write FIR, I will question and answer. Romil asks if you have to go in house with a pair then who you will take? Salman says I will take Manveer as he won a season. Shilpa says if you have to take an actress inside then whom? Salman says I will take Sonakshi, I can take Rani too.. I dont think other people can handle this house. Salman says I am feeling too comfortable in this box, take it. Salman asks Romil and Nirmal to sit in audience.

Salman welcomes 7th contestant – Neha Pendse comes there and dances seductively. She dances on item number. Salman welcomes her. Salman says did you follow older seasons? She says I just saw some trailers, I dont like fights much. Salman says did you watch any other show? I have hosted 9 seasons, there is peace in this house? Neha says it is present. She introduces her mother. Salman says she is not going to be fine. Neha says I was skeptical to come in this show but my mom is a big Bigg boss and your fan, she didnt leave any single episode. Salman asks mummy why she did this with her daughter? All laugh. Reporter Shweta says that you know couples can make in house. Mummy says if she make a couple then so be it. Salman says why didnt I get these kind of mummys on opposite side? all laugh. Neha says Salman can we do padosi scene? They act it again, Salman says can I ask for a sugar? he says even wine is finished, all laugh. Neha says tomorrow is my birthday so can you celebrate it with me? Salman says I am going out of town, Neha says so I will celebrate right now with you. She goes to his fake balcony. Salman says wait here, I will welcome your neighbors. He welcomes Romil and Nirmal on stage. Salman says what panel thinks? Debang says Nirmal and Romil are like tractor, they look weak. Romil says tractor works very fine, dont worry. Debang says Nirmal is too shy and Romil talks too much, they are talking about tractor and people are running Audi inside. Romil says Audi will not be able to stand a hit from tractor, all clap. Shilpa says girls can be strong, Romil says we respect women, we will always correct her when she is wrong. Shilpa says I think Neha will be tough on this pair. Salman says who from you both will take canon salute? Romil and Nirmal point at each other. Nirmal agrees. Romil then says that I take the lead, law shouldnt be blacked, he puts face in canon. Neha fires canon, Romil’s face blackens. Salman says when you go in house, there is a person locked in cage, he laughs and says let him come outside. He sends them in house.

In house:
Shiv is still getting punched from machine. Sourabh says this is too much, they should stop it. Shiv says I have to pee, I will pee anywhere. Shiv says I will comeback after peeing, please open door, or give me bottle, I will fill it to top, he keeps getting punches. Sourabh says its too much time now, it has been 20 minutes, leave him.

Neha, Romil and Nirmal enters house. Neha says feels like I have to inlaws house. Karan says to Romil that I had canon welcome too. All greet each other. Neha asks Bigg Boss if they can bring Shiv out? Door opens, Shiv hugs Neha and thanks her. Shiv runs to washroom, Karan says run.. run.

On Stage:

Salman says our next contestant Anup Jalota. Anup is shown singing a classical song, he is a classical singer. He sings Meera gane lagi.. aisi laagi lagan. All are mesmerized by his performance. Salman hugs and welcomes him. Salman asys you and Bigg boss? Anup says its a best show because it has Salman. Salman says all are shocked to see you. Anup says this is most watched and liked show. Anup says my student is going with me, she is a singer too. Salman says lets watch her Video.
Contestant Jasleen Matharu is shown in video. She says my relationship with Anup is hidden, my family and friends think that he is a teacher only. Anup says we have age gap, I am 65 years old and we have 18 years gap, but we have mature discussions. Jasleen says he completes me, I can talk to him about anything. Jasleen says when I travel to Kolkata, he travels for me too so we can meet hiding from others, I am tired, I want to show my love to all. Video ends.
Salman hugs Anup and and salute him, he touches his feet too. Salman says they are student-teacher plus.. Anup says lets call her.
Jasleen comes on stage in pink outfit, she dances and sings. Anup comes to her and smiles at her. Anup says I saw this performance for first time, its very nice. Salman says very good. Jasleen thanks them. Anup says very good dance and singing. Salman says there are many questions after seeing you both. Salman says to Debang that you dont have to worry about Anup in house. Debang congratulates Anup. Salman says why congratulate him? All laugh. Debang says to Anup what advice for Salman to find one too? Anup says he has many choices, its difficult for him to find. Salman asks Jasleen that when you go in house and some girl flirts with Anup then what will you do? She says I wont let it happen. Salman says good to show love. Salman says if Bigg Boss punishes one then what? Anup says both will feel pain. Salman asks Anup what song will you sing for her sleep? He says if I sing then she will start singing too. Salman asks Jasleen to describe Anup, she says ‘hum dil de chuke sanam’. Salman says what if cameras and lights go off in house? She sings raat akele hai.. Salman says to Anup that you given her good learning, she sings well. Debang says mistake can happen at any age, what if she becomes famous and she flies away from you? Salman says he will get another one. All laugh. Salman says let birds fly. Jasleen says you should as bird too, I dont want to fly. Debang asks who started their affair? Anup says Jasleen started it, Salman says they are compatible. Shweta says this pair is going to be tough for everyone, all laugh. Salman says there is a test, who is going to take it? Anup says I will do it, Salman says he is our hero. Jasleen says he will do it for me, he is tough. Salman says we were just testing and she sacrificed him, all laugh. Salman gives them heart shaped pillow. Salman says Anup has Jasleen to lean in house, all laugh. Jasleen and Anup goes in house.

In House:
Deepika asks if there is a singer here? Neha says no.

Jasleen and Anup comes in house. Karan is stunned to see him. He touches his feet and hugs him. Jasleen greets everyone. Anup says Karan’s father is my friend, he is like my son. Jasleen hugs Deepika and Neha. They greet everyone. Anup says this is a nice house.

On Stage:
Salman says there are 9 people in house but there are four people in outhouse. Lets see what they did, they were given a task to call someone who they think are weak and doesnt deserve to be in house.

In Outhouse:
Surbhi says I am stronger that Mital is not strong, she cant talk wisely, she doesnt deserve to go in house. Mital says that I think Surbhi doesnt deserve to go in house, she talks nicely and then gets rude. Both pair fight.

On Stage:
Debang says that four of them are good, they must have seen a lot of Bigg boss.

Salman says lets welcome another pair, you must have liked them a lot on TV.
Next contestant – Srishty Rode comes on stage. She seductively dances. Rubina Dilak joins her and dances with her. They both give a powerpacked performance. Salman says what a performance. Salman makes them sit on makeshift bar. Salman says your pair will do great in house. Rubina says I am just here to support Srishty, she will handle it. Salman says whats her specialty? Rubina says she sleepwalks and talks too. Srishty says I talk properly in sleep but I dont remember in morning. Rubina says in childhood, she slept in neighbors house. Salman says she can sleep on anyone’s bed using this excuse. Rubina hugs Srishty, Rubina leaves. Salman asks Srishty to sit.

Salman says to audience that you can watch Bigg boss at 9PM daily. He introduces next pair and says they are sisters.
Pair Saba Khan, Somi Khan is shown in a video. Saba says we belong to pathan family, one sister uses tongue a lot and other uses mind. Saba says our father didnt want to study, he left us, we want to show the world that girls can do anything.

On Stage:
Salman welcomes Saba and Somi. Salman says you both will not take nonsense in house? they say not at all. Salman says you both can read faces right? they say yes. Salman says we will show you some faces. He shows Shiv’s face, Somi says he seems very cold but try a lot. He shows them Deepika’s picture, Somi says she must be crying that we are coming in house. Salman shows Srishty’s face, they say she seems sweet, we can talk. Salman welcomes Srishty, Srishty says I like them. Shilpa says we talked about girl power in our season too, what other powers you have? Somi says we will not show all cards. Manveer says Srishty is a celebrity. Srishty says all become celebrity as soon as they enter house, I liked you most and Manveer you were a commoner in start. Shweta asks who has most girl power? Somi says I have. Salman says she will get canon salute. Somi says its nice? Srishty says please explain. Salman says she has to put her face in canon, Somi says my makeup will be destroyed. Salman asks her to come. Shilpa says dont do it. Somi puts her face in canon, Saba runs it. Somi’s face blackens fully. Srishty says girl power, she chants for Somi. Salman makes them go in house.

On stage, Shweta says girls have to lift things, do their work only then its girl power.

In house:
Srishty, Somi and Saba comes in house. They greet everyone. Karan hugs Srishty. Srishty runs to take bed. Karan says all single beds are taken. Srishty says I kick and do weird stuff in sleep.

On Stage:
Salman says next pair is a singer and his fan.
Video of Deepak Thakur, he is a singer in small village, his father is a farmer, he talks about Anurag calling him and he got singing opportunity in movies like Wasseypur. His fan Urvashi Vani used to follow him, she sent him friend request, he accepted and they met in a zoo. Urvashi says I like him a lot, I will tell him when I get a chance. Deepak says she is a crazy girl.

On stage, Deepak and Urvashi comes on stage. They are starstuck. Urvashi says my hands are cold. Deepak cant look at him and says I am your big fan, I messaged you so much on Instagram and I used to even say that call me when you get time, I used to send you my songs. Salman says I didnt get it. Deepak says you must have not seen them. Deepak says I used to message you thinking someday you will listen, Salman says we have listened. Salman asks Urvashi what she likes in Deepak? She says he is a nice person. Salman asks Deepak to sing. He sings Sanu ek pal chain na aye tere bina. Salman hugs him. Shilpa says to Urvashi that now you are Salman’s fan and not Deepak’s? Urvasi says to Salman that you please make me meet SRK if you can, I am his biggest fan. Salman says I will do it. Salman says you both met in a zoo first time? Deepak says I used to shy, she said she wanted to learn singing. Salman says this is a second teacher-student couple. All laugh. Deepak says zoo was nearby so we met there. Shweta says Patna’s zoo is a dating spot. Deepak says we didnt have a date, we were sitting separately. Debang asks if they love each other. Urvashi says no. Deepak says you are distracting us. Debang says when you go inside, you will see how far singers can go. Manveer says you both are very sweet, you will have to face a lot in house. Debang says people will like their simplicity. Shweta says they both have to be careful, people can try to use them. Deepak says she is a bomb. Shilpa says Urvashi learn singing from him only, there are many teachers in house, all laugh. Deepak and Urvashi sing oh hamnava and goes in house. They hug Salman and leaves.

In House:
Urvashi and Deepak are brought in house in a cage. Karan asks what they did? He introduces himself. Karan asks about them. Deepak says we are both singers. Urvashi tells that she knows Karan from shows. She asks if Sourabh is with Karan? Karan laughs and hugs Sourabh.

On Stage:
Salman says now its time to decide who will leave outhouse today. He connects to girls from TV. Salman greets them. Salman asks how are they? They are starstuck. Salman says two will stay and two will leave. He says we will announce on stage, who will go in house and who will go back home.

He calls Kriti, Surbhi, Roshmi and Mital on stage. Salman says India have decided, he asks panel who would stay and who wouldnt. Debang says Roshmi is sweet and simple so she might go in house. He asks if you want to learn singing? she says yes, he says then you will go in house, all laugh. Shweta says Roshmi and Kriti might go in house. Salman says lets announce, the two girls who are going in Bigg Boss house are Roshmi and Kriti. Salman says Surbhi and Mital will leave show, they leave. Salman says now Roshmi and Kriti are a pair, they hug each other. Salman says so much love. They go in house.

In House:
Roshmi and Kriti enters. They greet everyone. Roshmi opens Deepak and Urvashi’s case. Deepak says Bigg Boss spent a lot. He asks Urvashi to look around. Roshmi asks for beds. Deepika tells that all have take beds. Jasleen asks if Deepak and Urvashi will sleep together? Deepak blushes and says no no.. Urvashi says we are friends. Jasleen says Srishty have taken bed with Urvashi so Deepak now you wait if a girl or boy comes to share bed with you, he says not with a girl. Girls laugh and say he is cute.

Salman says last contestant is S Sreesanth. Sreesanth comes on stage, he dances. He gives a powerpacked performance on Sultan. Salman welcomes him by hugging. Salman says you are finally in show, Sreesanth says its good to see you, my wife said you have to do it this time. Salman says its good to see you transform. Salman says you did cricket, body building and acting. He says I will get you an advice from Shilpa, she made 11K rotis in house, she used to either cry or make rotis. Shilpa makes Sreesanth make roti. Debang says you had girlfriends. Sreesanth looks at his wife. Debang asks what was the age gap between him and his girlfriends? all laugh. Sreesanth says me and my wife are 10 years apart, Debang says you will know about 18 years gap in house. Salman welcomes his wife, Sreesanth says I call her Memji, she did what nobody could. Sreesanth says it was very difficult time for me to decide for marriage, his wife weeps, he says she supported me, I came out clean, Thank God that. He hugs his wife. Salman asks Sreesanth’s wife which he shouldnt do? she says he should participate but dont get bald, he is a wonderful person, he would anything for his people, he would do anything but dont shave your head. Salman says now Bigg Boss have heard. Salman Sreesanth to house.

In house:
Sreesanth(Sree) enters house. He goes in and greets everyone. He hugs Karan. Shiv asks Jasleen if Deepak and Urvashi are not couple? she says no, she is his fan and wont sleep in his bed.

Bigg Boss welcomes everyone. Deepak says I never thought we will come in house, God played a big game, I cant believe we are in house and people can see us, its weirdly good, all laugh. Bigg Boss says some are commoners and some are celebrities and that has become a liked routine of this show, some are alone and some in pairs, unique pairs. One pair has criminal catcher and criminal supporter Nirmal and Romit, one pair is a star and his fan that is Deepak and Urvashi, A farmer Sourabh and rich Shiv, loving couple Anup and Jasleen. All are surprised to hear about it. Bigg Boss says sisters Somi and Saba are here too and new pair Kriti and Roshmi. He says these pairs are not for name, your couple will always be with you, even in happiness, sadness, challenges and… you are a pair so you will be counted as one, your decision will be counted as one and singles will play alone and fight pairs alone, this season it will be fight between Singles Vs. Doubles. He says last two seasons were won by a commoner and a celebrity, we will see if celebrity will win or commoner. He wishes them goodnight.

On stage, Salman says all contestants are in house, lets hope for a houseful, we will meet for next 3.5 months.

PRECAP- Somi asys to Jasleen and Anup that you dont look like couple, you dont have chemistry. Jasleen says if we dont show affection so we are not a couple? Shiv says are you a couple, girlfriend-boyfriend, lovers or anything else? Anup says we are everything you said. Jasleen says this is not a dating show, we are not here to show our relationship but to be in Bigg boss. Anup puts hand on Jasleen’s shoulder and asks if this affection is enough? Karanvir says Anup accepts that there is romance then why are you denying it? Jasleen says our relationship shouldnt be your concern. Hiten and Hina are there as judges of argument.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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