Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman meeting Shagun. Raman asks Shagun to come along in Ruhi’s function. She gets glad and says she will get ready fast. Raman thanks Manoj for this idea. Sarika is irritated as Romi is not earning well, and wants her presentation to go well today. Shagun comes dressed in a saree. Raman and Manoj look at her. Raman compliments her. Shagun reminds Raman that he gifted her. Raman reminds her that she disliked black. Manoj asks them to enjoy the function. Shagun says I will get gifts on the way and they leave.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi about her friends coming. Simmi says I will get the items and goes. Sarika tells Neelu that she did Rohit’s work. She says she has presentation today. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to stay at home, her friends are coming. Sarika says I

informed Romi. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry on her for being namesake bahu. Sarika says you don’t tell anything to Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita does duty towards home first. Sarika says my study is imp too. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita studied before marriage. Sarika asks whats her problem with her studies. She says sorry, I can’t explain more, I will try to come soon. She leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says I knew this would happen.

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Ishita is at clinic and waits for patient. She tells Batra that the patient did not come, she could not attend Ruhi’s function. He apologizes and says state minister stuck in work. She says she can better attend her daughter’s function, she does not care about any minister. The minister hears her and says she is saying right, and asks her to leave for her daughter’s function. She says its okay. He insists. She says fine, I will do procedure tomorrow and gives him prescription. She leaves.

Vandu asks Shravan to get ready, they have to cheer for Ruhi. Shravan says I won’t go. Bala comes and she complains about Shravan. Shravan says they just scold him and runs. Bala says I m going gym, I will come in some time. Vandu asks when did he join. He says I have to be fit to stay young and leaves. She finds his behavior strange. Raman calls Vandu. Vandu says sorry, I think we won’t be able to come. He smiles and says its fine. He says its good Ishita and Vandu are not here, there won’t be any problem. Shagun says we shall go inside the venue. He says Ishita would feel bad. She says yes, she can get mistaken, I will be careful, if you say, I will leave. He says Vandu and Ishita are not coming, you can meet Ruhi, and get backseat. She says fine, I will come. He goes. She says Raman takes care of Ishita, I have to be careful too.

Raman talks to people and they congratulate him for Ruhi’s award. Shagun comes and hears lady praising Ishita to be good mum for Ruhi. Shagun says Ruhi and Adi did not focus on studies before, and now best student .. Ishita is a great mum. They get seated. Mrs. Bhalla is annoyed as her friends asked about Sarika. Romi comes and asks about Sarika. Mrs. Bhalla complains about Sarika. He asks did she ask money. She says no, girls should not study after marriage, husband and wife should be equal, Sarika cares for her career unlike you, if she goes ahead, you both will have fights, which I don’t want, you don’t understand this at all, call her.

Romi calls Sarika and says maybe she is busy. He gets Sarika’s message and says she is busy in presentation, she will come late. He goes to meet her. Mrs. Bhalla stays displeased. Sarika’s presentation is applauded. The senior says he wants such talented girl for his company. She checks Romi’s missed calls. Taneja tells her that her presentation was really good, he is impressed and he wants such staff for his hospital.

He offers her internship in his hospital. She says I m just student, my MBA is not complete. He asks her to do part time job, and his company will take care of her study fees. She thinks she will not need to ask money from anyone and tells him that she will inform him. He asks her to think well. She says I will leave. Her senior asks her to attend other presentations too, big names have come and such chances come less. She agrees.

Ishita comes in Ruhi’s school function and claps for Ruhi. Raman hugs Ruhi. Shagun cheers for Ruhi and Ishita sees her. She sees Raman and Shagun smiling and signing. Raman sees Ishita and his smile vanishes. Shagun sees Raman’s expressions and turns to see. She sees Ishita and gets tensed. Ishita gives both of them an angry stare. Ruhi says I have won this because of my Ishi Maa and Papa, and thanks them. Ishita makes a frustrated face and claps.

The people compliment Ishita for raising Ruhi well. Ishita stops Shagun. Ishita confronts Shagun and asks why can’t you meet me, if you can meet Raman. Raman worries and says Ishita please… Ishita asks why was Shagun running from here. She taunts Raman and Shagun. She says sorry, I did wrong, I said I m not coming and then came, and then you both came here, the one who do wrong run away, is there anything I should know.

Ishita talks to people and taunts Shagun on motherhood. Shagun cries. Raman gets angry on Ishita at home and leaves. She cries and says his silence is hitting her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. are yar bas karo ektha kyom hum fans ko ithna hurt kar rahe ho aur ithna torture kar rahe ho tumhe leap lena hai na tho le lo ishra ko apni life jeene do aur manoj aur shagun ko apni life jeene do aab ye shagun raman ki diya huva saree aur ye sab kyom pehn rahi hai kya bana diya yar hamari serial ko kash mai pehle se hi yhm kabhi nahi dheka ho tha aaj ithna hurt nahi hotha…….plz ekta mam aab tho bas kijiye aur kithna ghiravo gi hamari serial ko plz aab aur nahi yar i beg u…….plzzzzzzzz ye saari serials me leap ke pehle lead pair ko alag hona jaroori hai kya mujhe pehle se hi lagtha tha ki yhm unique show hai its a perfect meaning for starplus tag line par aaj mujhe esa lag raha hai kya yahi hai vo yhm its more than a routine show now kaash aap log apki trp ke liye hi tho sahi aap poorani yhm ko vaapas le aayiye plzzzz makers dnt spoil my fvt show it is the only show am watching(now a days only reading) aab esa lagne laga hai ki am wasting my time thinking abt the show
    yar raman ki prblm hai kya aab vo ishu ko sachayi batha saktha hai na use kyom ithna hurt kar rahe hai raman ko kis taraf se esa lagtha hai ki vo ishu ko kushiya de rahe hai vo tho uski saari kushiya cheen rahi hai vo ek company ka ceo hai aur use ithni si baath samajh me nahi aa raha hai ki ishu ki kushi unboarn baby se jyada raman aur ruhi adi ke saath hai aur vo use sirf dard aur thakleef de rahe hai……just stop it makers dnt make hero’s character so dumb nd so unrealistic
    ????? big round of aplouse for starplus ki nayi soach southan ko surrogate mother banana aapki nayi soach ke aage tho hum sab ki bolthi band hogayi hai

  2. kajal

    Bs ab yahi dekhne ko bacha tha.
    Guyz u no that 10 year leap will seperate ishra and raman will live with her third (sorrogate) baby and ishita will not be knowing about sorrogacy. Can u imagine.
    They will seperate ishra on this basis,
    wtf .
    How stupid ishita will not be able to know this in 10 years ander all of sudden after 10 years she will get to know superb job EKTA KAPOOR SUPERB

  3. Now raman crossed all his limits. He hurts ishu why he can not tell her about surrogacy. Only he is responsible for their misunderstanding.

  4. YHM: Ishita determines to bring Shagun back into Raman’s life Upcoming Episode

    Wednesday, October 07 2015

    Shagun informs Ishita as Raman is father of her baby in Yeh Hai Mohbbatin

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Simmi (Shireen Mirza) finds something fishy between Raman and Shagun after knowing Shagun is pregnant.

    Simmi doubts at Shagun pregnant with Raman’s child.

    To clear her doubt, Simmi takes Raman’s hair for DNA test with Shagun’s unborn baby.

    Simmi gets shocked to know about DNA report is positive as Shagun’s baby father is none other that Raman.

    Ishita gets shattered hearing this truth and confront her husband’s ex-wife Shagun.

    Raman becomes Shagun’s puppet saving his unborn child

    Shagun shows her true color and hides the surrogacy news from Ishita.

    Shagun tells Ishita that she is pregnant with Raman’s child.

    Not only this, Shagun starts blackmailing Raman not to tell truth Ishita otherwise she will abort the child.

    Dr Manoj (Manoj Chandilla) will help Shagun in this regard without knowing real intension of Shagun.

    Ishita brings Shagun in Bhalla house after believing Raman is father of Shagun’s baby.

    However, Ishita decides to stay with Raman for Ruhi because she does not want kids’s future gets spoiled again due to Raman and Shagun.

  5. kajal

    In all ekta’s serial the main lead can’t be together
    1. YHM
    raman and ishita cant be together bcoz of that bl**dy shagun she always interfare in some way or another.
    the main leads are not still together bcoz og that crap tanu every time they are suffering in some way or other
    3. MATSH
    the main leads got married ,then divorced , again married to others partner, then again they are getting married but they will not get married bcoz of that RV duplicate.

    i think ekta have some bad experience regarding marriage thats why she just bring out her frustations in serials by ruining the marriage relation of the actors iin serial .
    Guyz i hink she s not married the frustration is related tio that

  6. why all the hindi serial spoil our hindu’s rituals. why Raman should hide about this surrogact to ishita when she is in so much drouble. this is the way he shows his true love
    to her then Sarika may be the killer of Rinki means in today’s episode she is very normal
    dont she felt quilty about Rinki how can she be normall its possible.

  7. jhanvi

    Shagun ne Raman ki Di hue saree 6 sal se sambhal k rakhi hue hai…wow makers mind blowing.!!!

    ” kya FOOL hai hum”..!!!!!!!!!!

  8. anu

    When they started shagun’s track I stopped watching the serial n read the written updates n now reading today’s episode I’m stopping that too jus too drag the serial people should not make good stories turn into worst It wud have been better if they jus end the show. N I think other serials are far better than you..RIP YHM!!!

    • zera

      Of coz agree #anu…me also kept only reading updates coz serial was worst.nw i feel should stop reading it even.Hate u makers.

    • Sajna

      Even I did the same. Now once a week I read the update. Ekta has turned this into one of her normal dramas. Not worth watching. STIP THIS RUBBISH AND TORTURING POOR VIEWERS.

  9. jhanvi

    Hii bhagi.. How are u ??? Ofcrse not… I m also feeling very sad for YHM…. Nd only reading updates… Waiting for good epi. Like before… Muje bhi gussa a raha hai ki Maine YHM se itna pyar kiya….. Ki ab use chhodna bhi mushkil ho chuka hai..

    • hiiii jahnavi haaa aab vaise hum kuch nahi kar sakthe hai na sivayi ye pray karne ke aalava ki hamari yhm vapas aa jaye vaise bhi mere liye ek releif hai yhm fb page par ek story pad rahi its 1000000000000000000 better than our current yhm so am really happy with it

    • Yes u r r8 I agree vit u …
      U r the best…
      Nuvvu chala manchi danivi kada soooo…
      Niku anni telusu………
      Mari yinka classlo busyga unnava sarele..

  10. 123

    wow wat a development to unfold in the near future. Ekta why don’t u stop this show on star plus and u watch it in a 3rd format in ur big house alone. this was supposed to be a love story and since beginning there is no love at all. some stupid from star plus marketing dept told in an awards function that it is Ekta who can make love stories and no one else. Raman’s character is really bulshit. he knows he is hurting Ishita and he still fights with her in a raised voice, wat a lover and husband he is wow. Raman & Shagun were made for each other and this Ishita came in between.

  11. Plllllzzz ekta n writers don’t spoil my favourite serial I am very much attach to this serial n cannot stop myself from watching the serial n when I watch the serial I felt very bad for ishita

  12. 123

    Im happy to hear that Ishra will separate. Thank God finally this is happening. Raman does not deserve Ishita. Plz bring Mani for Ishita. Stop this show by Dec 15. Ekta u r so I have no words.

    • Sajna

      I totally agree. Stop this drama. I wish no girl gets a husband like Raman. Who says he loves his wife but hurts her every possible place. Stop this drama and let ishita get together with mani and have a child with him in leap. No surrogate drama. We understand this happens in india for money. But at least both sides know the truth here the egg donor is getting punished by husband and Souten.

  13. Kandy

    Hey guys just leave this crap serial.. From now on all of u can watch Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Tu Mera Hero and Diya Aur Batii Him. Nowadays these mention serials are much more superior/logic/convey a good message towards society than ekta’s production house serial… Trust me u all will feel much better while watching those serial.. They are free from mental torture/evil/sadness..

  14. Cham

    I would like to suggest that this serial should end now because it will be the best way to save it’s fans. Otherwise all of them will disappear and finally there won’t be a single fan for YHM, so it is better to end the story after this track without having a leap.They can end this after letting Ishitha know the truth and after having their baby.We can’t tolerate this much and we are really fed up and sleepless! If the leap will take place with the misunderstand, there will be a great disaster. Ishitha will feel guilty for leaving Raman without knowing the truth and she won’t be able to tolerate that it was the child of her own blood!Raman also will feel like mad and he will also blame himself for not informing Ishitha about the truth! And what will Raman tell to the child about the mother and the child will be 10 years old after the leap. And when Ishitha comes to know about the child,again she will loose her luck to look after a child from the small age. Again she will be meeting with a 10 years old child like she she met Adi and that’s a quiet matured age.Then how will she face Adi and Ruhi and also her own child. Three of them will be so sad to face such a situation and no more Ishra loving scenes!
    Seems like the up coming story will be full burdens and everyone will surely hate it!.

  15. riya

    where the hell did the question of surrogacy arise when it is having no reation with ishita??? how could raman take ishu’s signature without informing her of confirmation for surrogacy why ishita has to bear the insult by raman time & again ??? raman doesn’t deserve to be with ishu……instead of being grateful for ishu’s sacrifices for entire bhalla family,raman keeps on insulting ishu again & again………hate u raman………….mani should return for ishu’s sake as raman doesn’t deserve to be with ishu even if he is main lead………..feel pity for ishu…………

  16. kavitha

    I think ekta team is dumb like their hero characters (Raman, abhi ,Rv- all r idiots).thts is y they r not oppsing the serial story and cant think well. I don’t know how the team is still surving…..

  17. VSD

    So far as per I understand Raman wanted to go ahead with surrogacy only to give Ishita all the happiness in the world but the way he is dealing with the situation he has just broken her heart and not dealt with it maturely! I don’t understand what’s the harm now to reveal the truth to Ishita.. Am sure those six weeks are over for shoguns pregnancy and Raman can reveal the truth to Ishita.. Also if some other woman would be surrogate mother for Ishita would Raman be still so affectionate and caring towards her then why all of a sudden all his love is shown for Shaun who did nothing good for him except for giving him kids!! This is so foolish that Raman is being so blind and can’t see what Ishita is going through and rather than making her happy he is just giving her tears!! Please makers try to understand the audience is not fool to just take any crap and continue watching the shows just for heck of it!!

  18. ekta ko toh big big round of aplause kya ghatia episode produce kiya ha .shagun ne toh kamaal hi kardiya .raman ki diye hue saadi 6saal se sambhaal ke pehni .wow great .raman ne jaise shagun ko dekha aur shagun ko jaise compliment kiya aisa lagtha hai ki aage raman do do biwiyon ke sath rehega .

  19. ekta ko jo karna hai kar lo .yhm ke baad bhi tum apne saare serials ka number ghooomaaaoge aur apne saare serials ko 6mahinee mein band karke satyaanash karke baithogo ya khud hi apni serials dekhogi .kyunki aap ko fans aur veiwers se koi pharak nahi padtha toh hum bhi yeh serial mein aap jo dikhaayegi saaara ghatia tracks nahi dekhenge.

  20. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Simmi (Shireen
    Mirza) finds something
    fishy between Raman and
    Shagun after knowing
    Shagun is pregnant.
    Simmi doubts at Shagun
    pregnant with Raman’s
    To clear her doubt,
    Simmi takes Raman’s
    hair for DNA test with
    Shagun’s unborn baby.
    Simmi gets shocked to
    know about DNA report is
    positive as Shagun’s
    baby father is none other
    that Raman.
    Ishita gets shattered
    hearing this truth and
    confront her husband’s
    ex-wife Shagun.
    Shagun shows her true
    color and hides the
    surrogacy news from
    Shagun tells Ishita that
    she is pregnant with
    Raman’s child.
    Not only this, Shagun
    starts blackmailing
    Raman not to tell truth
    Ishita otherwise she will
    abort the child.
    Dr Manoj (Manoj
    Chandilla) will help
    Shagun in this regard
    without knowing real
    intension of Shagun.
    Ishita brings Shagun in
    Bhalla house after
    believing Raman is father
    of Shagun’s baby.
    However, Ishita decides
    to stay with Raman for
    Ruhi because she does
    not want kids’s future
    gets spoiled again due to
    Raman and Shagun.
    Stay tuned for further

  21. Balaji TeleFlims Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    starring Divyanka Tripathi and Karan
    Patel as the main leads is intriguing
    the audience with it’s interesting
    Twists and turns in every episode.
    In Recent episode,Ishita gets hurt by
    seeing Raman and Shagun together at
    the school function.Ishita and Raman
    will have an argument and ishita gets
    In the coming episodes,We will see
    Simmi goes to hospital for Ananya’s
    checkup and finds out a nurse saying
    Shagun is carrying Raman’s
    baby.This shocks her and decides to
    find out the matter.
    She takes some hair samples of
    Raman and somehow finds out half
    On the other hand,As we revealed the
    murderer as Sarika and here is some
    more news regarding WHY she killed
    “It might be shown in the coming track
    that Sarika never delivered the baby.
    The entire planning was done in
    accordance to get into the Bhalla
    family. She would have adopted the
    baby from an orphanage and got the
    family in a situation to accept her as
    the bahu.”
    The other details doing the rounds are
    that Rinki (Resha Konkar) would have
    got a whiff of Sarika’s evil motives.
    She had also gone ahead to confront
    Sarika and threatened her of revealing
    her secret. In order to save herself
    from the wrath of the family, Sarika
    would have planned this murder.
    Will simmi’s half truth leads to
    separation between Raman and ishita?
    Keep reading for more updates.

  22. V P

    Makers are not going to understand. They want to bring back Shaghun positively which she can’t perform well too and fans will not accept too . Raman is immatured spineless as always . Ishitha doesn’t deserve this and hope Mani can take her away from this shit ….. After ten years knowing the truth for what …your good time is over by then …. Balas scene and all unnecessary ….. Also Rinkys murder … Having bringing all sort of happiness in Bhallas family , giving good upbringing to the kids …. Ishitha is an independent lady and thinker she can live with out him too . What not Shaghun has done to hurt every one , now we can’t blame her character , when a lady goes thru pregnancy she needs husbands pampering , now that pampering will turn into a level she can’t live without him and kids and she will demand them in return for Ishithas baby …..there we will see the blondness between Ruhi Adi and ishimaa. My expectation. …. I hated surrogancy and such a big thing lying to his wife and get signature is the worst thing can happen to a wife . Do you want Ishitha to lose her self respect ? Here Ektha has spoiled a good theme …, no values in her stories … Leave it fans …. Creators are not going to respect our views

  23. Mad writers….
    Mad writers….
    Mad writers…
    Mad writers…
    Kuchbji likthe hai …..
    I I I I
    Really really really really
    Fed Fed Fed Fed….
    Up up up up up …..
    I just hate to see shagun ……..
    Hate to see shagun
    Hate to see shagun….
    Around around around around …
    Raman Raman Raman
    Stop this nonsense
    Stop this nonsense
    Stop this nonsense

  24. kirti

    i just hate raman…how can he treat ishita like this…did he forget shagun left him 4 an0ther man…d0n’t he has brains…his barin is full 0f shits idi0t man…
    These tpye 0f man d0n’t deserve any w0man in their life…

  25. Sajna

    Please change name of drama now. To YEH HAI MUSIBATTEIN. As this is the only thing this drama is about. No love to togetherness just problems. How much love you have for your partner is not shown in this drama without pain. LOTS OF PAIN WITH A LITTLE GAIN. CHANGE DRAMA.

  26. arey yar mujhe ek baath samaj me nahi aa raha hai simmi ek unboarn baby ka dna test kaise karva sakthi hai vo bhi bina shagun ke permission ke i am really surprised

  27. ishitha aur ruhi adi ko raman ko chod kar jaana chahiye .aur mani toh raman se kaafi better hai. raman does not deserve ishitha aur sirf shagun ko deserve kartha hai jo usii ki tarah jhuthi aur vade todni wali jo hai.

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  29. Darshika

    Shagun and raman will go together to eat ice cream. Ishita catch them red handed…..!!!

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