Badi Devrani 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vibhor and Reeti and other coupless performing Ganesh idol’s aarti as couples. Daadi says it is Bilasi and Kaushalya’s turn now for arti, but since Bilasi is not here, Kaushalya can perform aarti. Bilasi enters and says he is elder son of this family and nothing should happen without him and says he will perform pooja first. Everyone smile and he performs aarti.

After pooja, everyone enjoy prasad and dadi says it is very tasty and asks where is vibhor. Reeti says he went on a business meeting. Vibhor comes and says he got 500 pieces order and will have to deliver in a week. Whole family gets happy. Bilasi yells he is inexperienced and without knowledge, how will he complete order. Ghanshyam says he he has to prepare 750 orders a day and he can get

workers, but they are very costly. Vibhor says he does not mind as he wants to develop his name in market first and then earn. Ghanshyam praises him. Bilasi thinks he cannot succeed without knowledge and even if he succeeds, he is there to spoil it.

Vibhors gets consignment box with the help of coolies to his office and says he will pay them double once he gets payment. He asks Reeti to close her eyes and shows a necklace set and says it is his first imitation jewelry piece and he is gifting it to her, it may not be costly, but it is very close to her heart. Reeti thanks and hugs him.

Bilasi meets his goon friends and asks to steal Vibhor’s consignment box. Goon asks why he wants to ruin his own office. Bilasi asks him to do as he says and says he will keep back door open and wait for his team to come and steal Vibhor’s jewelry consignment box.

Ghanshyam tells Prabha that he is very happy seeing Vibhor’s success and hopes Bilasi does not create any trouble seeing his defeat. Bilasi enters and says as a tauji and father, he is happy with Vibhor’s success. Kalyani asks if he is telling it by heart or with his crooked mind. He says he is blamed for every bad thing, but even he has a good heart, smirks thinking his men will do their work today.

Reeti smiles seeing Vibhor excited for his tomorrow’s consignment. He asks what happened. She says she knows he is very excited and it is a good sign. They both start smiling. He says his papa worked hard in life and now he wants to give him rest. Bilasi’s goons enter Vibhor’s office and start searching jewelry box. Vibhor asks Reeti what is her dream. She says her dream…He mimics she will tell her happiness is his happiness. She hits him and asks if she talks like this. They both get romantic.

Goons don’t find jewelry box and discuss if not office, they will loot house. Vibhor and Reeting intimate and are about to kiss when they hear sound and come out to check and see goons in hall.

Precap: Goons point gun on Bilasi. Kaushlya pleads to take money and leave her husband. Goons hold Reeti then and try to leave. Bilasi runs and tries to hold goon. Goon pushes him and shoots bullet, but Vibhor pushes Bilasi and takes bullet on himself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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