Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At home, Mr. Shukla feels disgusting watching an old man eating sweets with both hands. Chandar comes home, Mr. Shukla introduces him to the father in law to be of Binti.
Sudha comes to Binti, Binti was upset and says that she doesn’t want to get married. Sudha asks her to do some makeup, Binti says it is her heart that won’t get better by putting in colours, what will it do. Sudha says she will get married. Chandar comes to call Binti downstairs. Sudha says she won’t let her go like this. She will have to laugh. She and Chandar tickle Binti, she laughs finally. Bua calls Binti downstairs, she goes down again being upset. In the corridor, Bua scolds Binti that she is in her room since morning. She curses Binti that she ate her father after birth and has now made her life as hell. Sudha goes to talk about it to to papa. Chandar says she isnt that bad at heart. Bua says to Chandar that she notices and watches what he does. Chandar gets upset at it. Sudha says to Chandar that he minded it when he himself was making her understand it. Sudha goes to speak to her papa, Chandar says that he has told him to leave. Sudha goes to Mr. Shukla and asks if he asked Chandar to leave. Mr. Shukla says yes he did. Sudha says he can’t send Chandar out like this. Mr. Shukla says he isnt sending Chandar out but taking him to Bareli. Sudha is annoyed that Chandar always annoys her. She asks what he will bring for her. Sudha says he will bring a groom. Sudha says he must be a fat one, so will put a pickle of him. she asks if he is still feeling bad about Bua. Chandar says he feels bad for Binti. Bua scolds her badly, she hasn’t been happy till yet and watching her inlaws, he isnt much hopeful. Sudha asks why marry? Chandar says only because that guy is Brahman. He himself doesn’t accept it but there is society. He tells Sudha to take care and leaves. Sudha smiles.
They travelled in train. In the corridor, Chandar says to Mr. Shukla that he was much open in seminar today. Some people might disagree. Mr. Shukla says it isnt necessary everyone agrees with you. Some young men come with playcards and shout against Mr. Shukla. A young man stops them, he says that Mr. Shukla is their guest. The students say that he has seen some things in the seminar that are false, Kailash says that he really dislikes the way they are disrespecting an older man.
Kailash gives Mr. Shukla and Chandar a cup of tea and says they will get peaceful in a few minutes. Mr. Shukla says he has saved him today and asks what his name is. He says it is Kailash. Mr. Shukla asks what his cast is. He says it is Brahman. Mr. Shukla asks who is at home. He says his father and mother. Mr. Shukla introduces him to Chandar who is doing PhD and is like his family member. Mr. Shukla says that he wants to meet his parents, Kailash says sure, he has no objection.
They return. Chandar comes to Sudha who was in ground. He says he has come here for the first time after returning from Bareli and she is so uninterested. Sudha says he hasn’t even come here straight, he comes here only to have tea. Chandar asks her for a cup of tea, Sudha calls Binti to bring a cup of tea. Chandar says she has got an assistant. Chandar asks Sudha to write a letter to Kailash, Sudha asks is he the one who saved his life. Chandar corrects that he saved Sir’s life. Sudha tells him to write from her as well that she wants to meet him. She says she was thinking about joining the party in an year or so. Chandar gets a cough. He asks if she knows what joining party means, one has to work there. And what if she will tell her papa that in a party one gets tea and biscuits and she got a lecture. They laugh, Binti had brought the tea and also laughs. Bua comes there, she scolds Binti for laughing so loud. Chandar asks if he must light a candle in the temple and asks to take Binti along her as well. Bua gi agrees, and takes Binti to get ready.
On the boat, Binti and Sudha feels excited. Binti says this place is so beautiful. Sudha tells her to shut her eyes. They call Ao, Ao.. (Come.. come). All the birds gather around their boat. Chandar throws their feed to them. Binti wishes this remains the same.
At night, Pandits were praying. Chandar comes with Mr. Shukla and Sudha. They pray there. Sudha goes downstairs and takes a seat in prayer. Mr. Shukla and Chandar sit upstairs. Mr. Shukla says to Chandar that Sudha has grown up now. He asks Chandar that if he has to choose a boy for Sudha how he should be. Chandar was speechless. He says to Mr. Shukla that he knows better. Mr. Shukla says that he wants to know his opinion as he knows Sudha really well. Chandar says that for Sudha, the guy must be educated, good natured, and respectful of elders and never keeps Sudha in pain. Mr. Shukla says that he must also be Brahman. Chandar at once remembers a talk with Mr. Shukla. He had said that one can’t separate milk from tea. He says one can try. He says that there are a few things less in people that can’t be separated from them. This is his belief. Mr. Shukla says that he has seen such a guy. He shows him the photo of Kailash and says he thinks that he will keep Sudha happy. He has even talked to Kailash’s family, he likes Sudha. Now Chandar must speak to Sudha about it. Chandar stands with Mr. Shukla who leaves, Chandar stands there with the photo.

PRECAP: Chandar asks Sudha, holding her hand, to marry that boy. Sudha jerks his hand and says she will just speak to papa that she won’t marry him. She wrestles with Chandar as he stops her and says she loves him. Chandar slaps her.

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