Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman drinking wine in his room. He thinks about Ruhi and gets angry. He thinks how Shagun ditched him. He asked Shagun to come with him on a trip, she says I won’t come with me. He says how can I go leaving you and my baby behind. She argues with him a lot. She tells him that she is not happy with him and says I can’t be with you, its over. He tries to convince her but she told him that she loves someone else. The party is still going on.

Mihika gets a business interview chance by Amrita’s uncle. Mihir signs Mihika. Mihika thinks what is Mihir doing here. Rumi talks to his friend and says Mihika is looking super hot tonight. He says I will get her tonight. He meets Mihika. Amrit says great Mihika, you know a lot of people. Rumi

says she is my neighbor. Amrita goes with her friend leaving Mihika with Rumi. Rumi says I felt bad what happened with your family, why are you punishing me for Raman, trust me, I was your friend, why should we break our friendship. Rumi goes to dance with Mihika and says Mihir should not come in between.

Ashok is speaking ill against Raman. Mihir comes there and Ashok looks at him. Ishita is taking care of the puppy. She thinks of Ruhi and smiles. She thinks what might be Ruhi doing. She thinks of calling Ruhi. Ruhi is with the maid and unable to sleep. She says I m missing Ishita, she is very nice and loves me a lot. The maid says will you talk to her. She finds Ishita’s number and calls Ishita. Ruhi talks to Ishita. Ishita is stunned to get her call and laughs with happiness. She asks how are you. Ruhi says I m missing you a lot. Ishita says same here, where is your mum.

Ruhi says she went to a party. Ishita asks with whom are you. Ruhi says with Amma (the maid). Ishita talks to the maid and asks are you giving the medicines on time. She says I gave the prescription to Shagun, you also write it once. She makes her note down it again. She says make her sleep now, she might be tired. Ishita asks Ruhi to call her whenever she misses her. She talks to her and Ruhi sleeps. The maid says Ruhi slept. Ishita says cover her well. Ishita smiles ending the call.

Mihir sees Mihika dancing with her friends and Rumi. Mihika goes to take cold drink. Rumi stops her and says I will bring it. Rumi smiles staring at her and comes to her and makes the cold drink fall on her. She says I will go to the rest room. Amrita gives her her uncle’s room’s keys and asks her to go and change. Rumi goes after Mihika. Someone stops Mihir. Mihir says I need to go.

Rumi comes after Mihika and sees her cleaning her clothes through the key hole of the door. She removes her coat and he smiles watching her. Mihir catches him and slaps him. Rumi says what are you doing. Mihir says shut up. Mihika comes out and asks whats going on. Mihir says when you were changing, he was seeing you change. Rumi says its not like that, and lies to him. Rumi says I came here as she was alone. Rumi fools Mihika in his words. Mihika says Rumi is not lying Mihir, stop it, he has always supported us, he is a clean hearted man, who are you to call him cheap, who are you to interfere in my life. She taunts Mihir and Raman. She says go, you are just selfish. Rumi smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla is taking care of Rumi’s wound. Mr. Bhalla says maybe he did something, ask what what he did. Raman asks what happened. Rumi says Mihir has beaten me. Rumi tells him what happened and Mihir has beaten up because of Mihika. Raman calls Mihir and calls him home. Mihika comes to ishita. Ishita asks how was the party. Mihika says it was fine, even Mihir was there. Ishita says Ruhi called today, she was alone with her Daima. Mihika says Shagun was with Ashok Khanna in the party, Ashok is a cheap man, do you know what he said in the party.

Raman is angry on Mihir. Mihir comes to him and says Raman…… Raman asks whats wrong with you, how can you beat my brother. Mihir tells him eveything what Rumi did. He says I love Mihika even today, no matter that we are not together, I care for her, I can’t see anyone doing such cheap thing like Rumi did. Raman goes to talk to Rumi and supports Rumi. Rumi speaks against Mihir. Raman slaps Rumi and asks Mrs. Bhalla not to come in between. Raman says did you learn to see a girl change, be it Mihika or anyone else, learn to respect women, you are my brother, did you learn this. He slaps Rumi further and leaves. Rumi looks at Mihir with anger. Mihir leaves. Mr. Bhalla says see I told you Rumi would have done anything.

Its morning, Raman and Ishita gets the newspapers and the bill. Raman pays him. The man sees Ishita and Raman’s photo in the newspaper and reads the news. Raman gets angry hearing this. Ishita looks on.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to take her to the court so that she can meet Ruhi. He says I will fight for Ruhi’s custody, I promise I will bring her back.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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