Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Payal worrying for Kaira and messages Pankhudi to stop Kaira from going to the concert but sms couldn’t be send. She tries to call. Sheela comes and says, your mind is on phone and asks her to forget it for sometime. She switched off her phone and keeps it with her. Payal thinks to return home and inform Pankhudi. Rohit comes to pick Kaira. He says, I borrowed this car from my mind. He speaks about her comfort. Rohit says, I have to take passes from my friend’s house. Kaira agrees. Payal tells Sheela that I want to go home now. Sheela agrees. Payal leaves and waits for the taxi. She thinks to stop Kaira anyway. She calls Pankhudi, but Pankhudi didn’t pick the call. Sheela praises her daughter in law Payal. Payal comes home running and asks

for Kaira. She asks Pankhudi to call Kaira and asks her to come home now. Pankhudi says, okay. Rohit asks her to wait as he brings the passes. Kaira asks for the washroom. Rohit gives the
direction. Pankhudi calls her but Rohit cancels the call. And keeps the phone on silent mode. Payal asks, do you know about the concert place. Pankhudi signs no. Payal says, we will pick her up from there.

Pankhudi asks, why you are getting hyper. Payal says, he is not Kushal but Rohit. Pankhudi asks, why mamaji lied to me. Payal says, because Rohit blackmailed him. Pankhudi calls her again. Rohit tells Kaira that they have to wait for his friend. Kaira says, we will get late for concert. Rohit goes to check. Kaira sees Pankhudi’s misscalls and calls her. Pankhudi asks her to come back home fast. Kaira says okay. Kaira tells Rohit that I have to rush home as something happened at home. Rohit thinks that his plan have ruined.

Pankhudi says, we will tell everything to everyone. Payal agrees with her and says we will stop Rohit from spoiling Kaira’s life. Payal says you are my big support. You covered up my every mistake. She asks her to do one more favour. She asks her not to tell their family that she is already aware of her truth. Pankhudi says, I can’t lie. Payal says, I will tell them that you didn’t know anything nor my family. Pankhudi says, everything can be snatched from you. Doing good is not always wrong. Latika comes to Sheela’s party and thank one lady for giving the info. She collides with Sheela intentionally. Sheela asks, why you came here. Latika says, my mom is the member of this community. She calls her Sasumaa and tries to irritate her. Sheela says, my daughter in law is far better than you. Latika says, I was greedy but Payal had an affair before her marriage with Rubel. Latika says sorry. Sheela eyes her angrily. Sheela stops her.

Pankhudi and Payal are standing infront of Nanu and Nani’s pics. Pankhudi tells her about Nanu. She says, he gave my his gramophone and I kept it in my room. Sheela asks her not to speak nonsense. Latika says, I promise that I will not say it to anyone. Sheela asks, why did you say that about my daughter in law? Latika asks her to come. Pankhudi says, we are nanaji’s daughter in law and this house happiness is our responsibility. May be, this house will go away from us. Payal apologizes to her. Pankhudi says, everything will be fine. Latika says, Payal has an affair and she met Rohit even now. Sheela says, I won’t believe you. Sheela asks, how you know about it. Latika says, I love Rubel and that’s why I followed Payal and saw her with Rohit. She shows her Payal’s photo with Rohit. Sheela says, he is Kushal. Latika says, he is Rohit, Payal’s boyfriend.

Pankhudi and Payal are still talking about the truth. Payal says, I learnt a lot from you. She says, I was about to settle here. But…this house will go from my hands. Sheela wonders what is Rohit doing in my house. Latika says, Payal and Rohit want to spoil Rubel’s life and asks her to do something. She says, Pankhudi might know everything. Payal makes a wish infront of Nanu’s photo. Sheela says, you didn’t do a right thing. You betrayed my son…..Payal prays infront of Nanu’s photo. Sheela says, I won’t keep quiet.

Sheela questions Payal, why did you married Rubel when you love someone else. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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