Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suraj and Ashok talking about dinner done. Mihika calls husband and stops Ashok. He asks was she waiting for dinner, but we had dinner with clients. She says how can I let this get waste. He says no, you have two fridge now. She says I went out with my friends and came back to cook for you both. Suraj says I m going to sleep. Mihika asks him to accompany Ashok. She makes them eat. Ishita says Adi has so much going on in his heart and goes to him. Shravan tells Bala about Ishita scolding him, even when Adi was beating him. Bala says you did wrong, so you got scolded. Raman stops Shravan and asks Bala not to annoy Shravan. He says I m on your side. Ishita says don’t take his side, you don’t know. Raman says don’t worry. Adi looks on and leaves annoyed.


asks Raman to come and talk to her. Raman talks to Shravan and laughs. She insists and Bala asks Raman to go, and takes Shravan. Raman asks what happened and goes to Ishita. Mihika says she will heat up the dish and takes it. Suraj asks will she kill us by making us eat. Ashok feels uneasy. She brings the dish. She serves them. Suraj says I don’t want this. She says I made it especially for you, you treated my family so well so I can do this for you. Suraj says you can play this game with Ashok, not with me. He leaves. She thinks she understands, its starting now and will play such games that they will recall all their deeds.

Ishita tells Raman that you should not support Shravan, as Adi is in big problem. She tells him everything and he cries being shocked. She says if he was 3-4 year child, we would have ignored this, but Adi is 12 years old, and we can’t ignore it, its psychological problem. He says my son is in problem and I can’t see it, I m so selfish, I felt he is staying with me and did not see his problem. She says Adi is going from trauma, not because of you, Adi loved Ashok and got cheated by him, he is unable to adjust here, how will he manage himself. She says before it gets too late, and Adi do anything wrong, its important we take him to a counselor. Shagun hears them. Raman asks Ishita you mean my son is mad?

He says my son is not mad. She says its not madness and explains him that Adi needs to go to psychiatrist if he has any mental problem, and there is nothing to be ashamed, Adi should be healthy mentally and physically. Raman asks why is she not Adi’s mum, Shagun did not think about him, and you are thinking about him. Ishita cries and says I m his mum, as he is your son. She says I m step mum, but not filmi one. She smiles and her tears fall. She says I m doing my duty. They wipe their tears. She says we have to take him to counselor soon and first we have to talk to Adi. Raman agrees.

Shagun slaps Adi for fighting with Shravan, now they are taking to counselor, you will get electric shock. Raman and Ishita come and stop Shagun. Shagun asks Adi where will she go now if he does this. Adi says sorry and cries. Raman hugs Adi and pacifies him. Raman gets angry on Shagun and takes Adi out. Ishita asks Shagun why is she talking to Adi this way, he is already stressed out, I will tell the problem. Raman says this house is yours as its Ruhi’s. He makes him drink water. He says you are my son, whatever Shagun says, your dad is always with you, come on smile. Adi smiles. Raman says always keep smiling, I can do anything for your smile.

Ishita explains Shagun. Shagun cries and says poor Adi is getting punished for my mistakes. Ishita says don’t blame yourself, Adi needs counseling. I feel we all should end this problem together. Shagun cries and says Ishita you do so much for Adi, thanks. Ishita leaves. Shagun says show more sympathy to Adi, the more you try to get great, I will make you fall so low. She says before it, I have to handle Adi.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to take shawl to Dubai to keep herself warm. Simmi teases Ishita that Raman is there to keep her warm. Ishita says sorry we are not going to Dubai. She says Adi is very disturbed and we and Raman can’t go to Dubai, and he is cancelling tickets, we are taking Adi to psychiatrist. Mr. Bhalla says we will take him, you guys go. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to give time to her relation. Shagun says I will take Adi, you can join later. Mrs. Bhalla says I will go with Shagun, and asks Ishita not to cancel her program. Even Shagun says the same. Simmi says Raman was excited about the trip, call him and ask him not to cancel the trip. Ishita says fine and goes.

Raman and Ishita bring their bags and Mrs. Bhalla gives snacks. Ishita asks about Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi is annoyed. Simmi asks Ishita not to worry, they will take care of Ruhi. They ask Raman and Ishita to enjoy. Shagun comes and says its not good, I took the appointment… Ishita asks what happened. Shagun says Adi’s appointment has confusion, what will we do, the counselor says both parents have to come, else treatment can’t be started, I will take appointment later. Ishita says no, Raman will go today with you, Adi is very imp, his well being is imp, I m sorry. She asks Shagun and Raman to book appointment and she will cancel tickets. Shagun smiles and says sorry to Ishita.

Ishita says its ok and asks the appointment time, and Adi’s dad will always be with him. Shagun says Ishita is so good, innocent and thinks how she bribed a lady to do as she says. She says sorry Ishita, but I m not happy with your trip. Raman comes to Ishita and says sorry, it happened because of me and my son. She says why do you do this, I don’t want to go Dubai, is this good to say Adi is your son, problems are yours, why don’t you say its mine too. She says I understand you will say big thanks, which I don’t want. She says if you want to give anything, I want something else and I m serious.

Raman and Shagun meet the counselor and asks the solution to make him feel secure mentally. The counselor says Adi wants both his parents. Shagun looks at Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. akira

    Ffn the coming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,Raman and Ishita’s honeymoon gets cancelled as Raman along with Shagun attends for Adi’s counseling where Doctor advices Adi needs attention and Ishita although bit upset unpacks when Raman apologizes for disappointing her all the time.

    In Return Ishita explains that she is also Part of Raman’s life and she can understand his feelings for Adi and asks for another gift,while Raman wonders what it can be when Ishita asks for X ray glasses to check if it is truth and Raman gets romantic with her and gives her the glasses which turns a complete comic situation.

    Scene don’t end there Shagun purposely tells about her and Raman’s marriage Anniversary which Upsets Ishita,but Raman tells that he never want to remember that thing and gifts Ishita their Family’s Generational Earrings to her shocking Shagun.

    Soon Raman’s company will organise a grand party for New Year and entire Bhalla’s and Iyer’s join the party ,but Shagun who is in the mood of spoiling the environment will create a drama and upset everyone.But not so late Raman will give her back and support Ishita where love and cute moments will be seen.

    Further Mihika and Ashok too attend the party and it turns awkward for Mihika when she sees Mihir there.Ashok dances with Mihika while Mihir is angry.Mrs.Iyer gets upset seeing all this while Mrs.Bhalla consoles her and makes up her mood again.

    With Shagun bringing constant troubles in her life,how will Ishita solve this ?

    Further in New Year’s Party a Situation will arise where Ishita suspects Bala and decides to know the truth behind it,while Vandu denies to believe it.

  2. 123

    Ishita bahut achchi hai aur isi baat ka darr laga rehta hai ki Shagun uski weakness pe hi vaar karegi. agar Ishita ki goodness bahut mahengi na ho jaye uske liye. Agar kalko Adi aakar Raman se kahega ki leave Ishita & marry Shagun so that we all can be together to Raman kya karega? Yeh drama bahut hi lamba honewala hai. Dubai trip bhi cancel ho gayee.

  3. ishra

    kya kare is. …evil woman shagun ka. … k liye jitne bhi bure.words use karlo. …woh bhi kam padege. ….chiii
    IshRa ka plan kharab kardiya. …..

  4. addy

    Its jst too much…aaj k zamane me kon itna bhola hai lyk ishita..cant she sense wat shagun is trying to do…

  5. Shuchismita Das

    Knew this honeymoon will be cancelled. But how the hell Shagun can even think of getting Raman back? When she herself left him six years ago?

  6. p

    Episode bhi average tha aur Kolkata babu moshayes match bhi hare gaye against delhi dargons .Bahut kharaab khele hai kolkata babu moshayes .

  7. sree

    phir se shagun saara maza kharab kar diya…kasi aurath hai yeh ?ise toh apni bete ka health ki koi fikr hi nahi hai kaise maar rahi thi adi ko…

  8. p

    What a dialog? Jab Raman ne ishita se kaha ki tum adi ki maa kyon nahi ho .Really dialog was awesome and ishra ke scenes bahut ache hote hai.

  9. waise raman today ur question was right y dont ishu become maa for adi.iam impressed by ur words of raman and cute u guys r.made for each other.even i have the same question ishu y dont u came first in raman life yaar.agar if u came in his life first then iam sure raman life may be bright and good.koi baath nayi atleast form now onwards raman life will be colourful.

  10. p

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you and welcome 2015 with happiness and may new year will bring all happiness to you.

  11. Haa Ishra kya batau aaj to Exam thi aur ueke baad lecture…..but lecture cancle ho gaya…….7:15 baje hum free hue kya pleasure bhaga kar aai hoo…thiik 7:30 baje ghar par pahuchi……agar aaj miss ho jata to phir kal bhi dekhane ko nahi milta
    …repeat dekhane ka to no chance……

  12. ishra

    Yaar award main karan nominated nahin tha ….karan ko award milna chahiye tha. .woh diserve karta hai. …..

  13. sakshi

    I like ishita but she is ridiculous
    How does she not se what is going on with shagun
    They should go to court and get adi by showing that shagun has no home

  14. ishra

    Are yaar. .IshRa. .saal k akhri din bhi rurahe the. ….ek Bhi IshRa wala scene nahin tha. .nok jok. …nothing. ….else
    ye sab uss apshagun ki wahje se hoa hai. ……..
    …………lekin naye saal k pehle. .episode main IshRa ka. ….naughty. .romantic scene dekhne mile ga. ………..X cited. …
    what do you think guys. …????

  15. Yaar precap se to lagta hai kahi Aadi ki health ke liye Raman & Shagun ek naa ho jaye…….Yaar Raman sirf Aadi ke baare me soch kar faisla mat lena Ruhi ke baare me bhi sochana……..Shagun Aadi ki maa hai par Ruhi ki maa to sirf aur sirf Ishita hai……Ishita tumhare dono bachho ko sambhal lengi….par Shagun nahi sambhal payegi……kisi ek bachhe ke nahi par dono ke baare me soch kar faisla lena aur hum fans par bhi thodi daya karna………
    Yaar Raman Ishita tumse Thank You nahi par I Love You sunana chahti hai…… keh bhi do………Inn sab ke bich Shagun ko lagta hai ki Raman Shagun paae aayege but no Raman Shagun ke nahi par Aadi ke najdik jaayega tabhi to Raman Aadi ke saath carrom khelta hai……

  16. Kya Ishra last scene nahi dekha nok jhokh to thi…..Ishita ne kaha muje thankyou nahi kuch aur chahiye air kal wo mangegi Raman se jo ise chahiye matlab New Year par IshRa Rocks…….kal Ishita X-ray gladses mangegi tab Raman kahega yeh pehen kar kya tum muje dekhanw chahti ho…….kal maja ayega shuruat hi IshRa scene se hogi……

  17. ishra

    Prayosha. .aaisa mat soncho muhje bhi darr lagraha hai ki. .Raman uss conslore
    k. ..batauo mai na aajai. ……..I hope k. …
    Raman Adi ko thik karane k liye ishita ka haat Thame …..jis a uss ne Adi k court case k time pe kiya tha. ……………

  18. p

    Ishra kabhi bhi alag nahi hoge and shagun ka jaldi real face sabke samane aayega and shagun ishra ke house se chali jayegi

  19. Hey tum logo ne new promo dekha … to nahi keh sakte kyonki yeh promo aljab se show shuru hua hai tab se ab tak ke saare promo ka mix tha…..but bahot achha tha IshRa ke sabhi best scene the usme…..

  20. Muje lagta hai ki wbhi nomination me jo scene dikhaya tha wo bahut purana tha shadi ke pehle ka aur tab Raman khadus tha shayad vilian jaisa…….iss liye nominate nahi kiya hoga…….but next time aur aanewale har awards me award to Karan ko hi milana chahiye……

  21. Abhi 9:45 baje aaya tha promo sabhi promos ka mix tha & IshRa best scene the usme… aur jo last promo aaya tha Shagun wala iss naye promo wo scene last me dhikhaya aur bole kya inn muskeli ke bich sambhal payega Ishita Raman ka rishta….

  22. akira

    Sorry@ ishita tumhara name meine username k jagh dal diya
    mera mobile bht hang ho raha h isliye gdbd hui

  23. ishra

    Jab ishita ne trip pe Jane se mana kar diya tub raman ko bura laga. …
    now shagun tum chahe jitne papad baillo. .Raman ab tum hare bataon mai nahin a aye ga. …
    tum jitna ishita raman ko aalag karne ki kushish karo gi. ..woh log uttne hi kharib aayen ge. ….
    jab tum hare is natak ka pata chalega sab se pehle ishita tum he thappad mare gi. ..ghar se nikale gi ……aur uss waqt Adi bhi tum hare sath nahin Ho. ………

  24. Yes right Ishra…..ab bahut nahi chalega iss ka drama wo ab Raman ko apne pallu se nahi bandh sakti kyonki Raman to khud Ishita ke pallu se bandh gaya hai…..

  25. ishra

    Yes. …prayosha. …Raman ko. .ishitamania ..hoga ya hai. ….woh toh apni pagal madrasan k alawa. ..kisi baton mai nahin. …aayega
    Shagun madam woh din gayest jab tum raman ko apne pallo se bandha tha. hi toh. ..chot gaya. …..
    ishita ne raman ko dil se bandh liye hai. …jo kabhi nahin tot sak ta. …

  26. ishra

    My favourite films. Hai …kick. .happy new year. …..
    favourite songs. ….manwaa lage. ..hangover. .tuhi tu. ….
    actor. …salman khan. ….
    actress. ….dipika padokone….

  27. ishra

    All telly update . ..commenter.and……..yhm…team…….IshRa. ……happy new year. ….♡♡♡♡♡♡

  28. sathyanaash episode.ishra kahi bhi ja nahi paaye.yeh ishra ke beech kisi ko aana hai harbaar. iss adi ki bimaari jald se jald theek hona jana chahiye warna ishra ko alag hone ka kafi chances hai.yeh shagun bahut matlabi hai.raman ke paise ke peeche padi hai .gandi aurat.patha nahi kya hai yeh sab iyer sisters ki zindagi barbad ho rahi hai .mihika ki ashok se .ishitha ki shagun se.vandu ki bala se.

  29. lily

    Seriously is ishitha really blind or was born that way? Who keeps there spouse’s ex in their house?? True that adi is with her but they should make them live separately! These things are really unrealistic and this whole honeymoon thing! Everyone knew that its not gonna happen so why did they even show it!! This ia a really good show but the current storyline is not at all pleasing why are they dragging it soo much?? I really hope that this stories doesnt face the fate of kyunki saas bahu!! It dragged so much that people got fedup of it soo please don’t drag this show unnecessarily because this is one of the best tv shows ever and we love the lead pair and don’t make it a mess by dragging the same storyline for along time !! Btw shagun was looking fab in that saree with a tube jacket and ishitha looks like a daadi with an old fashioned saree jacket and a saree … true that shagun should look glamorous but it doesn’t mean that the costume designers should make her look old !!

  30. SS

    Naya Savera Nayi Kiran Ke Sath
    Naya Din Ek Pyari Si Muskaan Ke Sath
    Aapko Naya Saal Mubarak Ho Dher Sari Duaon Ke Sath
    Happy New Year… meri taraf se sabhi a very happy new year ………………….

  31. One of d most my favorite actress @divyanka tripathiii@
    my best wish u…..happy new year 2015 !!! n GOD bless u…..
    n all IshRa fan’s happy new year 2015 n GOD bless u….n enjoy sur life….

  32. ishra

    ☆Na koi ranj ka lamha kisi ke pas aaye
    Khuda kare naye saal sab ko raas aaye. ……♡♡
    happy new year to all IshRa fans. …..

  33. Same to you Ishra……..
    Yar yeh Raman ka har dialoge Dil ko chhu jata hai……..aaj to new year par meri pehli eish yahi hai ki IshRa kabhi jadaa na ho…….& apna love jald hi confess kar de…..
    And guys pls SBS SBB ke baare me batanw….bye……..sham ko 1 Jan ki update par baat karenge…….

  34. akira

    Tumhi sarvanna majhya kadun nav varshchi hardik shubhekcha
    divynka aani karan tumhi doghi khup changli acting kartat… amhala fakt ataa tumche scene pahije ya show madhe. Ha show sarvaat changla aahe. Pan aata jo track chalat aahe to thoda bore karat aahe sarvanna. Fakt tey itka drag naka kara.
    luv u ishra
    (Plzz ignore gram. mistakes…!)

    • akira

      Ruhi tula pan happy new year
      baby tujhyamudech amhala ishra saarkhi pair bhetli…

      aani shagun sooraj ashok n parm bagha aata hi doghi madraasan aani amcha punjabi tumchi kashi vaat lavtaat

  35. SHAGUN


    • Ishita

      Jab tak raman mere saath hain tab tak tu humare parivaar ka kuch nahin bigad sakti hain
      aur tu toh sab ke ghar se nikali gayi hain. Tera khud ka to koi ghar nahin hain kisi aur ne taras dikha ke khud ke ghar me bulaya to ussi ka ghar barbaad karne pe tuli hui hain
      par iss bar raman mujhse pyaar karte hain. Raman ko pata hain ki tu kitni giri hui hain
      apne din ginna start kardo Qki jaise hi raman aur aadi paas aajayenge tujhe ghar se bahar nikal diya jaayega…. pagal
      ab se madraasan romantic kumar ruhi aur aadi ek happy family hain

      aur tu shagun nahi apshagun hain….

      • SHAGUN


  36. ishra

    Hey. ..guys. …sbs …main yhm. … …ka. .season 2….aane wala hai. …..2015 k katam hone se pahle yhm ka season 2 aaye ga. ….

  37. ishra

    Hey. ..guys. …sbs …main bataya…….yhm. … …ka. .season 2….aane wala hai. ..yhm break leke. …..phir…se…….2015 k katam hone se pahle yhm ka season 2 aaye ga. ….

  38. Shital

    Aur SBB me bataya ki 2015 me ishita mummy banegi aur uske khud k baby ki wajah se ruhi usse dur ho jaayegi.

  39. ishra

    Are yaar. …new year ke pehle din ekta ne itna bada bomb dala fans k upper. ….sara din kharab hogaya. ….ekta pagal hogai hai kya. ……yhm show itna achcha chal raha hai. ..toh. …season 2 ki kya zarorat hai. …..We don’t want any season 2…….koi
    ekta ko kisi psychiatrist k pas leke jao yaar. ..she really needs. ….Is se uss ka dimag tihkane pe aajai ga. ……….
    I wish k ye news galat hojai. …..

  40. Ishita

    Tumhe kaha se pata chala ye hone wala hain???
    Yaar agar ye sach ho gaya then we’ll miss ishra so much
    cant imagine anyone in place of divyanka n karan

  41. ishra

    E-24. ….main karan ne kaha tha ki. ..hum har saal ye best jodi ka award jite. ….toh agar season 2 aaye ga bhi toh muhje lagta hai ki. .karan divyanka. .honge main leads..may……

  42. p

    Ekta pagal ho gayi hai jo itne ache serial ko bhech me band kare ke naya season layegi .I hope ki yeh news wrong ho.

  43. Yaar season 2 ke baad kaunsa show hit hua hai……Iss pyar ko kya naam doo …… bole tum na maine kuch kaha……..punar vivah…….koi nahi….pahela season hit tha par dusra flope


    ……yeh Ekta pagal ho gai hai……..& Ishra ke confession ke baad break hogw……….matqlab DivAn nahi badlege………but season 2 matlab leap yaani kya wb hum budhhe IshRa ka romance dekhenege ?????stpo this nonsence…….& confession ke break to tumha yeh adhura drame ks kya??? ROMI SARIKA…….BALA VANDU RAINA………SIMMI PARMIT………….ASHOK MIHIKA……….MIHIR RINKY………..AADI COUSTODY……………and confession ke baad season 2 laana hi hai to yunhi continue karo ba show bwndh karne ki kya jarurat hai……..

  44. i think so ki sab kuch galat news hai. sbs mein kuch aur hai aur sbb mein kuch aur hai .2 season ki kya zaroorat bhi drama hai woh isi season mein dikha sakte hai na.waise hum sab yeh ghatiya shagun ashok mihika ka drama jheel hi rahe hai toh aur konsa season.yeh season hi itna adhoora hai. aur ishitha kaise maa ban sakthi hai yaar.aur chamatkar and all is not realistic.ruhi hai aur bahut logon ki umeed adi ki custody ki hai .so why are they confusing us yaar?

  45. ishra

    Are yaar jab se ye news soni hai mood kharab hogaya ……….are ekta ko samjhao k. …yhm uss dusre serials ki tarha nahin hai. ….uss k dusre serials ek taraf aur yhm taraf. …
    ………ekta ko meri bhi baddua lage gi. ….agar uss ne yhm bandkiya. ……nahin chahiye hame. ..koi season 2. …..

  46. ishra

    Ur right. .rithushree. ..prayosha. …..
    jo karana hai. …is mehi karo na.
    …season 2 ki zarorat kya hai

  47. lily

    Guys what is this seaaon 2 talk?? I don’t know hindi so please can someone tell me what’s going on? Please!!! Thank you

  48. sree

    Current news says that yeh hai mohabbatein will soon end and yeh hai mohabbatein season 2 will start in 2015 itself…and it is also said that ishita will become mother and so that ruhi will go away from her………….Hope that the news is wrong.

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