Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik pushes Nandini against the wall and they start to argue and Nandini says that she is the manager and takes her work seriously unlike you. She is about to leave when Manik says that what about last night and Nandini says that nothing happened. He shows her his shoulder full of scratches and Nandini says that she couldn’t have done it. Manik says that was I dreaming and Nandini says that I don’t want to talk about it and leaves.
Aliya brings Dhruv to another class and gives him a gift and then gives him a card. Dhruv is stunned to see all the work she had put in and Aliya says that you are the only guy who paid attention to all of this and any girl would fall for your sweetness. ALiya says that she couldn’t have got Harshad out of jail if he wasn’t there and thanks him. Dhruv thanks her and says that it means the world to me, Muktii comes and calls Aliya as she needs help.
Cabir sits down with Manik and says that what did she do this time. Manik asks of how he knew about it and Cabir says that it’s simple and gives an example of girls and says that it is written on your face. Cabir says that now you know why I am not into girls. Manik says that if this continues all men will turn gay. He offers him soda and Cabir says that have you gone mad, I am drinking hot chocolate. Manik says that this is what Nandini does and I don’t know what she wants. Cabir says that she also doesn’t know that and asks if he has ever talked to her. Manik says that he did and says that nothing is simple in her life. Cabir points at Manik and says that nothing can be simple and then says that Soha is here.
Muktii and Aliya are going when she hits a worker. She screams at him saying that can’t you see but he says that I can but it’s funny as we keep bumping into one another. It’s Abhymanu and Muktii asks of what he is doing here and in this uniform. Aliya recognizes him and Abhymanu says that I am new worker. Muktii says that I thought you were smarter than that while Abhymanu says that I did this to to stay close to you. Muktii says that you are unbelievable while he pinches her and says that I am real. Aliya leaves and he keeps on arguing with her and says that how about a real smile on your face. Muktii is leaving when he says that keep smiling.
Muktii then sees Harshad who comes to her and says that I am back at the college and thanks her as because of them the principle did this. Muktii says that she will always regret that while Harshad says that whatever happened between us was not a part of Fab5. Muktii says that there was nothing between us and tells him to take her hands of her. Abhymanu standing by sees Harshad and realizes to what is wrong with Muktii.
Soha comes and meets Manik and Cabir and invites them to the party. Manik says that we also have a party but I can’t come, Cabir backs Soha up and agrees with her. When Soha leaves Cabir says that what is wrong with you and why are you so rude to her as she is Khurana’s daughter. Nandini walking by sees them and Soha comes and gives Manik a gift about his eye infection. At first he refuses but on seeing Nandini he accepts it and says it out loudly. Cabir then sees Nandini and realizes what is happening. Soha gives Manik the glasses and Manik asks Soha if she has also invited Nandinii. Soha says that I have as she is your manager and says that I have a surprise only for you.
Both of them leave and Cabir says that now I know the reason and Manik gives Cabir the glasses and says that what is your problem with me. Cabir says that he saw Nandini standing and when you saw her you became very sweet to Soha so I know the reason why. Manik says that maybe Soha is not the problem and is the solution to Nandini’s problem.
Nandini is walking in jealous and irritated at Manik when she sees Navya and goes to hug her. Nandini says that I knew you will come back and I am very happy to see you. Navya says that I am also very happy to see you and Nandini hugs her again and asks of Harshad. Nandini says that Harshad is in jail when she sees him walking by. Soha comes and meet Nandini and Soha. Navya leaves saying that she has to leave to check the hostel while Soha says that I have to talk to you.
Soha tells Nandini about the party which is just a show for Manik and her being together. Nandini asks her to stop and says that I don’t want to know about you and him. Soha says that The Fab5 doesn’t leave him alone so I need your help to distract him. She says only you know about the plan and will no one else.
Cabir is walking with Manik when Nandini comes and says that I need to talk to you for a moment. Cabir leaves and Nandini says to Manik that what you are doing with Soha is not good. Manik asks of what he is doing and Nandini says that he is going to Soha’s party. She asks of what the surprise is and Manik says that how will he know that. She tells him about the plan and Manik says that it is so nice of her. Nandini says that if you go she will think you like her and Manik says that what is wrong with that. He says that you should not have any problem as nothing happened last night. Nandini says gets angry and leaves the scene.
Later she with Abhymanu and gives crazy ideas about getting Manik drunk. Abhymanu says that what is the thing and on the conclusion says that you can never let Manik go. Nandini agrees with Abhymanu and says that I can’t let him go.

Precap: Everyone is dancing at the party.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This sounds awesome remix queen
    Now I am extremely exited to know what happened ????

  2. dat we saw in day b4 yest precap..was dat fake?

  3. mqnik thinks soha has done it so he calks nandu to make her jealous…so nandu gets irritated and abhi tells her to go to that place…nvya is tryin to call harshad he cuts the call…harshad also wants to come fr party par aliya says no…manik tells cabir to keep soha busy in party as nandu is here with him…parso ka woh flowers ka recap ke show n manik asks nandu whr soha is n asks hw did u know dat im here…n den he says dat means u planned dis fr me…n it ends der…n precap mein same yest ka precap n manan hot moment…i think dey kiss

  4. y u told shar dat m rite..wat happnd?

  5. guys dis epi is worth watchin..cant miss it fr nytin…im cryin!!!

  6. thnks shar..fr sharng ur happiness

  7. arre wen navya tries callin harshad mukti is der…n she asks i thot u gave up on harshad so she cries n says kuch galtiyan sudhari nai ja sakti…so i think shes pregnant

  8. This is awesome
    I want to watch it right now

  9. Wow!!!wow!!!awsome jhakas episode..

  10. me too..samyunkta

  11. Thank u so much
    Remix Queen

  12. means fab5 r at soha’s party n manan r smwhre else n nandu has plannd all dis fr manik..ryt shar

  13. guys cm to nxt update

  14. Manan at last phir se ek huye…mein toh kushi ke maare maar jaun bt a very sad news i won’t be able to watch kyy may be from tmrw or day after tmrw….what to do yaar…nw i will start crying…

  15. the way manik guesses n his reaction on knowin dat nandu did dis…omgeeee…i cant stop dancin

  16. Hiiiiiiiiii


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