Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Appa talking to Mr. Bhalla about Ishita and Raman’s marriage. He says it will be good for them and Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla agrees. Simmi talks to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla is upset. Rumi talks to her. Mrs. Bhalla says I m missing Ruhi, everyday I feel I will get her today but she is going far from me. Simmi asks her to be happy. She says look at Raman, he is trying hard, I think we will win. She asks her to smile and comment on her kurti. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is your dad. Rumi says he is outside, the voting is about to begin, come lets go.

Raman says lets go. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman, are you going to vote for your dad, you both are not on talking terms but you care for each other so much. She says you love him right. Raman says I m ashamed of what

I did six years ago. He recalls. Shagun has an argument with Mr. Bhalla and Raamn supported Shagun, not his dad. Shagun manipulated the situation and cries. Raman takes her side though she lies to Raman. Raman argues with his dad because of her.

Raman says I want to regret for my mistake. Appa is also going for the elections. Ishita and Amma are excited and feel Appa will win. Bala comes home. He says I have posted all the posters in the building. Mihika comes and says I m sorry Appa, I can’t come with you. She cries. He says I won’t force you, but you don’t need to hide, its not your mistake, it was Mihir’s mistake. Ishita says you don’t need to hide, you are my strong sister. She says till when will they be safe, the truth will come out, they need to hide, not you.

She says its our life and we can’t stop living. I did not leave living because of Subbu, my engagement broke off with him and I still lived. Mihika says I want to be at home, you go and win Appa. Appa says sure and laughs. Everyone cheer for Mr. Bhalla and Appa. The voting starts. Simmi tells Rumi that I thnk Iyers will cheat, look at them. Rumi says dad will win. They have a discussion. Vandu talks to Simmi. Vandu says we can’t vote as we are not from this apartment, we can only support them.

Shagun throws a grand party for Ruhi. They cut the cake together. Ashok sees them and says Shagun, whats all this. She says you told me to keep Ruhi with me and that too happy. She will choose us if she is happy. Ashok says waht about these kids. She says they are her classmates, see how happy she is looking for the first time. Ashok says its great, I m impressed. The voting goes on.

Raman gets busy on phone and does not go for voting. Ishita goes in for voting. He says move, I have important work. They have an argument inside the polling booth. Their hands get stuck in the box. She shows him how to take his hand out. Saari fizaon me hai……………. plays……………. Ishita and Raman are caught in an awkward situation. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………. plays……………. Raman and Ishita walk out.

The voting is completed.The winner is announced. Its Mr. Bhalla. The Bhalla dance with happiness and does Balle Balle. Appa claps for them. Vandu says they are so uncivilized. Mr. Bhalla goes on stage and gives a little speech thanking everyone for selecting him. Mr. Bhalla says I think Appa deserves this position because he has served us for many years. He says I have lots of responsibilities, I m sorry I request you all to accept Mr. Iyer. Everyone claps. Appa goes on stage and thanks Mr. Bhalla. Appa asks why are you doing this.

Mr. Bhalla says I request you to take this position. Appa is the new general secretary. Mrs. Bhalla is angry seeing this. She leaves. Mr. Bhalla comes to talk to Mrs. Bhalla. She is annoyed with him. He tells her that has found a girl for Raman. She becomes happy. Appa tells Amma that he has found a guy for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma are shocked to know about this by their husbands. Mr. Bhalla says I have decided Raman will marry her, I spoke to her dad too. Appa says the guy is perfect, I spoke to the guy’s dad.

Mrs. Bhalla asks who are they, what does the girl do, how is the family. Mr. Bhalla says trust me, don’t worry. Appa says Ishita will be very happy with him. Amma cries happily. Everyone smile. Mrs. Bhalla asks for wine and laughs.

Mr. Bhalla talks to Raman about marrying Ishita asking him to meet her once. Raman looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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