Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th January 2014 Written Update

Manikanthan fights Mahishi with all his valor..dhobhi pachadars by meddling his leg while she directs her horns to him…and injures her throat.
All the devtas observe this and appreciate his valor.

Then he dances anand Tandav…seeing this Mahishi is in awe…At the end of his performance the devtas seem glad (lolz as if they where abt to clap for that award winning performance)
Then there appears the Hari Har roop and Manikantha was their personification. Mahishi sees this avtar and utters, the life which doesn’t realize its mistakes is a waste of creation even after watching this divine form of HariHara. She with her dying breath repents and apologizes for her mistakes.

Shiva with Nandi n Ganesh, shares that with the end of Mahishi

a negative entity is destroyed, with that tandav arises a positive entity

Far somewhere, a hill cracks due to the vibes and sound of ‘Om Naham Shivaya’ it emits over the yugas…

The passerby’s observe this and wonder and feel blessed to see that they are gonna witness Shiva’s greatest devotee end of penance…the huge rocks break down..yet the place has a divine aura which makes the ppl feel gladdened.
They all decide to have a glimpse of this great soul…

Mahadev has a smile on his face…Ganesh guess that its cause of that positive entity that has been created by the Anand Tandav..Nandi says that something great is gonna happen…
Mahadev replies ‘Lakulesh’
When asked abt it by Ganesh, Mahadev says… he’d know it soon..but now one very significant part is at its tail…and at its end the whole world will be benefited.

Shakti devi as Brhmharamba chants ‘OM Namah SHivaya’
Ganesh says that now she’ll come back to Kailash in her original from.

Back here Vishnudev comes back to his original from from his Mohini avtar..and takes off the protective blanket off his sister Parvati to say that her penance has been successful…

Brhmdev, Sarswatidevi, and Lakshmi devi along with Mahadev appear there..
Parvati devi comes back to her original form from Brhmri devi…Mahadev is super glad to have Parvati devi back…tears of joy flow through their eyes..they have crossed this problem too. She acknowledges her brother Vishnudev for helping her out. Now its time for the union of Vishnu n Lakshmi.

Vishnudev appreciates Lakshmi devi’s efforts and support to let things happen..the latter says hat she wanted to see her sister Parvati in her original from…

Manikanthan comes riding a tiger… his father and folks back are speechless to see this…Then the father recalls the day he found his son- how a pious man said him to take care of Shiva’s gift. He falls on Manikanthan’s feet and apologizes for not acting against his wife and minster who conspire against Manikantha.. Mankantha says that its ok..
When The king says that he’d punish the wife n minister, manikanthan stops him saying that they have been a catalyst a guide for him to reach his purpose in life…and now he has to leave the place..

Then MAhadev, Parvati devi, Lakshmidevi and Vishnudev appear there… the king feels blessed to see them in is kingdom…Mahadev tells the king that as he has taken care of Manikanthan as his duty..his kingdom will bear the fruits of his kind act. Manikanthan’s grace will be there on tis kingdom till eternity..

The king shares with Manikanthan that he wishes to build a temple for him- so that his devotes.. can pray him..the king requests Manikanthan to kindly give a site for a suitable temple..After taking Mahadev n Vishnudev’s permission, Manikanthan takes his bow n arrow and shoots an arrow..and says where ever the arrow stuck is the best place for the temple.

The king recognizes the place as Sabrimalayee..then Manikanthan takes the king’s and devta’s leave..

Mahadev tells the rest that Manikanthan’s energy will forever stay there..and Vishwakarma would help him in building the temple… and the main idol that will be established in the temple will be done by Parshuraam.

Mahadev shares that Mankanthan will be prayed with the name of AYYAPPA.
The king deciphers the name.. AYYA- Vishnu and APPA – SHiva.
the king feels blessed…

Back here the ppl go inside the cave…where the vibes of Om Namaha Shivaya are heard and felt… the anthill which entraps the man for centuries slowly cracks…and there appears a muddy structured man meditating… filled with mud from head till toe…
BG was soulful but didn’t suit the situation- was kinda romantic though

Mahadev is upset over something…When asked by Parvati devi on seeing Lakulesh free of sadhna (penance) why does he feel uneasy?
Maadev informs her that the man has done penance for such long time and the world changed drastically..which will be shocker and unacceptable thing for him.
Parvati devi asks what does it refer to… Mahdev tells that its her previous birth- as Sati and other many secrets.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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