Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Parmeet is surfing through bani’s stuff in the drawing room, which catches manpreet’s attention, and she gets tensed for him. she comes to him and consoles him, and asks whats he doing. He starts crying and says that they remind her of bani, and it reminds him that bani is gone, and that he used to live, but bani taught to live for others, he used to laugh, but bani taught to bring a laugh to others faces. All gather around. rajji is shocked and angered at parmeet’s pretense. parmeet says that now everything was going to be okay between them, and that he may have done a lot of mistakes, but why did bani get punished for no fault, and why did she leave him. all are frustrated while gagan wonders whats this new drama. parmeet gos on a rant as to how bani seems to be around him saying that she’s okay and alive and around him. rajji remembers bani’s torment. parmeet says that he deosnt need this stuff, as bani resides in his heart and he is very upset with bani’s things and he doesnt need them, as they remind him profusely of her. Parmeet refuses to take bani’s things, saying that he doesnt want any reminder of bani in his life, as whenever he sees her, he is reminded of her and his loss, and isnt able to bear that she is no more with her. rajji is unable to control her anger at his pretense, slaps him tight across the face. She asks him to stop this drama, as he isnt sad but is very happy. parmeet is stunned as to what happened. Rajji screams that bani didnt die, but he coldblooodedly murdered her sister, and that he is guilty of murdering bani. Parmeet is shocked to hear this. All are surprtised, as rajji says that he can hide it to others but not to him. manpreet asks if she’s sane. rajji says that she is, and when she knows about his true face, they would lose their senses. parmeet stands quiet. Soham tries to tell her and others too, that she is again getting back to her mentally insane fit about bani. rajji says that he killed his own wife and not wants to create a drama about this and warns him not to touch any of bani’s stuff. she says that bani never made a mistake, but one, that of marrying him, and always hoped for a future to thier meaningless relationship. she says that in saving that relationship, where he only betrayed her, she also gave up her life. soham asks her to control herself despite her emotions. Rajji remembers annu’s saying and composes herself and picks up bani’s photo. She remembers bani’s panic attack and breaks down into tears. She controls herself and tears off parmeet’s pic with bani, seperating the two virtually. all are shocked to see this. they try to talk rajji into composeing herself, but she rushes inside with bani’s pics. manpreet comes to parmeet, as he pretends to be hurt and affected by rajji’s statements. parmeet tells manpreet that he thinks that rajji has gone mad, and she is unable to see anyone’s loss and grief instead of hers. parmeet says that he cant even think of killing bani. Manpreet believes him that he isnt able or can do anything. she hugs him to console him. Soham is tensed to see this. parmeet is relieved that he has manpreet in his belief.

Later, manpreet comes to rajji’s room and is tensed to find her sitting sad and upset. she comes to rajji, and sits beside her and caresses rajji saying that parmeet is sad with bani’s death, and she too is in the same condition. She says that he tried to get out of his grief. she says that she isnt falsifying her as her grief is justified, bani being her sister and the closest to her, and that she hasnt been able to accept the fact that bani isnt with her. She says that she cant place bani’s death’s on anyone. rajji is enraged but doesnt react. soham comes with a medical kit, and manpreet leaves the room. soham comes to dress up rajji’s wounds in the hands, that came from picking bani’s photo from the broken photoframe. After much resistance, rajji finally gives in. soham asks why did she go to the extreme of slapping parmeet and asks if there’s something that she wantsd to tell him. She denies. He asks her to take care of herself. She goes onto sleep. soham says that he knows that she’s angry at him, but he cant see her upset and she maybe be angry at him, but he would always love her. she turns around in her sleep, and soham gets conscious.

later, parmeet is nervously pacing in his room. Gagan finds him like this, and thinks that her idea was great and she would keep probing till he doesnt confess. She brings coffee for him. She starst a conversation with him, that in the world, whatever anyone might do, the truth does get out. parmeet says that he doesnt know what she is talking about. gagan tells about the phone call that she overheard. Parmeet is shocked. Gagan leaves, while he is tensed. Rajji eyes his tension from a distance.

The next morning, as soham is working on something, rajji comes to him, and says that she’s going to the NGo office, after 2, 3 days. Soham agrees and offers to go with him. rajji wonders how to tell him that he cant take her, as she is actually going to see bani. She says that he doesnt need to,. as he should focus on the work. Soham says that its not much wastage of time. But rajji insists that he doesnt need to go. Balbir comes down and after asking rajji how is he feeling, he insists that soham should drop her for her safety. rajji is tensed, but has no other option but to go with him.

Scene 3:
Location: NGO office
Soham leaves her off till the NGO office, and after asking her to take care, he rides off. she pretends to go inside, but after he’s gone, she takes a different course, and goes to meet bani. meanwhile, on the road, soham remembers that she forgot her tiffin and comes back to the office. Soham gives the tiffin to the NGO head, saying that rajji forgot her lunch, and hence he got it for her. she says that rajji didnt come here today. Soham says that she must have misunderstood, as he himself dropped rajji here. But she insists that rajji hasnt come in a couple of days, and herself called up yesterday to say that she wont come today. Soham is shocked to hear this and gets tensed for rajji, wondering where she went, if she isnt here. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Rajji tells bani, in the temple, that she knows that she isnt weak, then why is she refraining today, and cites her the example of the goddess durga, who did raise her voice finally against evil, and conquered it. She asks bani to be strong and fierce like her. bani is determined that she would have her revenge now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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