Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Appa about his dad. He asks him to explain Mr. Bhalla as things are not going well. Appa says I will talk to him, just control your anger and ego. Ishita call Raman and says they will welcome Romi’s baby, this is good way to tell dad that it was all a misunderstanding between us. He smiles and is very glad. The family does arrangements for welcoming the baby, and doing grahpravesh. Ishita says she spoke to Mrs. Bhalla and has done things what she said, also made sweets. Romi says Pathak called and they are bringing the baby. They all do last minute arrangements. Pathak calls Ishita and says there is a problem, they are not giving the baby. She says what, and goes to room to talk. He says he did all legal formalities, but they have new issue, they feel

Romi is not fit financially to manage the child, they need a guarantor, any financial man has to take guarantee, Raman’s phone is off. She says I m coming, don’t tell if Romi calls him, he will get sad. She takes a file and leaves.

Mihir comes to Raman and asks about meeting. Raman says it went well, Bansal is happy with our work. Mihir says I m so happy. Raman asks what happened. Mihir apologizes for Rinki’s behavior. Raman scolds him and laughs. He asks is he mad to apologize, I know her, she is still kiddish, such fights happen, I m worried for dad, its good news, Ishita called and Romi and Sarika are getting their child today. Rinki calls Mihir and Raman asks him to talk with love. Rinki asks Mihir is he angry. He says no. She thanks him and says he is best husband. She says someone came from placement agency and said he has brilliant offer for you. Mihir says I told you I won’t leave my job. She says yes, but he kept on insisting, just meet once, whats the harm, for my sake. He says fine. She ends the call.

She calls Ashok and says she has convinced Mihir for meeting your man, the offer has to be best that Mihir does not refuse. She says Ishita I will get status for my husband. Ishita talks to the adoption centre man and says she can become the guarantor, and gives all the documents. He says fine, and allows them to take the baby. Ishita asks Pathak not to tell anyone, as this can make them worry. They get Rohit and she sends Pathak. She sits to do formalities.

Rinki tells Mr. Bhalla that she has come for baby’s welcome. Pathak brings the baby and gives them. They all get glad. Mr. Bhalla calls Ishita and comes to know she went for some work. Rinki asks how could she go, when she knew baby is coming. Simmi says fine, I will do the aarti. Rinki tells dad about Raman and Ishita not being at home. Simmi asks Rinki to stop it. Sarika and Romi hear this.

The driver brings toys sent by Raman. Rinki says great, Raman did not come. Romi says please Rinki. Raman walks in with many more shopping bags. Romi and Sarika smile. Raman meets the baby and goes to his room. Simmi asks Sarika to take baby in room and rest. Adi takes Ruhi along. Simmi says Raman got so many toys. She asks Neelu to keep it aside, some are harmful gas toys, I m sure Raman does not know this.

Raman calls Ishita and asks where is she. Ishita says I m coming, there was some problem at orphanage, I will come and say. Raman asks Neelu where is baby. She says baby is in Romi’s room. He asks why are toys here near dustbin. Neelu says Simmi told me. He gets shocked.

Mihir meets Mr Verma and says he is not looking for any job. Verma asks him to hear the offer. He offers him partnership and double salary, plus flat, car, foreign holidays. Ashok and Suraj are outside and want to see will Mihir agree to Verma, they have sent the man and did this set up to convince Mihir, this offer can’t be refused, if he refuses, Rinki will take his class. Mihir recalls Ashok and Rinki’s words. Mihir says its very tempting offer, let me get back to you in a day or two, is that alright. Verma says fine.

Sarika talks to Romi and says Raman did not come on time. Romi says Raman came, don’t know where Ishita went, leave it, see the baby, he looks like me. Raman sits sad. Ishita comes home and ask what happened. He says I got toys for baby, and they have thrown it aside. She looks on.

Ishita tells Raman about the harmful gas toys, so maybe Simmi asked Neelu to keep it. Raman says I was mistaken. Sarika tells Romi that she heard about Raman not giving any business to him.

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  1. episode was ok.abhi bhi misunderstandings completely clear nahi hue.precap accha tha.mihir ne uss aadmi se time kyu liya .usse toh tabhi mana kar dena chahiye tha aur rinki chee…itnee hadd tak gir jayegi ki ashok se mil gayi aur romi sarika ke bacche ke grah pravesh mein bhi apni gandi zubaan chalu rakhi.

  2. Kitne sare misunderstanding hogayi hai. ..aaj k hi episode mein. ..raman ko laga ki. .uss laye hoye toys se baby ko khel ne nahin diya par. ..woh baby k liye harmful the. …

  3. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starring Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi has completed 500 episodes successfully.
    As we have seen,Raman and Rinki will have a major argument and Raman asks her to leave his house in anger. Raman’s father, who was present there, will react violently at this point. The situation goes out of everyone’s hands and ends with everyone getting hurt, especially Raman and his father.
    While Mr. Bhalla starts to think negative about his son, Raman will be seen explaining to Ishita that the reason he gave her the company was because he felt she was the only person who will take care of his parents after his death.
    Ashok will be on his plans to destroy Raman with the help of Rinki.He fools her saying that he will handover a project to mihir and also promises to make mihir his partner.
    In the coming episodes, we will witness that ishita will suggest raman that they will Welcome Romi’s child grandly so that everyone understands how much they love their family.
    Ruhi and Adi will be excited and they invite their brother.Raman brings some toys for the baby but sarika tells neelu not to keep them with the baby. Raman will get hurt with those words.On seeing Raman upset ishita will lighten his mood saying that the toys are filled with some gases which are harmful for babies and lightens his mood.
    She says him that she want a selfie with Raavan Kumar and brings back raman’s smile.How will ishita solve the differences between Raman and Papaji?

  4. Toshiji kahan hai. ..wahi thik karsakte hai ye sab. ..kal romi n raman fight karenge. …ye rinki k nasamjhi se sare ghar mein. .problems aagaye. ..

  5. bT itz a nyc track ! cz ishra is togthr !
    ther must be sum drama ! so diz iz much bettr dan ishra fyt or sepratn

  6. If everything falls in place, actress Anita Hassanandani will romance her former boyfriend and actor Eijaz Khan in TV show “ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”.
    Her character named Shagun is undergoing change of heart and turning into a positive person. The upcoming track in the show will focus on her love life.
    “Eijaz is being approached for the doctor’s role and both will be paired together, and help Raman Bhalla (portrayed by Karan Patel) and his wife Ishita (played by Divyanka Tripathi) to overcome the complications with their baby,” the
    source said.
    In the past, Anita and Eijaz have worked together in serial “Kkavyanjali ”.
    Actor Manoj Chandila has also been approached for the role, but nothing is locked as yet.
    “Their contracts are not yet signed. The channel is more keen on Eijaz given his past chemistry with Anita on screen,” added the source.

  7. Raman, Ishita and Ruhi are showering love on Romi’s son Rohit. The Bhalla family is breaking and many fights are happening because of Raman’s anger and his step to defend Ishita. Raman used to be against her before and family used to support her, but now Raman is supporting her and going against his family. Raman gets glad when Ishita tells him about surprising Romi and Sarika by bringing Rohit at home and giving a warm welcome. Sarika and Romi take this in wrong
    way and a misunderstanding starts.
    Ruhi plays with Rohit and Raman too loves Romi’s son a lot.
    Mihir and Rinki join them at home. Ishita makes dinner and asks Romi to come. Romi thanks her for inviting and asks her to be away from Rohit. He talks with disrespect asking her not to play with his son. Raman gets angry and counters Romi. Romi gets jealous of Mihir and speaks against Raman, Ishita and Mihir. Raman slaps Romi and beats him in anger. Mr. Bhalla gets more against Raman. Simmi calms Romi. Romi is back to his insensible days and Sarika’s entry in his life is making him against Raman and Ishita. Romi regarded Raman a fatherly figure before and now is against Raman and Ishita.
    Sarika makes Romi think of their future if Raman names everything to Ishita. Romi doubts that Ishita has tried to spoil his life. Ishita cries and curses herself to be responsible for all this. Raman pacifies her and asks her not to blame herself. The fight started by Rinki has taken over everyone’s mind and now Raman and Romi’s fight is an addition. Will Raman and Ishita manage to keep their family united?
    Keep reading.

  8. Gree

    Oh great sarika abi tak thum ne kaha do something on ur own romi. Now ur saying that romi needs partnership with Raman in business. illogical CV’s ek Dum saare ke saare Raman ke against hogaye. Too bad ?. happy that Mr.b told Raman brought toys with love sad Raman didn’t heard that convo.

  9. Gree

    I just want ishra together that’s it. Show the crap watever u want I don’t care ??? . I just love this show still watching this crap only for ishraru.

  10. yeh rinki kaafi nahi thi ki ab yeh sarika bhi vamp bankar romi ko bhadkaa rahi hai.what the hell is happening in the serial.its worsening now.kya se kya ban gaya hai yeh serial.yeh log ishra ke baare mein kya kya soch rahe hai.

  11. Hey rithu. ..u r right. ….rinki kafi nahin thi jis ne ishita k sath itna misbehave kiya. ..ab romi Sarika k kehne par. …ishita se badtaamizi se baat kare ga. ..

  12. sooo booooooooooooriiiing epiosiden.alwyz fighting … mad…she is starting fighting ..raman is think..he wil die….wht the helllll…nooo romantic episode also of ishtia .nd raman…

  13. Papu

    I’m not really happy with this track personally but one thing I can say for sure ishra’s love for each other vll increase and raman vll realise that whatever happens even if the world is against him ishita vll stay wid him 4 ever

  14. Mujhe aaisa kyun lagraha hai ki. .Sarika jaan bhoj kar karrahi hai. ….woh shaadi k liye bhi. .jaldi karrahi thi. …..aur Sarika ki maa k accident ka bhi raaz nahin malom hoa. ….

  15. vasantha

    really where they are taking this story and they are making us fools because we watch this serial

  16. Yeah gree sare log IshRa k against hogaye. .hai. …par sab ek dusre ki batuon ka galat matlab nikal rahe hai. ……….yaar raman ne apni wife side liya toh kya bura kiya. …

  17. Muje lagta hai ki Mihir abhi mana karega….par jab Romi kahega ki bhai ke bina teri khud ki kya aukad hai…tab wo proposal accept karega….

  18. Yeh Sarika ko to dekho…….IshRa ki wajah se Romi Sudhra hai & Baby ghar me aaya hai…..& wo IshRa par shaq kar rahi hai…….& Ishita ko bhi ghar me batana chahiye tha wo orphanage me thi……..itni mahan bahu banana bhi thik nahi…..

  19. Innn logo ne phir track change kar diya……pehle Raman Romantic mood me ths……..wo change ho gaya…earthquake se……..phir Ishita romantic mood me thi…..wo change ho gaya….Raman ki so called Bimari se…..ab kyo change kiya bhai track….hume & IshRa ko shanti se rehne do…….& 500 ep ka celebration kaha hai???????

  20. Yeah romi Sarika bhol gaye hai ki. .agar woh aaj sath hai apne baby k sath toh woh bhi IshRa ki wajhe se. ..lekin woh log bhol gaye hai. …

  21. Jhanvi

    So much mis understanding yar ….pls clear this misunderstanding…. Nd yaaa sarika ‘s mum’s death is mystery….

  22. Jhanvi

    Ha muje laga tha chahe kuchh Bhai ho jaye romi air sarika Raman ishita ka sath hamesha denge….bt sarika ne to shadi se pehle hi aag laga Di…aur ye sab Mrs. Bhalla hi thik kar sakti hai…where is she ???….nd mihir kaise Raman ki against Ja sakta hai .?? Mihir can’t do dis with Raman…

  23. raman ne ishitha ke side leekar kuch bura nahi kiya kyunki inn sab mein ishitha galath nahi hai.aur sab ishitha pe baras rahe hai jaise usne sab galath kiya ho.sarika ne jo bhi suna hoga woh sab aadha hii suna hoga.aur raman ne company ishitha ke naam kar dee toh uske peeche kya wajah hai yeh jaan ne ki koahiah ki kya kisine .aur naa hi mauka diya bolne.yeh sab company ishitha ke naam karna aur sab bilkul typical houseold matters hai jo har ghar mein hotha hai.ek company ke liye bhai behen jhagad the rahe.its just horrible aur aise cases toh roz hum log sunthe hi rehthe hai jo majority houseold mein hotha hai.kaha yeh serial jaha koi bhed bhaav nahi tha ab aisa bigad gaya hai ki kisi ko dekhke maza nahi aa raha hai.

  24. yhm is not entertaining us.its just a horrible story track going on with just misunderstanding and negative power all around with a lot of bad episodes as there is nothing or a wow factor in the present episodes.

  25. ishitha ko sab bol dena chahiye.ek toh misunderstandings badthe jaa rahe hai aur unn sab ki bolthi band nahi ho rahi hai ishra ke against .iss wajah se ishra fans bahut disappointed hai.

  26. so everyone in the bhalla family was behind Raman for his money once he gave POA to ishu.. everyone started to show their true color.. sad is Mr. bhalla also against Raman.. ishu is a great person who did everything for this stupid family but now they are blaming her. doesn’t she eligible to be a POA of her husband’s property.. why don’t they cut these crap and show ishra romance nok jhoks

  27. Vini

    Nw a days i stopped watchg yhm jus readg updatez. Tht itself more buggng.
    ekta make mrs bhalla entry and gve everyone a blast and turn ur story line to ishra

  28. paison ke liye sab apnon se ladai kar rahe hai aur majoritily wife ko hi hamesha apne husband ka POA miltha hai aur agar kisj ko POA dena ho toh ek zimmedar insaan ko dena chahiye naa ki paise udaane walon ko.

  29. ha mrs.bhalla aayegi toh sab kuch theek kar degi.ek aurath hi ek ghar ko jhod ke rakh sakthi hai aur agar rinki ki uss din ka badtameezi dekhthi toh do chaar chaate laga dethi.

  30. ohh.god
    yy rinky nd sarika
    hav a problem..when Raman
    named his company to ishu
    the company is Raman’s
    nd he worked hard
    mihir is gd.he helped a lot
    bt mihir is nt excepting company
    i don’t like rinky .she is
    waste character in the show

  31. Rinky is ungrateful n nasty character! Is ishita n ram an ever going to consumate their marriage? This shows becoming boring n dragy n now I read written updates

  32. siddhi

    Jab Raman ishita ki insult Marta tha to San us ki side late the air ab jab Raman ne ishita k sath hai to sab ko mirchi lag rah hai

    • Gree

      Hai hai mirchi uff uff mirchi. Yup rams me here but no mood comment on this disgusting track. All gone mad. Hope Mihir font change and he ll backfire Ashok plan I think. After that rinki will realize Raman is best and Ashok the lambu is worst. So sorry rams me busy for few days again. Will c u soon gn8

  33. V P

    Truly. YHM is very boring ………,understand the creators respects fans request , here what is happening . Now Romi too is fighting . Ashok with his wicked plans … the end of the day after watching the serial , viewers should be happy . Here audience are totally upset . Please change the track ……..very boring since two weeks .now I am watching this only to see Divyanka ….

  34. siddhi

    Aur ye rinki next shogun hai aur minor q such Rama Thai us proposal k bar me us ko to tab hi mana kar na cahiya tha

  35. siddhi

    Raman ki company par ya to us k children ya us ki wife k name par hon cahiy par ye romi,mihir ,rinki what’s all this nonsense

  36. Gree

    Ekta is expert in ruining her fabulous serials. But don’t dare to spoil yhm. World wide yhm hav lot of fans. Coz of we fans u people postponed leap. So just show happy family moments. Dont ruin this awesome serial. Mein cha kar bhi khud ko ruk nai sakthi . Bina yeh serial dekhke my day didn’t end happily. So please dont ruin this wonderful story. ?

  37. Athira

    How it’s posible that the whole family misunderstand ISHRA?Plz make all the family members feel gud&luv on ISHRA,then only,v,the ISHRA fans can enjoy YHM happily&peacefully, do so


    This show is for the whole world there bound to be conflit but is too bad for the entire family to be mad at the same time pls bring mrs Balla back

  39. Papu

    Raman should leave the house aid ishita and kids , then only Mr . bhalla will realise the value of raman and ishita

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