Hello Pratibha 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Pratibha serves the food on table when she notices Sunidhi was making some photographs. She asks what she is doing. Sunidhi says this furniture is really old, they need to change it now; she taunts Pratibha to be old fashioned. Pratibha says Sunidhi is the real business woman, she is an old fashioned housewife only. Sunidhi says to Pratibha she taunts really well. Kaashi comes to her seat on table and asks for food as she is really hungry. The doorbell rings, Sunidhi stops Pratibha and says it is something she ordered. She opens the door, it was a huge chair. Sunidhi let them inside and points at Kaashi to stand up. Pratibha asks Sunidhi what she wants to say, she must be clear. Sunidhi let the men go, she says to Kaashi that in old age everyone retires she must as well, and this is her place now. Kaashi says she has always sat here, she won’t go. Sunidhi asks why she is questioning the owner of the house, Pratibha interferes, but Sunidhi says whoever doesn’t want to listen may leave the house. Kaashi tries to sit back, Sunidhi pushes the chair underneath her. Pratibha holds her, Kaashi cries remembering Sunidhi’s care for her. Sunidhi says everything changes with time, whatever used to happen here will never happen again. She lay back on the newly ordered seat and smiles. Kaashi was crying, Sunidhi says to Kaashi that her time is also finished now, she must also leave with Mahen.
Pratibha says to Sunidhi that she is enemy with her only not Kaashi. She must not forget she is only a daughter in law. Sunidhi says she pities Pratibha, does she know anything about Kaashi, Kaashi always wanted her push out of the house. Pratibha says she did whatever she thought was right, it doesn’t mean Pratibha starts disrespecting her. Pratibha says she always respected Kaashi as her mother and will always do that, no matter what. Sunidhi claps and says to Kaashi she is lucky to have Pratibha as her daughter in law, she asks Pratibha what she got with all this. Pratibha says she will never understand. Sunidhi says neither I do and nor I want to. Kaashi says to Sunidhi she isn’t like Pratibha at all, Sunidhi takes her seat again and says to Kaashi she is being really simple today, her heart isn’t as clear. She asks Kaashi to tell Pratibha herself what she has done to Pratibha always. Pratibha asks her to stop it, but Sunidhi says she will now tell her about Kaashi. Sunidhi says like her, Kaashi also didn’t want her to go to Kolkatta. Pratibha says alright, but she didn’t stop her. Sunidhi was irked, she says it was Kaashi who wanted to separate her from her family. Pratibha says this is because everyone wants the daughter in law in their own home. Sunidhi further says that it was Kaashi who never sided Pratibha to let the blackmailer i.e Kaashi to jail. Pratibha says this is because Kaashi didn’t hurt her and because she also knew Pratibha would be hurt. Sunidhi says it was also Kaashi behind breaking the marriage of Pushpa’s daughter. Pratibha says it was also because she had made Kaashi that way, Pratibha came into the house before her and knows better who is like what. Sunidhi disclosed that it was also Kaashi who wanted everything should get out of Pratibha’s hands. Kaashi says to Sunidhi that she pushed Mahen to sign the papers only because she only wanted to same portion of property for Sanjeev as for Mahen. Kaashi says Sunidhi cheated on them, and didn’t think about her child to be born as well. She apologizes Pratibha for never being fair to her, Pratibha says she was never wrong. It was Sunidhi who made her think that Pratibha will also not take care of her like herself. Sunidhi says to Pratibha that she cares for Kaashi a lot, they must do this drama when they have left the house and must take Kaashi along as well.

PRECAP: Pratibha asks Sanjeev who locked the door. Sanjeev says he wanted to stop Sunidhi from going to registration office, she locked him. Pratibha says she has to stop Sunidhi from getting the registration done.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. prabitha and mahen when will you learn for all sunidhi put you through with your daughter and the blackmailing you stupidly took her back in the house and now look what she has done to you all let me see when you acquire you property from her if you will give her a chance again you better send her packing back to her mothers house LOL before she really destroys you all

  2. The property is named on prathibha how can mahen signature works on it?

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