Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Appa about his dad. He asks him to explain Mr. Bhalla as things are not going well. Appa says I will talk to him, just control your anger and ego. Ishita call Raman and says they will welcome Romi’s baby, this is good way to tell dad that it was all a misunderstanding between us. He smiles and is very glad. The family does arrangements for welcoming the baby, and doing grahpravesh. Ishita says she spoke to Mrs. Bhalla and has done things what she said, also made sweets. Romi says Pathak called and they are bringing the baby. They all do last minute arrangements. Pathak calls Ishita and says there is a problem, they are not giving the baby. She says what, and goes to room to talk. He says he did all legal formalities, but they have new issue, they feel

Romi is not fit financially to manage the child, they need a guarantor, any financial man has to take guarantee, Raman’s phone is off. She says I m coming, don’t tell if Romi calls him, he will get sad. She takes a file and leaves.

Mihir comes to Raman and asks about meeting. Raman says it went well, Bansal is happy with our work. Mihir says I m so happy. Raman asks what happened. Mihir apologizes for Rinki’s behavior. Raman scolds him and laughs. He asks is he mad to apologize, I know her, she is still kiddish, such fights happen, I m worried for dad, its good news, Ishita called and Romi and Sarika are getting their child today. Rinki calls Mihir and Raman asks him to talk with love. Rinki asks Mihir is he angry. He says no. She thanks him and says he is best husband. She says someone came from placement agency and said he has brilliant offer for you. Mihir says I told you I won’t leave my job. She says yes, but he kept on insisting, just meet once, whats the harm, for my sake. He says fine. She ends the call.

She calls Ashok and says she has convinced Mihir for meeting your man, the offer has to be best that Mihir does not refuse. She says Ishita I will get status for my husband. Ishita talks to the adoption centre man and says she can become the guarantor, and gives all the documents. He says fine, and allows them to take the baby. Ishita asks Pathak not to tell anyone, as this can make them worry. They get Rohit and she sends Pathak. She sits to do formalities.

Rinki tells Mr. Bhalla that she has come for baby’s welcome. Pathak brings the baby and gives them. They all get glad. Mr. Bhalla calls Ishita and comes to know she went for some work. Rinki asks how could she go, when she knew baby is coming. Simmi says fine, I will do the aarti. Rinki tells dad about Raman and Ishita not being at home. Simmi asks Rinki to stop it. Sarika and Romi hear this.

The driver brings toys sent by Raman. Rinki says great, Raman did not come. Romi says please Rinki. Raman walks in with many more shopping bags. Romi and Sarika smile. Raman meets the baby and goes to his room. Simmi asks Sarika to take baby in room and rest. Adi takes Ruhi along. Simmi says Raman got so many toys. She asks Neelu to keep it aside, some are harmful gas toys, I m sure Raman does not know this.

Raman calls Ishita and asks where is she. Ishita says I m coming, there was some problem at orphanage, I will come and say. Raman asks Neelu where is baby. She says baby is in Romi’s room. He asks why are toys here near dustbin. Neelu says Simmi told me. He gets shocked.

Mihir meets Mr Verma and says he is not looking for any job. Verma asks him to hear the offer. He offers him partnership and double salary, plus flat, car, foreign holidays. Ashok and Suraj are outside and want to see will Mihir agree to Verma, they have sent the man and did this set up to convince Mihir, this offer can’t be refused, if he refuses, Rinki will take his class. Mihir recalls Ashok and Rinki’s words. Mihir says its very tempting offer, let me get back to you in a day or two, is that alright. Verma says fine.

Sarika talks to Romi and says Raman did not come on time. Romi says Raman came, don’t know where Ishita went, leave it, see the baby, he looks like me. Raman sits sad. Ishita comes home and ask what happened. He says I got toys for baby, and they have thrown it aside. She looks on.

Ishita tells Raman about the harmful gas toys, so maybe Simmi asked Neelu to keep it. Raman says I was mistaken. Sarika tells Romi that she heard about Raman not giving any business to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aur romi to hardware ka koi kam karne wala tha

  2. Aur shagun kyo Delhi a rage hai

  3. How it’s posible that the whole family misunderstand ISHRA?Plz make all the family members feel gud&luv on ISHRA,then only,v,the ISHRA fans can enjoy YHM happily&peacefully, do so

  4. This show is for the whole world there bound to be conflit but is too bad for the entire family to be mad at the same time pls bring mrs Balla back

  5. gd news guys
    Raman decides to leave
    the bhalla house

  6. seriously i am happy
    4 Raman decision
    than fighting better to stay far
    frm the family
    then they vil knw the Raman value

    1. wow great decision…

  7. Raman should leave the house aid ishita and kids , then only Mr . bhalla will realise the value of raman and ishita

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